Class 7 Science Chapter 5 MCQ

Class 7 Science Chapter 5 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of Acids, Bases and Salts. All the important questions from chapter 5 of grade 7 science are given here in the form of MCQs for the preparation of class assessments, school tests and terminal exams.

These MCQ Quiz provides a complete practice of the chapter and help to score better in all exams. Questions are taken from intext paragraphs, intext questions and exercises questions of standard 7 science chapter 5 Acids, bases and salts.

Class 7 Science Chapter 5 MCQ for 2020-2021

Class: 7Science
Chapter: 5Acids, Bases and Salts
Contents:Multiple Choice Questions MCQ Tests

Class 7 Science Chapter 5 MCQ Tests for 2020-21

Class 7 Science Chapter 5 MCQ tests are given below. There are more than 75 MCQ are given below covering the entire chapter 5 of class 7 science NCERT Book. Practice with these questions after reading NCERT Book to be confident in the concepts of chapter.


The correct way of making a solution of acid in water is to:

[A]. Add water to acid.
[B]. Add acid to water.
[C]. Mix acid and water simultaneously.
[D]. Add water to acid in a shallow container.

Consider the following statements, choose the incorrect one:

[A]. When an acidic solution is mixed with a basic solution, they neutralize each other, forming salt and water.
[B]. Neutral is the solution which does not change the colour of either red or blue Litmus.
[C]. Phenolphthalein gives pink colour in base type of solution.
[D]. Red litmus gives blue colour in lemon juice.


When the soil is too basic, plants do not grow well in it. To improve its quality, what must be added to the soil?

[A]. Organic matter
[B]. Quick lime
[C]. Slaked lime
[D]. Calamine solution

Mohan is writing some statements about bases, choose the correct statements and help him:

[A]. They have bitter taste and soapy touch.
[B]. Strong bases like sodium hydroxide are corrosive in nature.
[C]. They react with acids to neutralize them and are hence called antacids.
[D]. All the above.

In which of the following statement is or are correct?

[A]. Indigestion is neutralized by taking an antacid like milk of magnesia.
[B]. The effect of and sting is neutralized by rubbing most baking soda.
[C]. Soil can be treated with quicklime when soil is too acidic.
[D]. All the above.

Pritam is writing some statements about bases, choose the correct statements and help him:

[A]. Tooth decay is caused by the presence of a base.
[B]. Indicator is a substance which shows different color in acidic and basic solution.
[C]. Sodium Hydroxide turns blue Litmus red.
[D]. All the above.


Paheli is writing some statements. She wants to know in which of the following statements is or are incorrect?

[A]. Phenolphthalein indicator is natural acid base indicator.
[B]. Phenolphthalein indicator is colourless in acid solution.
[C]. Phenolphthalein indicator is gives pink colour in basic solution.
[D]. The substance whose solution do not change the colour of any indicator, called neutral substances.

Consider the following statements and choose the incorrect one:

[A]. Sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide are found in soap.
[B]. Calcium hydroxide is found in lime water.
[C]. Magnesium hydroxide is found in milk of magnesia.
[D]. Sodium hydroxide or ammonia solution is found in window cleaners.


Which of the following is an acid base indicator?

[A]. Vinegar
[B]. Lime water
[C]. Turmeric
[D]. Baking soda

Products of a neutralization reaction are always:

[A]. An acid and a base
[B]. An acid and a salt
[C]. A salt and water
[D]. A salt and a base

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