Class 12 Sociology Chapter 3 MCQ and Solutions of Social Institutions Continuity and Change with extra question answers for session 2024-25. Students of CBSE and State board can take help in class 12 Sociology Indian Society chapter 3 multiple choice questions in simplified manner.

Which of the subsequent isn’t an accurate statement about the term jati?
[A] Membership in a very jati involves rules about food and food-sharing.
[B] It’s an all-India aggregative classification.
[C] It’s an area classification that varies from region to region.
[D] It’s a segmental organisation.
[B] It’s an all-India aggregative classification.
Varna & Jati. Varna which accurately means ‘colour’ refers may be a fourfold division of society. Into Brahmana, kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. It’s an all India aggregative classification.

Class 12 Sociology Chapter 3 MCQ Explanation


The profitable system in which largely complex division of labour is present is the point of

[A]. Ultramodern societies
[B]. Simple societies
[C]. Globalization
[D]. Pastoral frugality

The undisputed political rule of a state over a Given territorial region is known as

[A]. Sovereignty
[B]. Republic
[C]. Monarchy
[D]. Bureaucracy

Functionalism believes that social institutions arise in response to the

[A]. Conflict among people
[B]. Demarcation
[C]. Requirements of society
[D]. Inequality in society

The family in which person is married is known as

[A]. Family of gravidity
[B]. Family of exposure
[C]. Nuclear family
[D]. Common family

The 1901 Census materialized under the direction of:
[A] Lord William
[B] Herbert Risley
[C] Lord Bentic
[D] Spencer
[B] Herbert Risley.
Of those categorisations, caste was thought to be being “the cement that holds together the myriad units of Indian society”, per the 1901 Census Commissioner H. H. Risley.

Class 12 Sociology Chapter 3 MCQ with Answers


In simple orpre-modern societies utmost of the people were engaged in

[A]. Artificial product
[B]. Agrarian product
[C]. Business
[D]. Minor work

Identify the structure of the family where men exercise authority and dominance

[A]. Patriarchy
[B]. Matriarchy
[C]. Polygamy
[D]. Patrilineal

Religion is considered as

[A]. Profane
[B]. A belief
[C]. Sacred
[D]. Custom

The reason for the unforeseen decline in coitus rate can be attributed to

[A]. Womanish foeticide
[B]. Life expectation rate
[C]. Son preference
[D]. Motherly mortality rate

Who marries in Monogamy?
[A] One male and two females
[B] One female and two males
[C] One male and one female
[D] Two females and three males
[C] One male and one female.
Marital monogamy refers to marriages of only two people. Social monogamy refers to 2 partners habitation, having sex with one another, and cooperating in acquiring basic resources like shelter, food and money.

Class 12 Sociology Chapter 3 Multiple Choice Questions

The form of power considered licit is

[A]. Authority
[B]. Political Party
[C]. Welfare State
[D]. Sovereignty

The conception of sacred is related with

[A]. Everyday life
[B]. Profane
[C]. Aupernatural
[D]. Power

Institution of Politics is concerned with the

[A]. Domination
[B]. Congress
[C]. Distribution of power
[D]. Choices

The focal point of artificial developments was

[A]. Metropolises
[B]. Pastoral areas
[C]. Manufactories
[D]. Request

The socially conceded and approved sexual union between two individualities is known as
[A] Family
[B] Marriage
[C] Association
[D] Gravidity.

[B] Marriage.
Marriage can be defined as a socially conceded and approved sexual union between two adult individualities.