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Class 11 Maths Chapter 1 NCERT Solutions
NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 1.5 Sets in English and Hindi Medium modified and updated for academic session 2024-25. The solutions of exercise 1.5 of 11th mathematics is revised as per the rationlised NCERT books published for 2024-25 exams.

Class: 11Mathematics
Chapter: 1Exercise: 1.5
Chapter Name:Sets
Content:Textbook Exercise Solution
Medium:English and Hindi
Academic Session:2024-25

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 1.5

Students who are facing difficulties to understand from PDF section, take help form Mathematics video solutions. Once you complete exercise 1.4, to evaluate your knowledge about the concepts and operation on sets. You will know about another sets operation which is compliment. To understand what this means, we could follow the definition given in paragraph 11. Compliments of set A are not perplexing if you understand them in simple words.

Compliment of set

It refers to the elements that are not in A. In between other notations, the complement of A can be shown by the symbol A’. Understanding the example is crucial for knowing the usage of compliments. Examples are the best way to understand the role and function.

Important Topics of Exercise 1.5 in 11th Maths

In NCERT Class 11 Maths Exercise 1.5, there are 7 questions and some of them are MCQs types of questions. This exercise involves some of the important topics like intersections, compliments, and operation sets. These all show the importance of Venn diagrams. For example number 21, you will study the note that will tell you about the compliment functions. Questions in exercise 1.5 of class 11 Maths, are directly based on the reading of examples. Here you would be given plenty of opportunities to use the symbols, As you can see in the questions, some related topics and questions.

Class 11 Maths Exercise 1.5 in Hindi and English Medium

The solutions of questions in Exercise 1.5 of 11th Maths NCERT are given here in Hindi and English Medium. Most of you might have noticed that before attempting exercise 1.5, you will study the numbers of the examples and paragraph 12. For example, practical problems on union intersection of two sets. As the name suggests the entire concept is linked with the topics like differences of sets, unions, and intersections, complements. Symbolically, there are some practical problems. You can recognize it like A∪B = {x: x ∈A or x ∈ B}, and there are some topics like the union of two joint sets and more you will see in the exercise.

Real life based questions in Exercise 1.5 of 11th Maths

In CBSE textbook paragraph 12 the practical problems are given to understand the concepts of sets. If you understood the topic above and practiced it even once, you will find them taking their important place in the equations. This will get you the clear view where you will see that the easier way to solve the sums.

If A and B are two finite sets and there are also some mutual elements in it. The equation here seems pretty neat because here you will solve some practical problems that you solve in everyday life.

Class 11 Maths Chapter 1 Exercise 1.5
NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 1 Exercise 1.5 in English Medium
Last Edited: April 30, 2024