Class 8 Science Chapter 11 MCQ

Class 8 Science Chapter 11 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of Force and Pressure for CBSE and State boards like UP board, MP board and other board who are following NCERT books for session 2021-2022.

All the questions are taken from latest NCERT books issued for new academic session. Practice with these questions to clear all of your doubts and to be confident in exams. Class 8 science chapter 11 MCQs covers the entire chapter and all the topics with suitable answers and explanation.

Class 8 Science Chapter 11 MCQ for 2021-2022

Class: 8Science
Chapter: 11Force and Pressure
Contents: MCQ Online Test with answers

MCQ Tests with Answers for Class 8 Science Chapter 11


In the electric bell circuit, when the circuit is completed, the hammer strikes the gong. Which of the following force is responsible for the movement of hammer?

[A]. Gravitational force alone
[B]. Electrostatic force alone
[C]. Magnetic force alone
[D]. Frictional force alone

When we press the bulb of a dropper with its nozzle kept in water air in the dropper is seen to escape in the form of bubbles. Once we release the pressure on the bulb, water gets filled in the dropper. The rise of water in the dropper is due to:

[A]. Pressure of water
[B]. Gravity of the earth
[C]. Shape of rubber bulb
[D]. Atmospheric pressure

Which one of the following forces is a contact force?

[A]. Force of gravity
[B]. Force of friction
[C]. Magnetic force
[D]. Electrostatic force

Consider the following statements and choose the incorrect one:

[A]. The strength of a force is expressed by its magnitude.
[B]. The magnitude of a force is expressed in the SI unit of force called “Newton”.
[C]. An adult man can apply large force on an object whereas a child can apply only a small force on an object.
[D]. None of the above


A force can produce many effects. Choose the correct statements:

[A]. A force can change the speed of a moving object.
[B]. A force can change the direction of a moving object.
[C]. A force can change the shape and size of an object.
[D]. All the above

There is a magnetic force of repulsion between the like poles of two magnets. Priya is writing some statements, choose the correct statement and help her:

[A]. The force exerted by a magnet is called magnetic force.
[B]. There is a magnetic force of repulsion between the like poles of two magnets.
[C]. There is a magnetic force of attraction between the unlike poles of two magnets.
[D]. All the above


The force of 150 N is applied to an object of area 3 m2. Calculate the pressure.

[A]. 25 N/m2
[B]. 50 N/m2
[C]. 100 N/m2
[D]. 147 N/m2

Some mustard oil is kept in a beaker. It will exert pressure:

[A]. Downwards only
[B]. Sideways only
[C]. Upwards only
[D]. In all directions


The atmospheric pressure is usually measured in the unit of:

[A]. Newtons per square meter
[B]. Pascal
[C]. Cm of mercury
[D]. Mm of mercury

When a force of 5 N acts on a surface, it produces a pressure of 500 Pa. The area of surface then must be

[A]. 10 cm2
[B]. 50 cm2
[C]. 100 cm2
[D]. 0.01 cm 2

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