Class 8 Science Chapter 7 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of Conservation of Plants and Animals updated for new academic session CBSE and State Board students. All the contents and MCQ quiz are based on latest CBSE syllabus and new NCERT Books issued for 2022-2023. Practice with these questions to learn the entire chapter for the preparation of school test or terminal exams. All the questions are important for the learning the concepts of the chapter 7 class 8 science NCERT.

Class 8 Science Chapter 7 MCQ for 2022-2023

Class: 8Science
Chapter: 7Conservation of Plants and Animals
Contents: MCQ Online Test with Explanation

MCQ Tests with Answers for Class 8 Science Chapter 7


Wild buffalo is an endangered species because

[A]. Its population is diminishing.
[B]. It has become extinct.
[C]. It is found exclusively in a particular area.
[D]. Its poaching is strictly prohibited.

Which one of the following changes may occur due to desertification?

[A]. The decrease in atmospheric temperature.
[B]. Increase in water holding a capacity of the soil.
[C]. Increased chances of floods.
[D]. Conversion of fertile land into a desert.

Wildlife sanctuaries are:

[A]. Some areas where wild animals are protected and preserved
[B]. Places where animals are protected in artificial setting instead of their natural habitat
[C]. Reserves which are large and diverse enough to protect whole sets of ecosystems.
[D]. All the above

The place meant for conservation of biodiversity in their natural habitat are:

[A]. Zoological garden and Botanical garden
[B]. Botanical garden and Wildlife sanctuary
[C]. Wildlife sanctuary and National park
[D]. Zoological garden and National park

Which of the following statement is or are correct about forest?

[A]. Maintain the level of carbon dioxide in atmosphere.
[B]. Bind the top layer of soil that increases its fertility.
[C]. Help in absorbing rainwater and thus, preventing floods.
[D]. All the above

Consider the following statements and choose the correct one:

[A]. Bison is an endemic fauna of Pachmarhi biosphere reserve.
[B]. Deforestation leads to an increase in the water holding capacity of the soil.
[C]. Plants of a particular area are collectively termed as fauna.
[D]. All the above

Which of the following feature is correct for a Wildlife Sanctuary?

[A]. It is an artificially created area for animals protection.
[B]. It is a protected area for threatened and endangered wild animals.
[C]. It is meant for conservation of only plant species.
[D]. Capturing and poaching of animals is strictly prohibited here

Read the following sentences carefully, and choose the correct one(s):

[A]. The planting of trees in an area in which forest where destroyed is called reforestation.
[B]. We should plant at least as many trees as have been cut down.
[C]. If we have to retain our “green wealth” for future generation then planting is the only option.
[D]. All the above

The part of earth in which living organism exist (or which supports life) is called:

[A]. Lithosphere
[B]. Globe
[C]. Hydrosphere
[D]. Biosphere

One of the following is not a part of the fauna of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. This one is:

[A]. Yak
[B]. Leopard
[C]. Blue bull
[D]. Barking deer

The Red Data Book keeps a record of all the:

[A]. Endemic species and extinct species.
[B]. Extinct species and endangered plants.
[C]. Endangered plants and endangered animals
[D]. Endemic species and endangered animals.

Those species (of plants and animals) which are found only in a particular area are called:

[A]. Epidemic species
[B]. Pelagic species
[C]. Pandemic species
[D]. Endemic species

Migratory birds fly to far away areas during a particular time of a year. Which of the following conditions present in their habitat during that time are responsible for this behavior?

[A]. Extreme weather conditions and Over-crowding.
[B]. Unavailability of food and Extreme weather conditions.
[C]. Unavailability of food and Lack of nesting areas.
[D]. Extreme weather conditions and Lack of nesting areas.

In our country, large patches of forests are being cleared for cultivation of crops. The environmental impact of such a practice will lead to:

[A]. Soil erosion
[B]. Soil conservation
[C]. Soil pollution
[D]. Soil fertility

Which of the following Biosphere Reserve of India is or are located at Madhya Pradesh:

[A]. Kanha Biosphere Reserve
[B]. Kaziranga Biosphere Reserve
[C]. Simlipal Biosphere Reserve
[D]. Both [A] and [C]

To protect the tigers in the country, “Project Tiger” which was launched by the government of India in:

[A]. 1972
[B]. 1982
[C]. 1992
[D]. 1984

Not correct about, endemic species:

[A]. Those species (of plants and animals) which are found exclusively in a particular area.
[B]. Endemic species are not found naturally anywhere else or in other areas.
[C]. Destruction of forests are affecting the natural habitat of endemic species.
[D]. None of the above

Payel is completed her science chapter where she wrote some statements. She wants to know whether the statements are correct or not? Payel wants to take help from you:

[A]. Deforestation will lead to a shortage of wood and other forest products.
[B]. Deforestation leads to the extinction of many wild animals and plants.
[C]. Deforestation affects the water cycle leading to decrease in rainfall.
[D]. Deforestation will cause a decrease in temperature of earth’s atmosphere.

Consider the following statements and choose the correct one(s):

[A]. Biosphere is that part of the earth in which living organisms exist.
[B]. Biodiversity refers to the variety of organisms found in particular area or habitat.
[C]. An ecosystem includes all the living organisms of an area and the physical environment in which they live.
[D]. All the above.

In a science quiz competition, Payel are asked a question where she had to choose the statement which was/were correct?

[A]. Reforestation prevent soil erosion and floods.
[B]. Reforestation increases rainfall in an area.
[C]. Reforestation will lead to a decrease in global warming.
[D]. All the above.

Sanjay Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary is in:

[A]. Rajsthan
[B]. Manipur
[C]. Madhya Pradesh
[D]. Maharashtra

Which of the following is not a consequence of deforestation?

[A]. Increase in soil erosion
[B]. Increase in earth’s temperature
[C]. Decrease in rainfall
[D]. Decrease in floods

Snakes are killed in large numbers because:

[A]. They are very poisonous
[B]. They kill rates
[C]. Their skin is expensive
[D]. They damage the crops

Which of the following is an endangered species of animals?

[A]. Dinosaur
[B]. Asiatic lion
[C]. Irish deer
[D]. Hyena

Which of the following is not a part of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve?

[A]. Bori Wildlife Sanctuary
[B]. Satpura National Park
[C]. Bandipur National Park
[D]. Pachmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary

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