NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Unit 8 Chapter 1 A Little Turtle and Chapter 2 The Tiger and the Mosquito questions answers of the chapter, word meaning, sentence making of given words, and other practice material free to use. The study material related to Class 1 English is updated for session 2024-25.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Unit 8

A Little Turtle – Summary

This poem is about a little turtle. The turtle moves very slowly. He carries his house (a shell) on his back, wherever he goes. Turtle uniquely uses his shell. Whenever he gets tired, he puts his head, legs, and tail in the shell and sleeps inside it.

The new words that students see in the poem “A Little Turtle” are:

1. Carry
2. Crawl
3. Tired
4. Turtle

Make one sentence using the words tired and turtle.

Sentence: This turtle is very tired.

Class 1 English Unit 8 Chapter 1 Question Answer set 1

1. How does a turtle walk?

A turtle walks very slowly.

2. What does the turtle carry on its back?

A turtle carries its house on its back.

3. Where does the turtle go when it is tired?

The turtle goes inside his house (a shell) when he is tired.

What is the turtle’s house called?

A turtle’s house is called a shell.

What other reasons can you give for a turtle going into its house?

The turtle goes into his house (shell) to save himself from danger and its enemies.

The Tiger and the Mosquito

Summary of the story “The Tiger and the Mosquito”

This story is about a tiger and a mosquito. Once the tiger was dozing under a tree. A mosquito came buzzing near to him. The tiger became frustrated and asked the mosquito to go away. But the mosquito kept buzzing around him and disturbed him. Tiger attacked the mosquito with his paw. But paw struck the tiger’s own cheek. The same thing happened again. The tiger has helplessly walked away. Mosquito gave a lesson to the tiger that never to be proud because everyone has their own qualities.

The new words in the story are:

1. Angry
2. Bleed
3. Great
4. Hit
5. Proud

Make the sentences using the words great, proud, and hit.
great Our Maths teacher was great.
proudI am proud to be an Indian.
hitA car hit the man.

Class 1 English Unit 8 Chapter 2 Question Answer set 1

What was the tiger doing when the mosquito came buzzing by?

The tiger was dozing under a tree.

Why did the tiger’s cheek start to bleed?

Tiger’s cheek started to bleed because the tiger struck his own cheek by his paw while trying to attack the mosquito.

Why did the tiger walk away?

The tiger walked away because the tiger felt helpless at last.

Why did the mosquito say, “I am not afraid of you!”?

The mosquito said “I am not afraid of you!” because the tiger was showing his anger to the mosquito and the tiger believed that everyone should get scared of him.

What do we learn from this story?

We learn two things from this story:
• One should not scare from anyone.
• Everyone has some qualities and everyone is great in his/her own way

Describe the lion and the tiger. How are they different from each other?

1. Tigers are longer, more muscular, and generally heavier in weight than lions.
2. The lion is a very lazy animal whereas the tiger is a very active one.
3. Tigers have black stripes whereas lion does not have black stripes.

Fill in the Blanks

A ____________ was dozing under a tree.


A ______________________ came buzzing by


The tiger hit out with his __________ .


The mosquito buzzed ___________ .


Everyone is _____________ in his own way!


By unit 8 children were involved in observation, conversation, reading, writing, sharing, and craft-making skills. Unit 8 was very nice and interesting. Students learn many things from this unit.

Many skills like listening skills, learning skills, speaking skills, sentence making, etc develop from this unit.

What the little turtle poem in unit 8 chapter 1 from class 1st Marigold tells us about the turtle life?

In the poem, the poet shared the characteristics of a turtle that how he lives and goes under the shell when it is tired.

What do you think about the poem unit 8 chapter 1 from class 1st Marigold?

The poet tells us about the turtle living poetically so the children can enjoy the poem as well as the poet encourages the children to act like one. Can be used as a school play.

What is the moral of the story in unit 8 chapter 2 from class 1st Marigold?

The moral of the story is that one should never underestimate the other person and also never feel others so small. Everyone has powers and flaws.

What does the Mosquito say to the Tiger in the story unit 8 chapter 2from class 1st Marigold?

The mosquito said to the tiger “don’t be so proud, my friend. Everyone is great in his way”

Do you think this storied unit 8 chapter 2 from class 1st Marigold is long?

The story is not long it shares the incident and conversation between tiger and mosquito in the shortest form.

Do you think the author of the story in unit 8 chapter 2 from class 1st Marigold used easy language?

I think the author used natural and easy language but certain new words are being used in the story for which the meaning is given at the end of the story.

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