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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 9

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Forgetting Things

The author shares the little incidents about the small things. That he forgets and other people kept it doing with such things with ease but the makes him more anxious around people. The author tells the time when he visits multiple times to washroom for the break. Causes trouble to the hotel lobby asking for the room number. That has been allocated to him as he forgot things. He usually locked himself outside the self-closing door in the dark alley.

Airport Trouble

He remembers the day when on Easter he was going for the big trip to England to his family. At the Boston Logan, he felt the card was in his neck. That should be inside the bag. He tried to put it inside but somehow the zip was causing trouble. He showed the bag who’s the boss and success. Who’s the zip gave up this time. All the things that inside came out in the middle of the airport that was equal to the size of tennis field. 14-ounce tobacco pipe, magazines, passport, money, and all the assorted small documents were scattered here and there. ‘The coins bounced and made noise, and he was looking so dumb-looking for the tobacco at the concourse. For the moment he screamed “my tobacco”. Not only that his finger stuck in the zip. Gashed it causing a lot of blood to ooze out. His hysterics looking at his own blood was justified, and he screamed so confused and “My finger”.

On this, his wife looked at him with such exasperation and said in such a calm voice. “That she doesn’t believe he does that for living”. On which he replied He does, and he always has such catastrophes while traveling.

Trapped in Aeroplane

He shared the incident. When, he was travelling in the aeroplane. Suddenly noticed that his shoelace. He got to tie his shoelace. Suddenly the passenger sitting before him reclined his seat. All the way down causing him stuck in such miserable position that he is been saved by his fellow passenger. There was another incident. When he struck the soft drink down on a lady passenger sitting next to him. Then the flight attendant came to rescue him. Offered him another drink. But while reaching to grab another drink, he saw his limb acted like lifelessly. Then again knocked the soft drink on the lap of the lady passenger. The passenger looked at her in such a way that he felt embarrassed. The lady used such a word which a nun uses not maybe in public for sure.

Well, these weren’t the most embarrassing moments he had during the flight. One time he was writing down all the thoughts. He had things that he needs to be careful. While thinking, he was sucking the end of the pen. Suddenly engaged in a conversation with a fellow passenger. When he saw himself in the lavatory mirror. He saw his mouth, chin, a tie is filled with ink now even teeth and gum are inked for several days.

Restricted the Movements

He was so annoyed that he wanted desperately a normal day. When he could wear a light color trouser successfully. Without ruining it with motor oil or by sitting on chewing gum. When he travels with his wife. She says that to her children that father is opening the lid of packed food. Some sort for things to be careful. But when he travels alone, he doesn’t eat or drink. Now, he doesn’t even move so that his hands don’t strike another drink unexpectedly. That part of the travel doesn’t sound so much fun to all. But that saves him from all the embarrassing moments that is he has been through. Saving the laundry cost also other people. He understood the situation and the effects. So, he started to calculate and note the precautions he should take during the travel to avoid catastrophe.

Air Miles

He shared his frustration how he never finds the card to apply. The air miles this is what he earns while traveling through airlines. But every time he decided to fly. He either forgot the card somewhere. He could locate, or sometimes he forgot to ask for the air miles. Sometimes, Even the clerk forgot to record the miles. Sometimes he clearly says, he is not eligible for that. He travels throughout the year but never really uses them. One time he asked the airline’s staff for the air miles. So, he handed over that card back to him saying he is not eligible for that. He could’ve earned millions of air miles traveling to Australia that time. If he could have earned those air miles. He could have flown to Bali first class but due to name discrepancy they denied, and he never flew to Bali first class.

9 English Moments Chapter 9. The Accidental Tourist
9 English moments chapter 9
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 9 the Accidental Tourist
Chapter 9 the Accidental Tourist
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 9
Moments Chapter 9 the Accidental Tourist
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 9