Class 7 English Grammar Chapter 21 Message Writing. The telephone is an instant means of communication. It is a two way traffic. But sometimes the caller is not able to convey the message to the person concerned, as the latter is not available at that moment. So the person receiving the call writes it down to be passed on to the person for whom the message is meant. This is for the sake of accuracy.

In Chapter 21 of Class 7 English Grammar, students delve into the art of Message Writing, primarily stemming from telephonic communications. Telephones, serving as instantaneous communication bridges, enable two-way interactions. However, there are instances when the intended recipient isn’t available to directly receive the call. In such scenarios, the intermediary, or the person answering the call, plays a pivotal role. They jot down the conveyed information, ensuring it reaches the intended party later.

Class: 7English Grammar
Chapter: 21Message Writing
Study Material:Textbook and Revision Notes
Academic Year:2024-25

Points should be noted while writing the message

    • Write the name/names of the person/persons for whom the message is meant.
    • Write the message legibly, clearly and accurately.
    • Mention the name of the person who has telephoned.
    • Don’t miss any important point of the message.
    • Stick to the word limit.
    • Put your signature under the message.

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The essence of message writing lies in capturing the core details accurately and succinctly. This practice ensures that no crucial information is lost or misinterpreted when the message is relayed. Given the rapid nature of phone communications, ensuring accuracy in written messages is paramount. This chapter equips students with the skills needed to pen down messages effectively, retaining their authenticity and clarity.

Message Writing Example 1

Following is a conversation between Amit and Mayank, Mayank is calling from Gurunanak Computers. She wishes to inform Sandeep, Amit’s brother about some discount offer. Sandeep is not at home. So, his brother/Sandeep writes the message for him.
Amit: Hello?
Mayank: Hello! This is Mayank, from Teachwell Computers.
Amit: Yes, what can I do for you. I’m Amit speaking.
Mayank: I want to speak to Mr. Sandeep. Is he at home?
Amit: No, he isn’t at home. You can leave the message with me.
Mayank: Actually, Mr. Sandeep has enquired about our Multi-media Course. At that time there wasn’t any discount. Now the company is offering 60% off on certain courses. The offer ends today. this is a golden chance which he
mustn’t miss.
Amit: I will definitely inform him.
Mayank: Thank you very much.
Amit: Thank you.


Mrs. Mayank called from Gurunanak Computers. They are offering 60% discount on some courses. Today is the last day. If you are interested kindly visit them.

Message Writing Example 2

Read the following telephone conversation between Reena and Pihu. Reena is about to leave home and will not be able to meet Priti. She leaves a message for her. Write this message not more than 40 words.
Reena: Hello!
Pihu: Could I speak to Priti? I am her friend Pihu.
Reena: She isn’t at home. She has gone to attend a relatives marriage.
Pihu: When will she be back?
Reena: Within an hour or so.
Pihu: Could you please tell her on her return that I am coming to see her at 4 p.m.?
Reena: You’re most welcome to our place. But are you coming for some specific purpose?
Pihu: Yes, I would like to consult her about the subjects I should take up in the next class. She is my senior.
Reena: I see. Well I’m leaving for my office in about fifteen minutes. So I shan’t be able to convey your message to Pihu. Anyway, I’ll have it for her in writing.
Pihu: Thank you so much.


5th April, 2020
4 p.m.
There was a telephone call for you from your friend Pihu. She wants to see you today at
5 p.m.. She is coming to consult you about the subjects she should take up in the next class.

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