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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 5

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All the Fine Ingredients

The story begins with the statue of a Happy Prince. The statue of Happy prince was made with all the fine materials like fine gold leaves, for eyes he had two sapphires and large ruby on his sword hilt. The statue was in the middle of the square so that he can see all the people of his kingdom.

Meeting with New Friend

One day on the path of migration one tiny swallow came to the group of that swallow already left for Egypt, but he was late and then came to the city near the statue of happy Prince to find the shelter because he already roams the city in the time of day. Between the legs of the Prince, he found his place in the open air and wide view. The swallow was pretty pleased and called it the Golden bedroom.

Suddenly, a large drop of water fell on him, but he could see no cloud there upon suspecting that the statue can’t save the bird from the rain he planned to find a new place but before he flies, he saw the drops swirl down the golden cheek of the Prince. Swallow felt bad after seeing the beautiful prince crying. So, he asked him Who is he?

Heart Made of Lead

The Prince introduces himself that he is Happy Prince and in the Palace, he used to live happily because he didn’t see the misery of the people in the Palace, but now he can see all and that makes him cry even though his heart is made of Lead. Swallow was touched by the story and said He thought he is made of pure gold. The Prince told the bird that he could see the far away the window is open in the moonlight a lady with red hands and face is so thin is working on the satin cloths making embroidery for the ball to be worn by the queen’s maid and her sick son in the bed who has a fever. The son wants to eat oranges, but the lady cannot afford them as she has not enough money for that. So, he asked the swallow if he can take the ruby from the sword hilt to them, he cannot go there as he is stuck.

Plan to Work Together

The Bird clearly said to the king that his friends are going to Egypt flying down the Nile while talking to a lotus flower. The king asked to stay for one night and be his messenger and the boy is sick and his mother is so sad. The king was sad that the swallow is not wrong, and he can’t stay. But looking at the sad king agreed to stay for one night as it was cold in there and be the messenger. The bird took the great ruby in the home of that old and tired lady who is still working. Swallow laid the stone on the table and roam above the sick kid. The kid felt happy so does the bird. When the swallow came back it said to a kid that he is feeling warm in the cold weather. The prince said he had done a good deed and that is why he is feeling the warmth.

High Hopes

The next morning the bird took bath and visited all the monuments in the city and then visited the statue and asked if he had any affairs to deal with in Egypt. Then the Happy Prince asked him politely that if he can stay one night more with him as the far in the city in the garret there is a young man who is trying to complete the play so that he can play the director but there is no fire in the garret, and he had no food his lips are red.

Swallow agreed to stay and asked if he can help the young man with a Ruby on which he’s been informed that he doesn’t have more ruby but his eyes are made of rare Sapphire bought from India that he can take. Swallow heard that and hesitated to take it but then the prince asked the swallow to do it as he commands and give this Sapphire to the young man so that he can sell it to some jeweller and buy himself firewood and finish the play. Swallow did as he has been asked to do so and when the young man found that sapphire, he appreciated the admirer who gave him the sapphire. After this bird flew and sat on the mast of the boat and repeated that he is going to Egypt. Then he visited the happy prince that knew before the moon comes up.

A Great Favour

Happy prince asked the swallow wouldn’t it be possible to stay with him another night? No which swallow told him that winter is coming, and it will snow soon. Egypt has warm sun and palm trees. Happy Prince informed the bird that in the city square there is a girl selling a match and her match fell in gutter and now those are spoiled and if she doesn’t take money home her father will beat her. The girl has no shoes and bare head and no stockings if he can take his other eye and give that to her, she will be saved. The swallow agreed to stay but plead that it will make him blind, but the prince asked the swallow to do as he commands. Swallow gave that Sapphire to a little girl. Swallow gave that sapphire to that girl she took it happily. Swallow asked that he want to stay with the prince forever as he is blind now but the prince asked to leave for Egypt. Swallow stayed and Prince asked to fly above and tell him what he sees.

Till Last Gold Leaf Left

The swallow told the prince about the hunger of two young boys in the dark alley. So, Prince asked the bird to puck all the gold leaves and give them to poor livings. Swallow did as he has been told and now the prince looks ugly, but the boys were happy and had food. Snowfall made the bird cold, and he tried to keep himself warm but knew he will die but never left his side he said goodbye and kissed the prince and fell dead on his feet. Soon the Lead’s heart had cracked and broke. The Mayor of the city asked to remove the prince as he now looks like a beggar, they threw it.

Two Most Precious Things

The god asked to bring the most precious things, so the angel took the heart and dead bird. God praised the angel that they did choose right.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 5
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 5 the Happy Prince
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 5 the Happy Prince
The Happy Prince
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 5 the Happy Prince Hindi Translation
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 5
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 5 Hindi Translation
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 5 Hindi version
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Class 9 English Moments Chapter 5 Hindi
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