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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 6

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Unpredictable Weather

Prashant never knew that when he visited his friend’s house. On Oct 27, 1999, He will witness the most sudden change in the weather and the speed of wind clashes the house wall so fiercely. A dark dark cloud covered the sky with rain that pulled out the old trees from the ground, and it was dark outside now. Fortunately, the home was made of bricks and concrete that withstand the speed of 350 km/h. One of the trees fell on the roof damaged the walls and roof. But the home could face the destruction bought by the cyclroof. The next thirty-six hours were crucial. As the coastal area was affected by the cyclone and even in the sea, it was bad weather.

Finding Shelter

Prashant and his family shifted to the terrace of the strong house to save themselves from the rising water. In the morning when it was not dark anymore, they could witness the havoc that the cyclone created in the area. It was dirty water everywhere and the house fell down. They could see the floated dead animals and some dead humans too. Trees fell in the water-filled area. And two of the coconut trees fell on the roof that worked as a blessing. Because coconut saved the trapped family for two days. In these two days, the super cyclone washed them many times. But the only thing that is more than the troublesome, rain was affecting him. He was the worry of his own family. That is also affected by the super cyclone as he is stuck with his friend’s family.

On Way to Go Home

After two days when the rain stopped Prashant made himself ready to go to his home to see his family. He found the sturdy stick. His friend’s family asked him to stay for more. As it was not a safe situation to walk in the flooded street. But Prashant was determined to go back to the village. He used the stick to locate the street submerged in water at some point. Where the water was deep. He had to swim, but he was happy to meet his friend’s father. Who is returning village, so they decided to go together. The way home was 18 kilometres on a flooded road it was difficult to even find the right path.

The devastation they saw was kept getting worse. They saw the dead bodies of women, children, Dogs, goats some of them swept them, and they had to find the way through. They could barely see any proper buildings standing. This was burdening Prashant’s heart. He started to cry out loud missing his parents and worried if they even survive the catastrophe.

Destroyed Village

Prashant’s heart fell cold as now he is witnessing the destruction of his village Kalikuda. Prashant’s home was no longer standing it was only some bricks and a fallen tree. He saw some of his belongings floating there, so he decided to go to Shelter named red cross. He met his maternal granny there who embraced him as soon as she saw him. Soon he everyone from his family met him and hugged him in relief they were also worried. Prashant checked everyone their uncle, aunty cousins they all survived.

Analysing the Situation

In Shelter next morning he was the shelter was occupied with 2500 people in there and 85 lives were lost in the cyclone. The deathly grief covered the room. Houses were washed away and Prashant gathered all the 19-year-old. Young people and adults stood as the leader of them and formed the relief group. Coconuts were about to finish and people need sustenance to survive.

Effective Relief Group

The youth group went to the merchant and pressured him. To help them with the rice and the merchant helped them. But because of water rice started to decay. But they cooked it in the fire using the coconut tree. After so long, the people finally filled their stomach with it. The next work for them is to clean the shelter for humans to rest. Mud, dead bodies and other filth were clean and people started to take care of their wounds and fractures.

Message for Help

On the fifth day, the army relief helicopter dropped the food parcels. That help the shelter but after that, they didn’t come back. So, Prashant asked the children to lie down. With the empty dishes on their stomachs to send the message to authority. That they need help, and it worked. The message was through and then the military relief helicopter came every time bought the parcels of food and necessities.


So many children lost their parents and guardians. Prashant took them together and asked the ladies to take care of them. While men are working for the food, but he also saw them depressed. Started to Food-for-work campaign for ladies and sports events for children to keep them busy. Several other programs were started to help orphaned children and widows. To gather their broken lives and live with care. Come out of the emotional devastation that cyclone bought to their lives.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 6
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 6 Weathering the Storm in Ersama
Weathering the Storm in Ersama
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 6
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 6 in Hindi Medium
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 6 Hindi Translation
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 6 Hindi Version
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