NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Sociology Part 2 Chapter 8 MCQ Social Movements in English Medium updated for CBSE and State board students session 2024-25. Class 12 Sociology Social Change and Development in India chapter 8 multiple choice questions are helpful during the revision for exams.

Class 12 Sociology Part 2 Chapter 8 MCQ Explanation


Black power movement was led by

[A]. Malcolm
[B]. Martin Luthier king
[C]. Gandhi
[D]. McCarthy

Right to information campaign is example of

[A]. Reformist movement
[B]. Redemptive movement
[C]. Revolutionary movement
[D]. Counter movement

Much of the 20th century social group include

[A]. Labor movement
[B]. Peasant movement
[C]. Anti colonial movement
[D]. All of the above

Santhal ,his,oranons mundus chhota Nagpur and also the santhal paragon’s are tribe of

[A]. Tamilnadu
[B]. Haryana
[C]. Jharkhand
[D]. Karnataka

Dilit literature opposed the incorrect system
[A] Chaturvarn
[B] Hindu
[C] British
[D] Ghandhiyan
[A] Chaturvarn
Dilit literature opposed chaturvarn system and caste hierarchical. It consider these as answerable for crushing the creativity and really existence of lower castes.

Class 12 Sociology Part 2 Chapter 8 MCQ with Answers


Satnami movement of the charmers in eastern MP and also the movement by jatavas of agra are example of

[A]. Woman right movement
[B]. Peasant movement
[C]. Dilit movement
[D]. Tribal movement

The campaign against indigo plantation in 1917

[A]. Champaran satyagarh
[B]. Bardoli satyagarh
[C]. Non cooperation movement
[D]. Tegbhaga movement

Who wrote the book the logic of collective action

[A]. Zald
[B]. James Scott
[C]. Mancur Olson
[D]. Mc Carthy

Which of the subsequent is important elements in creating social group

[A]. Identity politics
[B]. Aspirations
[C]. Cultural anxieties
[D]. All of the above

Chipko movement visible within which state
[A] Utterppradesh
[B] Utterakhand.
[C] Haryana
[D] Himanchal pradesh
[B] Utterakhand
The chipko movement was a forest conservation movement in India the movement organized in 1973 at the Himalayan region of utterakhand and visited become a replying point for several future environmental movement everywhere the globe.

Class 12 Sociology Part 2 Chapter 8 Multiple Choice Questions

When did the nextile movement start from the region of naxalbari.

[A]. 1946
[B]. 1967
[C]. 1929
[D]. 1968

The Bolshevik revolution belong to

[A]. India
[B]. China
[C]. Russia
[D]. Japan

Chipko movement an example of the movement

[A]. Ecological
[B]. Biological
[C]. Social
[D]. Cultural

The author of the book unquiet woods is

[A]. Ramachandra guha
[B]. Emile durkheim
[C]. Carthy
[D]. None of the above

By whom started the Narmada bachao andolan.
[A] Megha Partaker
[B] Rahul Gandhi
[C] Seen Dyal
[D] Shivraj Singh
[A] Megha Partaker
Narmada bachao movement is an Indian front spearhead by native tribal, farmer environmentalism and human rights activity against the quantity of enormous dames projects across the Narmada river.

Class 12 Sociology Part 2 Chapter 8 Important MCQs

The author of the book Reinventing revolution is

[A]. Gail Omvedt
[B]. Durkheim
[C]. McCarty
[D]. None of the above

The new farmers movement start within the period of

[A]. 1960
[B]. 1970
[C]. 1990
[D]. 1980

By whom was the primary union established in 1918 in Madras.

[A]. B. P. Wadia
[B]. Narayan guru
[C]. S. A. Dance
[D]. M. Joshi

The expansion of autonomous woman movement passed off during which period.

[A]. 1950
[B]. 1960
[C]. 1970
[D]. 1980

Adi charm movement was visible within the state of
[A] Punjab
[B] Maharashtra
[C] Chhattisgarh
[D] Delhi

[A] Punjab
The Adi dharma movement visible in Punjab. It asserted a dilit identity and pursue equality self divinity and eradications of untouchability.