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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 8

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The Senior Year

Zan Gaudioso Shared the story of his graduation. When he turned senior and shifted to his school his close friends left him for the other school. It was tough for him to adjust to the new school which was way bigger than the previous ones. He was missing his friend that much that he wanted to visit them. But they tried to make him understand. The practicality of life and how he should take part in activities. Socialize there to know people and make friends. At some point, he understood all that they were saying but still, it was difficult.

One day when he was at home sitting with his pet cat. Who was adopted as a kitten and gave her the new life of comfort was purring on his work papers. His mother was setting up the fire in the home to make the home warmer and more comfortable.

Savings the Memorable

He started to sniff something burning. He saw suddenly that the flames reaching as high as the roof and about the engulf the roof. He rushed to the neighbors to call the fire departments and to make them alert too. He never thought that one cold morning when it was all cozy inside could suddenly turn into this. When he came back, he saw his mother was running inside to hold on to some important documents. Off course those documents are important but suddenly he witnessed her mother was gathering some old picture witnesses. He understood that she wants to save the memories of his father who he lost at such young age.

He could do nothing but scream to stop her. He couldn’t follow her into the blazing home. Because the fire department arrived on time and held him. Because they knew he was about the follow his mother and wrapped him into a blanket to keep him warm. Fireman held her and took her out. Giving her the oxygen mask and said she will be alright. All the thoughts of hating her and arguments vaporized with the thought of losing her.


Authorities put them into the car and asked them to leave the place. They were prohibited to enter the place it was all too dangerous. Suddenly, the thought of losing the cat was too difficult to process. All the things that were going on in his life. Like a change of school, losing friends, losing the home, and now losing the cat made him cry. Briefly they took refuge in his grandparents’ home.

The next day, He had to go to school but when the fire broke, he was doing his school work. He had lost his shoes because he was there in a church outfit and his books and bag which was his dearest at that moment. He was feeling outcast in the class and everything was feeling unreal. When He walked into the house, He saw everything was destroyed. Not only because of fire but also because of the chemicals they used to extinguish it. Only some of the photographs and important documents left to save that his mother saved by jumping into the fire.

Not a Kind Attention

Everyone in school knew about the accident that happened. They used to look at him as if he was responsible for it. Zan used to visit the rubble that was being cleared from there every day but on that day. His mother took him shopping. As he has to buy some clothes to wear in school. All the cash and cards were destroyed in a fire, so they had to borrow from their grandparents. While looking in the rubble. He was hoping to find the cat he was missing her terribly as he loved her so much but there was nothing left. He was remembering all the moments he had with the kitten and how it comes to him.

Early Christmas

Everything was weird in the school. As people are coming to him and trying to push him to go to the gym. Soon as he was already trying to get ready for the gym. But once he arrived there, he was shocked to see the table was full of jeans and clothes of all kind. Books, bag, and supplies and people were being nice to him. Suddenly he started to receive all kind of invitation for visiting their house. They showed interest in him. Initiated a conversation with him. That felt like early Christmas to him and overwhelming emotion that made him more silent.

A New Beginning with Old Friend

Finding new friends helped him a lot. This time he was watching building his house with new school friends made him realize. That it took fire to bring him back to his new self. Suddenly, someone came from behind and asked him if this cat belongs to him. The lady found the cat a mile away. But the phone number on the collar of the cat helped her find the address, and she came to return it. It made Zan’s world complete again.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 8
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 8
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 8 a House is Not a Home
a House is Not a Home
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 8 a House is Not a Home in Hindi
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 8 Hindi Medium
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