NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Unit 7 Chapter 1 A Kite and Chapter 2 Sundari with all the question answers, fill in the blanks, one word answers, sentence making and other topics related to NCERT chapter end exercises. All the contents for class is updated for academic session 2024-25 free to use online or download in PDF.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Unit 7

Class 1 English Unit 7 Chapter 1 A Kite – Summary

This poem is about a child who wishes to become a kite. He wishes to fly in the sky and to flow in a breeze anywhere he wants to.

New Words from the Poem “A Kite”

New words in the poem are:
1. Blow
2. Breeze
3. Chanced
4. Kite
5. Sit

Make Sentences Using the Words Kite, Sit, and Blow.
kiteI like a kite.
sitShivam, please sit under the tree.
BlowBlow horn.

Class 1 English Unit 7 Chapter 1 Question Answer set 1

1. What does the child wish to be?

The child wishes to be a kite.

2. What does the child wish to do with the breeze?

The child wishes to ride on the breeze.

What would you like to be?

I would like to be a bird.

Imagine you are a bird in the sky. Describe what you will feel when you see a kite flying near you.

I will feel a little scared and fly away from the kite.

What are the different things that fly in the sky?

The things that fly in the sky are:
1. Kite
2. Birds
3. Airplanes
4. Helicopters
5. leaves

If you had wings, where would you fly?

If I had wings, I would fly in all different directions.

Unit 7 Chapter 2 Sundari

Summary of the story “Sundari”

This story is of a boy named Bobby and his big colorful kite named Sundari. The kite Sundari was made by Bobby. Bobby takes his big, beautiful, and colorful kite, Sundari, to the fair to fly. Bobby found some open space in the fair and started flying the kite in the sky. Suddenly, a dog came and caught the kite’s tail in his mouth. Bobby drove the dog away and then flew the kite high in the sky as the kite wanted to go higher and higher in the sky through the air. At last, Bobby left the kite Sundari, and she flew away.

The new words in the story “Sundari” are:

1. Band
2. Dizzy
3. Smile
4. String
5. Tug
6. Wind

Make sentences using the words Band, Smile, Dizzy.
Band The band was playing a tune.
SmileHer smile is beautiful.
DizzyI feel dizzy on swings.

Class 1 English Unit 7 Chapter 2 Question Answer set 1

Who made Sundari?

A boy named bobby made Sundari.

Why did Bobby call his kite ‘Sundari’?

Bobby called his kite Sundari because the kite was beautiful.

Did Sundari fly very high at first?

No, Sundari (Kite) did not fly very high at the first.

What made Sundari really happy?

Sundari (Kite) felt happy when Bobby let her go away high in the sky.

Who was Sundari?

Sundari was a big colorful (red, white and blue) kite.

Do you like to fly kites?

Yes, I like to fly kites.

Who helps you to fly kites?

My sister helps me to fly kites.

In the poem unit 7 chapter 1 from class 1st Marigold the boy wishes to be a kite, why?

In the poem, the boy wishes to be a kite to fly away as far as possible.

Do you think the poem in unit 7 chapter 1 and class 1st Marigold is easy for the children?

The poem is very easy and short shared the information about a boy’s imagination to be a kite.

What happened to the Sundari kite in the fair from the story in unit7 chapter 2 from class 1st Marigold?

When bobby took Sundari’s kite to the fair to fly and found an open space he tried to fly its and when the kite finally started to fly the kite couldn’t go much further as the Dog was holding its long tail.

Do you think the story unit 7 chapter 2 from class 1st Marigold is funny?

The story Sundari tells us about bobby’s creativity how he built a kite so beautiful and finally, he flew it in the fair ground, and then it flew away. Which was fun and encouraged the kids to do something.

Why do you think that Sundari in the story unit 7 chapter 2 from class 1st Marigold gave a big tug to bobby?

Sundari the paper kite wanted bobby to let go of her and that is why it gave bobby a tight tug.

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