NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 2 The Plant Fairy in English and Hindi Medium. All answers from NCERT textbook Environmental Studies Looking Around for CBSE 2024-25. Student can download all the question answers based on Chapter 2 of 3rd EVS in English and Hindi Medium. In Chapter 2 of Grade 3 EVS student will definitely enjoy the game Plant Fairy and get more interaction with the plants and nature.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 2

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Class 3 EVS Chapter 2 Question and Answers

Can you name the plant on which Didi was sitting?

Yes, Didi was sitting on the grass.

Have you seen a tree with a trunk as thick as the one shown in the picture?

Yes, the Banyan Tree near in the park near my house has a trunk which is as thick as the one given in the picture.

Do all the leaves have similar colours, shapes and margins?

No, all the leaves have different colours, shapes and margins.

Collect a few leaves of plants like lemon, mango, neem, basil (tulsi), mint (pudina) and coriander (dhaniya). Crush the leaves and smell them. Do they all smell alike? Can you identify the leaves just by their smell?

No, they don’t smell alike. Yes, some of the leaves can be identified by their smell. Different leaves give different smells. We can identify some of the leaves by their smell.

Look at the rubbings made by the others. Are the rubbings of different plants similar?
No, the rubbings are different.

Which leaf gave a good rubbing?
The leaves which are rough in texture, gave a good rubbing.

In case of which tree was the rubbing of the trunk difficult? Why?
Rubbing is difficult of the trees with soft-textured trunks (for e.g. ashoka, mango tree). This is because the hard textured surfaces are easier to be imprinted by rubbing. A rough surface makes it easy to get an imprint by rubbing.

Look at the picture and name the things which have patterns of leaves and flowers on them.
Things which have patterns of leaves and flowers on them are:
Pillow-covers, Wall-painting, bed sheet, mat, curtain, book and the girl’s pant.

You must have seen many plants and trees. How many of them can you name? Write their names.
Mango tree, Ashoka tree, Banyan Tree, Peepal Tree, Neem Tree, Guava Tree, Pomegranate Tree, Basil plant, Aloe Vera, etc.

Are there any plants that you have heard of, but never seen? Which ones.
Yes, plants like pineapple, apple, cashew, almond, cactus, etc.

Ask some older people if there were plants which they have seen when they were children but are not seen these days.
Harsingar, Kadam, Semal.

Also, ask them if there are any plants which can be seen these days, but which were not seen earlier.
Bonsai of various plants, Tulip, Rose of different and unusual colours, etc.


What tree is it? Ask some elders if you don’t know.
Ans. It is a Neem Tree.

Does the tree bear flowers or fruits? Which ones?
Yes, the tree bears both fruits and flowers.

How do the leaves of the tree look?
Ans. The leaves of the tree are thin and pointed.

Do animals live in the tree? Which ones?
Yes, animals like squirrel, sparrows, etc.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 2 Extra Questions Set 1


A plant has different parts like other living organisms which are divided into two parts:

[A]. Root system
[B]. Shoot system
[C]. Both i and ii
[D]. None of the above

Which plant out of the following is a herb?

[A]. Grass
[B]. Mint
[C]. Fenugreek
[D]. All of them

These plants have thin, woody stems and are medium sized plants which are called ……………

[A]. Herbs
[B]. Shrubs
[C]. Climbers
[D]. Creepers

Plants with thick, hard stem are called ________ like peepal, coconut, gulmohar etc.

[A]. Herbs
[B]. Climbers
[C]. Trees
[D]. Shrubs

Climbers are the plants which need ………….. to grow:

[A]. Stem
[B]. Support
[C]. Branches
[D]. All of them

Class 3 EVS Chapter 2 Extra Questions Set 2


Pumpkin, watermelon and strawberry are called:

[A]. Climbers
[B]. Shrubs
[C]. Trees
[D]. Creepers

Which out of the following is false about trees?

[A]. Trees provide shade and keep the temperature cool
[B]. Trees take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide
[C]. Trees give us medicines
[D]. Trees give us raw material for various things.

The function of the root is to:

[A]. Fix the plant firmly into the ground.
[B]. Absorb water and minerals.
[C]. Bind the soil together with the plant.
[D]. All of the above

The plants which give us medicines are:

[A]. Neem
[B]. Coffee
[C]. Tea
[D]. All of them

………………..and ………………….are the beverages we get from plants.

[A]. Tea
[B]. Coffee
[C]. Tulsi
[D]. Both i and ii

Class 3 EVS Chapter 2 Extra Questions Set 3


The leaves are called the:

[A]. Industry of the plant
[B]. Food factory of the plant
[C]. Protector of the plant
[D]. None of the above

The parts of plants that are eaten as leaves are:

[A]. Spinach
[B]. Lettuce
[C]. Fenugreek
[D]. All of them

Stem of a plant has different functions like:

[A]. It supports the plant above the ground and keep it straight.
[B]. It carries water and minerals to all parts of the plant.
[C]. Some of them also store food.
[D]. All of them

Small mango plant is a:

[A]. Tree
[B]. Herb
[C]. Shrub
[D]. All of them

Shrubs are planted as a:

[A]. Hedge
[B]. Barrier
[C]. Both i and ii
[D]. None of them

Class 3 EVS Chapter 2 Extra Questions Set 4


Potato and Ginger are the ………………of the plant we eat.

[A]. Leaves
[B]. Roots
[C]. Stem
[D]. None of the above

Fruits like _________ and _________ are eaten by us.

[A]. Apple, mango
[B]. Rice, wheat
[C]. Potato, onion
[D]. None of them

Flower is the ________ of the plant

[A]. Colourful part
[B]. Stem
[C]. Seed
[D]. None of the above

Why we should not cut the plants?

[A]. We get oxygen for breathing from the plants.
[B]. They give us food -fruits, vegetables food grains, oil, spices, pulses, tea and coffee etc.
[C]. We get medicines from plants like mint, tulsi, neem, aloe Vera etc.
[D]. All of the above

Children should not to pluck the leaves from the plants because:

[A]. They add to the beauty of nature
[B]. No seeds will be formed
[C]. Both i and ii
[D]. None of them

Do you think the games given in chapter 2 of class 3rd EVS book can be help children to get along well?

There are certain games that have been discussed and that students have to form a group in order to play these games. That is how these games can make students of one class get along really well.

How do you think chapter 2 of 3rd class EVS can teach students about the varieties of trees?

Since the chapter is from environmental science chapter 2 of class 3 EVS will indeed tell students something about nature and this time in the story you will see kids collect different shapes and sizes of leaves and discuss the name of such trees.

What other part of the class 3 EVS chapter 2 do you like?

I think the best part of the story is the activity given in the chapter about tracing the pattern of leaves and the trees with different colors in order to get designs and patterns.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 2 The Plant Fairy
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 2
Class 3 EVS Chapter 2 The Plant Fairy
Class 3 EVS Chapter 2 The Plant Fairy NCERT Solutions
Class 3 EVS Chapter 2 NCERT Solutions
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