Class 8 Science Chapter 12 MCQ

Class 8 Science Chapter 12 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of Friction updated for academic session 2021-2022 CBSE and state board students free to use. All the contents are prepared from latest NCERT Textbooks issued for session 2021-22.

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Class 8 Science Chapter 12 MCQ for 2021-2022

Class: 8Science
Chapter: 12Friction
Contents: MCQ Online Tests

MCQ Tests with Answers for Class 8 Science Chapter 12


A boy runs his toy car on dry marble floor, wet marble floor, newspaper and towel spread on the floor. The force of friction acting on the car on different surfaces in increasing order will be:

[A]. Wet marble floor, Dry marble floor, Newspaper, Towel
[B]. Newspaper, Towel, Dry marble floor, Wet marble floor
[C]. Towel, Newspaper, Dry marble floor, Wet marble floor
[D]. Wet marble floor, Dry marble floor, Towel, Newspaper

Four children were asked to arrange forces due to rolling, static and sliding friction in a decreasing order. The correct arrangement is:

[A]. Rolling, Static, Sliding
[B]. Rolling, Sliding, Static
[C]. Static, Sliding, Rolling
[D]. Sliding, Static, Rolling

The friction between two surfaces does not depend on one of the following. This one is:

[A]. Amount of surface area of the two objects which is in contact with each other
[B]. Weight of the object which tends to move on the surface of other object
[C]. Degree of smoothness of surfaces of two objects in contact with each other
[D]. Degree of roughness of surfaces of two objects in contact with each other

A boy rolls a rubber ball on a wooden surface. The ball travels a short distance before coming to rest. To make the same, ball travel longer distance before coming to rest, he may:

[A]. Spread a carpet on the wooden surface.
[B]. Cover the ball with a piece of cloth.
[C]. Sprinkle talcum powder on the wooden surface.
[D]. Sprinkle sand on the wooden surface.


Which of the following statement is or are incorrect?

[A]. Friction can never be entirely eliminated.
[B]. Dolphins are streamlined body by nature to reduce friction with water.
[C]. The use of ball bearing makes the wheel roll smoothly over the axle.
[D]. None of the above.

Four similar cars having exactly the same mass and running at the same speed on the same road when brakes are applied at the same time. The cars come to a stop after covering a distance of 5 m, 5.5 m, 4.8 m, and 5.2 m respectively. The friction between the brake pads and disc will be the maximum in car which travels the distance of:

[A]. 5 m
[B]. 5.5 m
[C]. 4.8 m
[D]. 5.2 m


A book is lying on the horizontal table top. If we till the table, then the book starts sliding down slowly. This happens because:

[A]. Sliding friction is greater than static friction
[B]. Sliding friction is less than force of gravity
[C]. Static friction is greater than sliding friction
[D]. Force of gravity is less than sliding friction

A body shape which offers very little resistance to the flow of air (or water) around it is called:

[A]. Trimlined shape
[B]. Steamlined shape
[C]. Streaklined shape
[D]. Streamlined shape


Read the following sentences carefully, and choose the correct one:

[A]. We are able to fix nails in a wall due to friction.
[B]. Friction enables the belts to drive machine in factories
[C]. Friction helps in the construction of buildings.
[D]. All the above.

Consider the following statements and choose the correct one:

[A]. The fluid friction can be reduced or minimized by giving special shape called “streamlined shape”.
[B]. An aeroplane has a streamlined shape to reduces air friction that it encounters when flying at high speed through the sky.
[C]. The rockets are also built with streamlined shapes so that they encounter the minimum air resistance or drag due to air.
[D]. All the above.

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