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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Political Science Chapter 6

Class 12 Political Science Chapter 6 MCQ


Which among the following would give more weightage to India’s proposal for permanent membership in the Security Council?

[A]. Nuclear capability
[B]. It has been a member of the UN since its inception.
[C]. It is located in Asia.
[D]. India’s growing economic power and stable political system.

The UN agency concerned with the safety and peaceful use of nuclear technology is

[A]. The UN Committee on Disarmament
[B]. International Atomic Energy Agency
[C]. UN International Safeguard Committee
[D]. None of the above.

WTO is serving as the successor to which of the following organisations

[A]. General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs
[B]. General Arrangement on Trade and Tariffs
[C]. World Health Organisation
[D]. UN Development Programme

What are the functions of Security Council?

Its main function is to maintain peace and security in the world and the other functions are as follows:

    1. It recommends methods to adjust disputes among nations.
    2. It can take military action if required.
    3. It elects the judges of International Court of Justice and appoints the Secretary General by recommending to the General Assembly.
    4. It can apply economic sanction also to stop any aggression.
    5. It investigates the disputes in case a friction arises.

As a citizen of India, how would you support India’s candidature for the permanent membership of Security Council? Justify your proposal.

As an Indian citizen, we may support India’s candidature for the permanent membership of Security Council in the following manner:

    • It is the most populous country in the world with one-fifth of world population.
    • It is world’s largest democracy.
    • It has economic emergence on the World Stage.
    • It is a regular financial contributor to the UN.
    • It signifies a growing importance in world affairs in conduct of its foreign policy.
    • It has participated in all the initiatives of the UN.
Critically evaluate the difficulties involved in implementing the suggested reforms to reconstruct the UN.

The difficulties in implementing the suggested reforms to reconstruct the UN are:

    1. How big an economic and military power may qualify to become UNSC membership?
    2. What should be the level of budget contribution that should be enabled?
    3. How to guarantee to be effective as Council Member in respect for democracy and human rights.
    4. Why should the issue of equitable representation be decided by geography and not by levels of economic development?
    5. Why not to give more seats to members of developing world?
    6. All the above mentioned criteria which were adopted but not universally accepted.
Though the UN has failed in preventing wars and related miseries, nations prefer its continuation. What makes the UN an indispensable organization?

UN is indispensable organization as-

    • 1. Interdependence and globalization is not possible without the international organisations such as the UN.
    • 2. To implement cooperation on the issues like poverty, unemployment, environmental degradation, crime rate etc.
    • 3. To provide financial help to the developing countries to stabilize their economy all over the world, the UN and its specialized agencies are always required.
    • 4. The UN works as a forum to solve any international dispute among nations and sort out the best possible way.
    • 5. Hence, though the UN has failed in preventing related wars and miseries, despite the nations need its continuation due to above mentioned reasons to promote international peace and understanding.
“Reforming the UN means restructuring of the Security Council”. Do you agree with this statement? Give arguments for or against this position.

Yes, we agree with the statement because Security Council plays a vital role in functioning of the UN. In today’s scenario supremacy equations have been changed with the disintegration of USSR and many new countries are entering into the UN:

    1. The UN charter has given an advantaged position to permanent members to bring stability all over the world. This position remains the same and no one is allowed to enter.
    2. The permanent members also enjoy veto power which places them in an important position.
    3. Permanent member’s category is from industrially developed countries which should be balanced by increasing the representation from developing countries to become either permanent or non-permanent members.

Hence, Security Council should reform and improve its working to make the UN more effective i.e., addition of member states should be judged on the basis of contribution to peace keeping initiatives and not on their development.

Class 12 Political Science Chapter 6 International Organisations
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Political Science Chapter 6
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Political Science Chapter 6 in English Medium
Class 12 Political Science Chapter 6