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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 17

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Write the journey of a letter.

Letters at first written by the person with address where they have to go and then are dropped in the letter box from where they are collected in bulk by the postman. Then the postman takes them all to the post office where the letters are sorted according to their address with the help of machines. They are wrapped in bundles and delivered to the respective destinations in vehicles.

What difference do you see in these letters?

Some letters are postcards, some are envelopes, etc.

Which letters have stamps on them?

All the letters have stamps on them.

Are all the stamps similar? What are the differences?

No, all the stamps are not similar. They have different pictures as well as different prices mentioned on them.

Have you seen the stamp of the post office on these letters?

Yes, I have seen the stamp of the post office on these letters

Reena’s letter reached Delhi by train. How do you think letters reached distant places when there were no trains?

When there were no trains, letters used to be carried to distant places by people, pigeons and horses.

Where all have you seen telephones?

I have seen telephones at the offices, houses, schools, colleges, telephone-booths, etc.

With whom do you talk on the telephone?

I talk to my friends and cousins on the telephones.

Which of the two do you like more – writing a letter or making a phone call? Why?

I like to make phone call more than writing a letter. That is because through phone call, we get instant response from the other side whereas we have to wait for days to receive a response of a letter.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 17 Extra Questions Set 1


A letter bears the stamp of the place

[A]. from where it starts
[B]. where it is delivered
[C]. from both the places –where it starts and is delivered
[D]. None of these

The colour of the Indian Postal Services is-

[A]. white
[B]. red
[C]. yellow
[D]. black

Letters are delivered to our homes by a –

[A]. guard
[B]. messenger
[C]. postman
[D]. watchman

PIN stands for

[A]. Postal Information Number
[B]. Personal information Number
[C]. Post Index Number
[D]. Postal Index Number

Which is the fastest means of communication?

[A]. Telephone
[B]. Postcard
[C]. Inland Letter
[D]. E-mail

We wrote a letter. We also made a phone call. What are the similarities and differences between a letter and a phone call?

The similarities between a letter and a phone call are as follows:
1. Both are a means of communication.
2. Both can be sent anywhere in the world.
The differences between a letter and a phone call are as follows:
1. Phone call is a faster means of communication whereas letter is a slow means of communication.
2. On phone, we can listen to each-other’s voices whereas in letters, we cannot.
3. The phone calls are more expensive than the letters.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 17 Extra Questions Set 2


Which of these is used as a mass media?

[A]. Newspaper
[B]. Phone
[C]. Postcard
[D]. Fax machine

A letter is put in a __________.

[A]. letter box
[B]. pandora box
[C]. junk box
[D]. none of them

The things which we need for on a letter are:

[A]. stamp
[B]. address
[C]. name of the person
[D]. all of them

A _______ is the cheapest among all letters.

[A]. Inland Letter Card.
[B]. Post Card.
[C]. Book Packet.
[D]. none of the above

Letters are sent from one place to another by:

[A]. post office
[B]. police station
[C]. fire station
[D]. none of them

What are Stamps?

Stamps are small, sticky labels sold by postal services. They are also called postage stamps. People buy stamps as a way to pay for the service of mailing a letter or package.

They attach stamps to letters and packages before sending them. The postal service cancels, or marks, stamps before delivering the mail.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 17 Important Question and Answers

Why do people collect stamps?

Some people collect stamps as a hobby. Stamp collecting is called philately. Stamp collectors get stamps by soaking them off letters. They also buy stamps from the post office or shops. Collectors keep their stamps clean by using a tool called stamp tongs to handle them. They carefully place their stamps in books called albums.

What do you understand by the term communication?

Communication is the act of giving, receiving and sharing information. In other words, talking or writing and listening or reading are the parts of communication. It is the process of exchanging words, signs, or information with others. It can be done either verbally or non -verbally. Communication enables us to pass information. Effective communication brings people closer and together

Why do we need to communicate?

We need to communicate to-
i. Send and receive messages
ii. Express their views and opinions
iii. Share our thoughts
iv. Gather and share information
v. To comment and ask questions,
vi. express wants and needs,
vii. develop social relationships, social etiquette, etc.

What is a telephone?

Telephone is a two- way means of communication where two people can give and receive messages instantly. It is also the fastest means of communication. Telephones make it easier for businesses to communicate with each other. It cuts down on the amount of time it took to send messages to each other.

How did people communicate in the olden days?

The older methods of communication were cave paintings, smoke signals, symbols, carrier pigeons, and telegraph. Cave Paintings are the oldest methods of communicating. Major events were also recorded through these paintings. They are usually found on the walls and ceilings of caves. Different signs and symbols were also used to deliver messages. Pigeons are known well for their directions. They were known to find their home, even after travelling long distances. People used to attach small letters to their necks, hoping they would fly to the receiver.

Why is telephone so popular as a means of communication?

Telephone is a useful tool. It helps to enhance our communication with others, helps to bring far distances near and allows us to share our happy moments whom we love. Telephone allows us to do voice to voice communication. Telephones are not too expensive and are very simple to operate.

What does means of communication mean?

Machines or instruments that we use to communicate or convey our thoughts, ideas and information are called Means of Communication. Means of communication is broadly categorized in two groups:
• Personal Communication
• Mass Communication

How does a letter reach its destination?

A letter reaches its destination in the following way:
 We write letter and mention the address with PIN code (Postal Index Number), then we drop it into nearby letter box.
 Later one person from postal department clears the mail box and sorts all the letters destination wise and marks its seal.
 After this, these letters are sent to their respective address by road, rail, air or water transport.
 These letters are further sorted out at the delivery offices.
 Postman deputed in each area receives the letters and delivers them to the addressee.

What do the following mean- i. one way means of communication mean?

One way means of communication is the mean which is used to send a message or information from one person to another person. Example-letter, speed post etc.

What do the following mean- two way means of communication?

It is the means which two people can send and receive message at the same time. Example: telephone, online chatting

What is mass means of communication?

Mass means of communication are the ways or means which are used to send messages to a large number of people at the same time. Thus it is a means of Communication through which one can communicate with many people at the same time. E.g. Radio, TV, Newspaper and social media etc.

Why should we write the pin code on a letter?

We should write the pin code because writing pin code makes it easier for the postman to sort letters according to their destination. The PIN code on the letter indicates the name of the Post Office through which delivery of it takes place. This code is really important as it enables the letter to reach the correct destination, from where the letter gets delivered to the addressee on the basis of the rest of the address.

How is T.V a means of mass media?

Televisions are a great source of entertainment. They are a mode of indirect communication to the larger audience. Television provide us more entertainment and information. It is one of the cheapest means of communication. It is in every household and is easy to access. Moreover, it gives information from different channels for example different types of news channels. It also helps in having entertainment and its very cheap than other means of communication.

What is the difference between a letter and a telephone?

Telephone is a faster means of communication Letter is a slow means of communication.
On phone, we can listen to each-other’s voicein letters, we cannot listen to each-other’s voice
It is a two way means of communicationIt is a one way means of communication

Class 3 EVS Chapter 17 Important Question and Answers

Why are stamps put on letters?

Stamps are a pre-paid receipt. You buy the stamp. You put the stamp on the envelope. The post office will deliver the letter because they can see they have received money from you for that letter. Thus by putting a stamp on the letter, we are actually paying the postage charges to the post office so that they deliver our letter from one point to another.

What type of means of communication should be used by-

a. Government – It can use mass means of communication like radio, T.V., public address systems in the local villages
b. School- A school can announce through the PA system, Public Address system or through the school website.

What can we send through e-mail?

We can send audios, video clips, photos, messages etc. through e-mail.

What are cellular or mobile phones?

Cellular or mobile phones are basically small computers. Besides calling, they can be used for sending an email, browsing the internet, playing music and games, and many other functions that computers can perform. They also allow us to store pictures, text and audio etc.

What are the harmful effects of mobile phones especially for children?

With children glued to the mobile phone during their free time, they don’t take part in physical activities outside the confines of home and as a result they don’t get fresh air.
This puts them at risk for obesity and other illnesses like headache, depression, Sleep disorders which can later develop into harmful diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Long usage of mobile phone also causes eye strains.

What is a fax machine?

A fax machine is a machine used for sending a letter through your phones. It sends an exact copy of your message in the form of an electronic letter through telephone. It is a device that sends and receives printed pages or images over telephone lines by digitizing the material with an internal optical scanner and transmitting the information as electronic signals.

What is an e-mail?

The internet service available on your computer or cellular phones can be used to send electronic mail or e-mail. Electronic mail (e-mail) is a computer-based application which helps in the exchange of messages between users. A worldwide e-mail network allows people to exchange e-mail messages very quickly. E-mail helps to send the messages quickly and with flexibility.

Differentiate between Personal Communication and Mass Communication

Personal Communication: When we send message to a single person, it comes under personal communication. E.g. Letters, Telegrams, Telephones, Fax machines and e-mail (internet) etc.
Mass Communication: When we need to send a single message to a large number of people in one go, it is called mass communication. This means sending messages to a larger group, like the people of a country. E.g. Radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazines and social medium etc.

Explain the following:

1. Courier service: Urgent letters can be sent through courier services. These letters reach their destination in one or two days.
2. Telegram: We write a short message on telegram and give it to telegraph office. A telegram takes just a few hours to reach its destination.
3. Cellular phones: Cellular phone or mobile is a telephone that does not have wires. It can be carried anywhere. We talk to people and send messages over it.

What is inland letter and aerogramme?

What does SMS mean?

1. Inland letter- The Inland Letter was used to send long mails from any part to any part of India. An inland letter gives the writer a lot more space than on a postcard and can be folded and stuck, giving the letter privacy. Letter Card has three flaps, one each one on the left and right side not exceeding 1.5 cm by 10 cm and another on the top side not exceeding 1.5 cm by 21 cm.
2. An aerogramme or an air letter is a thin lightweight piece of foldable and gummed paper for writing a letter which is sent through airmail, in which the letter and envelope are one and the same.

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is commonly known as texting.

What is the importance of means of communication?

Importance of the means of communication are:
• It reduces the distance and makes the flow of information faster.
• It also saves time, budget and labour
• Information, ideas and opinions can be shared among many persons at any given time through modern means of communication.
• Messages can be sent or received within a few seconds.
• Expansion of coverage areas as the process of communication covers all parts of the world

How is Chapter 17 story of a letter given in EVS class 3rd different from other traveling stories?

The story we read about traveling in previous chapters was about some traveling but here it is different. Chapter 17 of class 3 EVS tells us about the story of a letter that is being transported from miles away and came to the correct location without any such delays.

Do you think the story given in Chapter 17 of class 3rd EVS shows development?

The story given in Chapter 17 shares the story of two ways of communication one is a letter and one is a telephone. The development we can witness that barely anyone uses the postcards or letter and telephones are replaced by mobile phone and letters are replaced by Emails.

Do you think traditional methods of communication should keep alive as per Chapter 17 of class 3rd EVS?

Letter writing is barely used these days. However, other methods of writing are used mostly in major cities and developed areas. In villages, people still value traditional letter writing. This is also a truth that the availability of mobile phones affected posting letters. I think the letter-writing should not only keep alive but to make it fast so that people don’t have to wait a long time to receive one.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 17 Here comes a Letter
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 17
Class 3 EVS Chapter 17
Class 3 EVS Chapter 17 NCERT Solutions
Class 3 EVS Chapter 17 answers
Class 3 EVS Chapter 17 ncert solution
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