NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 10 Exercise 10.4 Vector Algebra in Hindi Medium as well as English Medium for new academic session 2024-25. Questions and solutions for ex. 10.4 class 12th Maths are updated as per new NCERT textbook released for CBSE 2024-25.

CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Exercise 10.4

Class XII Mathematics chapter 10 ex. 10.4 solutions are updated for CBSE academic session 2024-25. Video solutions are also available in Hindi and English Medium free to use online or download for offline use. PDF solutions and online study material both are available to use free without any login or password.

Class: 12Mathematics
Chapter: 10Exercise: 10.4
Topic Name:Vector Algebra
Content:Exercise Questions Solution
Session:CBSE Board 2024-25
Medium:English and Hindi Medium

Class 12 Maths Exercise 10.4 Solution in Hindi and English

Get here the solution of class 12 Maths Exercise 10.4, which is based on cross-product of vectors. Solution contains the complete explanation of exercise 10.4 in Hindi and English Medium. Videos related to Hindi and English Medium are given separately.

Class 12 Maths Chapter 10 Exercise 10.4 Solutions in Videos

Addition of Vectors

A vector is the displacement from point A to point B. Now consider a situation in which a girl moves from A to B and then from B to C. The net displacement done by the girl from point A to point C is given by the vector and expressed as vector AC = vector AB + vector AC. This is known as the triangle rule of vector addition. In general, if we have two vectors to add, they are positioned so that the starting point of one coincides with the terminal point of the other.

Multiplication of a Vector by a Scalar

Let a be a vector and let k be a scalar. So, the scalar denotes the product of the vector, because ka is called multiplication of the vector by the scalar. Note that ka is also a vector, consisting of a vector. The vector has only one direction (or vice versa), depending on whether the value of the vector is positive (or negative). Furthermore, the magnitude of the vector is several times greater than the magnitude of the vector.

Section formula

P and Q are represented by two points, representing OP and OQ, respectively, with respect to the original O. Subsequently, the line segment joining the points P and Q can be divided by the third point, R says, in two ways: internally and externally. Here, we intend to find the position vector for point R with respect to the origin O.

What is the concept on which exercise 10.4 of class 12 Maths based?

Class 12 Maths exercise 10.4 is based on the concept of cross product or vector product.

Is class 12 Maths Exercise 10.4 easy to solve or practice?

If someone learn the concept of cross product, the questions given in exercise 10.4 seems as easy questions otherwise it appear as difficult one.

Which question from Class 12 Maths Exercise 10.4 is frequently asked in CBSE Board exams?

Question number 3 and 5 are generally asked in exams.

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