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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 3

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Supervisor and Storyteller

By profession, Mahendra was a supervisor and his job is to check if all the work is working as it should be. He keeps moving from place to place from mines to railway construction sites. He is a young bachelor, and he moulds himself in different situations and his cook Ishwaran along with him. The bonding between the two of them was quite friendly and professional. So, He followed Mahendra and talks with him cooks for him also does the laundry for him. Ishwaran was quite a cook as he can produce the delicacies in a really short time with fresh ingredients even when the shops are not around in a zinc sheet made tent.

Ishwaran prepares tiffin for work in the morning. Once Mahendra left for work then he does all the chores like tidying the tent and washing and showering.
Ishwaran was fond of Tamil Thriller books. So, most of the conversation had expressions for say when he explains that one tree was fallen in the middle of the road he says “The road was deserted, and I was all alone. Suddenly I spotted something that looked like an enormous bushy beast lying sprawled across the road. I was half inclined to turn and go back. But as I came closer, I saw that it was a fallen tree, with its dry branches spread out.” Which makes the conversation even more interesting?

The Story Begins

Ishwaran begins the story by saying “There is a richly wooded forest all around. The logs are hauled onto the Lorries by elephants. They are huge well-fed beasts. When they turn wild even the most experienced mahout is not able to control them.” Once completing the prologue Ishwaran went on explaining the elephant. He says once the elephant got angry and escaped and ramming trees and stamping the bushes. Ishwaran was so excited while saying these incidents that he started jumping from the ground and acting like one. Then the elephant went to the main road breaking fences and all the roadside stalls. Then the beast entered the school and scared students locked themselves in classes. The beast pulled out the goal post kicked and drums of water, all the teachers went on the terrace and looking all the havoc rained by the beast. Suddenly he took the stick from the teacher’s hand and went to face the angry elephant. He hit the ragging elephant on his toe and then the elephant collapsed. This could be the ending of the story, but he went heat up the dinner after promising continuation.

Food That has a Story

Ishwaran knew how to hold someone’s attention through stories and lack of TV and entertainment in such tent he fulfils Mahendra’s time and also Mahendra likes to listen to all that story. He never repeats any of the stories and some of them are Horror and thrillers. One day he asked permission from Mahendra if he could prepare something special that day as it was some special occasion that involves peace for the spirits. Mahendra enjoys the delicacies that night prepared by Ishwaran’s skills and knowledge and on top of that, the story about the occasion makes it more special.

Horror Story

While eating the dinner Ishwaran mentioned to Mahendra that the site they’re working currently was once a burial ground. Mahendra was jumped in excitement after hearing this and once he completes the dinner Mahendra mentioned that he witnessed a human skull. Then Ishwaran told that he witnessed such skulls often here and there. He started telling the story of how he sometimes witnessed ghost and how is not afraid of these kinds of things which comes out in the middle of the night when it is full moon ugly face and holding foetus in their hands. Scared Mahendra with the story scolded Ishwaran and went out to vent out. The next morning, he hoped that Ishwaran might feel bed, but he was the same happy cheerful as he is always talkative. After hearing all the brave stories from Ishwaran made he looked outside the tent at night before sleep watching if shadows are moving.

Trick of Subconscious

One night Mahendra heard a loud moan and woke up in the middle of the night, but he didn’t gather the courage to look outside after the Ishwaran’s horror story thought voice got louder for cat prowling so does his curiosity to look outside. When saw outside the window milky landscape he saw a figure holding bush and after seeing this went back to bed immediately. The next morning, Ishawaran greeted him and handed over the meal for work, and then he told him, that he saw the female ghost himself last night. He heard the noise from his room, Mahendra avoided the conversation and hurried to work. In the office, he handed the request to leave the haunted place.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 3
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 3
Iswaran the Storyteller
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 3
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 3 Answers
Class 9 English Chapter 3 Iswaran the Storyteller
Class 9 English Chapter 3
Class 9 English Chapter 3 Solutions
Class 9 English Chapter 3 Answers
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