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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 19

Class 3 all Subjects

Put the sentences in the correct order: 1.Peter lovingly patted the bird. 2.The children saw a bird circling in their classroom. 3.Navjyot and Ali quickly brought water in a bowl. 4.The bird flew away. 5.The bird hurt itself with the fan.

The children saw a bird circling in their classroom.
2. The bird hurt itself with the fan.
3. Navjyot and Ali quickly brought water in a bowl.
4. Peter lovingly patted the bird.
5. The bird flew away.

What do you think Malini would have done?

Malini would have returned the kitten to its mother.

What will people in Meenu’s family do?

Meenu’s family would wash Bholi’s wound with water and put medicine on the wound.

Do you or any of your neighbor’s have a pet? Which one?

Yes, I have a dog

What name have you given to your pet? What do you do when your pet is: 1. Hungry 2. Feeling hot or cold 3. Teased by someone 4. Hurt

My parrot’s name is Coco.
1. When she is hungry, she eats chicken, boiled eggs
2. I take her inside my room on my bed.
3. I don’t let anyone disturb or tease her
4. I apply medicine on the wounded area when she is hurt.

We keep some pet animals at home. We look after them too. In the table below are the names of some such animals. Complete the table.

Name of the animalWhy do we keep them
DogIt protects our house.
Cow/BuffaloIt gives milk.
OxIt pulls the cart.
HenIt gives us eggs.
FishWe love to keep it in aquarium.
HoneybeeIt gives us honey.

Like us, animals also need water to live. There are many other things which are required by both animals and humans. Write the names of three such things.

Three such things are:
• Water
• Air
• Sunlight

Have you ever fed any animal or seen anyone else feeding any animal? If yes, then fill in the table.

DogBiscuits, Pedigree, boiled eggs
CowGrass, Grains
RabbitCarrots, Biscuits
PigeonBread crumbs, Biscuit crumbs

Class 3 EVS Chapter 19 Important Question and Answers

Why do you feed these animals?

We feed animals because they too feel hungry and need food.

Which animal did most children feed?

Most of the children feed dogs.

What did they feed?

They feed eggs, meat and biscuits.

Do you have these names in your list? Find out what these animals eat?

RatGrains, leftover food
CockroachSmall insects
SquirrelAny kind of food item
MonkeyAny kind of food item
CrowAny kind of food item
SpiderSmall insects
LizardSmall insects

Write the names of the animals

You have touchedYou have not touched but you can touchYou cannot touch

Class 3 EVS Chapter 19 Extra Questions Set 1


________ suck nectar from flowers.

[A]. Earthworms
[B]. Cats
[C]. Butterflies
[D]. Squirrels

By which body part do elephants eat and drink?

[A]. Hands
[B]. Teeth
[C]. Nose
[D]. Trunk

Birds build nests to:

[A]. lay eggs
[B]. socialise
[C]. rear their babies
[D]. Both i and iii

Which animal amongst the following is reared for eggs?

[A]. Duck
[B]. Ostrich
[C]. Peacock
[D]. Swan

Who are farmer’s friends?

[A]. Tapeworms
[B]. Grasshoppers
[C]. Earthworms
[D]. All of these

Class 3 EVS Chapter 19 Extra Questions Set 2


Which of these animals cannot be tamed?

[A]. Elephant
[B]. Horse
[C]. Donkey
[D]. Zebra

Which of these animals can pull a cart?

[A]. Buffaloes
[B]. Horse
[C]. Camel
[D]. all of them

A bird bath can be made by hanging a small:

[A]. earthen pot from a tree
[B]. a spoon on the tree
[C]. both i and ii
[D]. both i and ii
[E]. none of the above

Farm animals include:

[A]. cows, chickens, goats
[B]. lion, tiger, zebra
[C]. crocodile, alligators, python
[D]. none of these

A hurt/sick animal should be taken to a:

[A]. magician
[B]. paediatrician
[C]. veterinarian.
[D]. none of the above

What are pet animals?

Animals that are kept or who stay with us in our homes are called pet animals. We look after them as a part of our family. Example-Dog, cat, parrot etc

How should we take care of our pet animals?

We should take care of our pet animals in the following ways-
• by giving them healthy food to eat and water to drink
• feed them at proper time
• keep them clean and give them bath
• take them to the vet if they are unwell or have got injured.
• Talk to them and play with them
• Take them for walks if you have a dog, cat
• Keep them safe and away from any danger

Why should we not tease animals?

We should not tease animals. We should always love them and take care of them. They cannot speak or show that they are hurt when someone teases them. They also get irritated and don’t like being disturbed. Teasing is actually disturbing them or making them feel uneasy or uncomfortable. We should be good to the animals and should not hurt them and their emotions as they can not express themselves.

How do people tease animals?

People tease animals by:
• Making weird sounds
• tempting them with eatables,
• getting too close to them or their cage.
• poking animals with a stick or any such object.
• putting their hand inside the cage to draw the attention of the animal.

How are animals similar to human beings?

Animals are similar to human beings in the following ways-
1. Both of them can see, smell and hear.
2. Both of them grow and die
3. Both of them need food and water to live.
4. Both of them reproduce their own kind.
5. Both of them move from one place to another
6. Both of them breathe.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 19 Important Question and Answers

If there had been birds then they would have eaten the insects. Justify the statement.

Birds actively hunt insects especially during the breeding season, when they need protein-rich prey to feed to their nestlings. They get this energy by capturing billions of potentially harmful herbivorous insects and thus by eating them they also protect the fruits and vegetables growing on the trees.

Why do we build shelters for our pets?

Pets and domestic animals need a shelter to protect themselves from strong winds, enemies and rain and to raise their young ones.

What are pests?

Pests are unwanted visitors in our house. They bother us and spread many diseases. Rats, lizards, ants and cockroaches are some common house pests. We share our homes with some of these unwanted visitors who are not our pets but are called pests. Pests are those insects or small animals that are harmful. Cockroaches, lizards, mosquitoes, and rats are some common house pests. They hide themselves during the day. We see them mostly at night. They come out of their hiding places in search of food. They carry germs of many diseases as they hide in dirty places. Pests are harmful for us because they hide in dirty places and come out at night in search of food and water. They spread many diseases and cause infection.

What can we do to keep our houses free from pests?

To keep the pests away from the house in the following ways-
• We must keep all the rooms, especially the kitchen clean.
• We must also spray pesticides from time to time to keep away these pests.

Why do animals move from one place to another?

Animals move from one place to another in search of-
• food and water.
• shelter
• protect themselves from enemies

Why is duck rearing profitable?

Duck rearing is profitable and simple because ducks are –
(1) less unsafe bird and are disease resistance,
(2) have longer egg-production life,
(3) eggs are heavier and fetch a better price,
(4) meat is slender and is relished by the people,
(5) they do not need elaborate housing

Define food Chain. Give example also.

A food chain is a system where a small animal is the food for a larger animal which, in
turn, is the food for an even larger animal. It involves the transfer of food and energy from one
organism to another. For example: Grass is eaten by Grasshopper which is eaten by Frog who is eaten by snake.

Give reason why a pet animal usually healthier than a stray animal?

A pet animal is usually healthier than a stray animal because –
• it is fed with nutritious food
• it lives in hygienic environment
• it is well taken care of and is given a bath regularly
• is taken to a vet when needed
• gets vaccinated from time to time.

All these facilities are not given to a stray dog.

Why are animals called the friend of human beings?

Animals are a part of our world and most of them are useful to us in many ways. For example, dogs help to protect our homes and properties. The dog is called man’s best friend because it is very loyal and faithful. They shower us with their love and trust. Animals such as dogs are kept for companionship as well as for protection. Cats are kept for companionship. Animals such as cow, buffalo, horse etc are used in farming and transportation. Hen, goat, sheep are used for eggs and meat and their fur. Animals have made human life much easier by providing us with food, medicine, clothing etc. Animal hair can be used to make blankets, jackets helping us to keep ourselves warm in winters. They are also used for economic purposes. Thus they are very useful to us.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 19 Important Question and Answers

Name any two animals who are responsible for keeping our surroundings clean.

Vultures and Hyenas are scavengers and feed on dead matter found around on earth, they eat and thereby help in cleaning up the waste and keeping the surroundings clean.

Who are mammals?

Mammals are animals such as humans, dogs, lions, and whales. Most female mammals give birth to babies rather than laying eggs, and all female mammals feed their young with milk. Mammals have hair on their body.

How do animals reproduce?

Animals reproduce mainly in two ways:
i. by laying eggs
ii. by giving birth to the young ones
Some animals do not produce young ones but lay eggs which have immature babies in them like, birds, frog, fish, snake etc whereas some animals give birth directly to their young ones like dogs, cats, monkeys, lion etc.

Where can we see the note- DO NOT TEASE THE ANIMALS?

We can see this note-
• in a zoo
• in a wildlife sanctuary
• in a national park

Why is the note DO NOT TEASE THE ANIMALS put up at certain places?

This note is put up so that we don’t disturb or tease the wild animals otherwise they would get out of control, lose their temper and cause us harm. It is dangerous for them too as they may harm themselves also in anger.

Why fish cannot survive outside water?

Fish get their oxygen from water using their gills. But if they are put outside the water their gills do not work and so they get suffocated and die.

Why is not a good idea to disturb bees and wasps?

It is not a good idea to disturb bees and wasps because if we disturb them they can sting us which will be very painful for us and we might need treatment also for it.

What does chapter 18 try to teach students of class 3rd EVS to do?

From the beginning of the story, we can see the chapter is telling that how people actually the animals and whether it is their own animals or not. That makes me think the chapter is trying to teach us to help the animals who cannot help themselves not harm them.

How does chapter 19 of EVS class 3rd proves animals and birds are an important part of the environment?

The story shows how the birds are useful for removing all the insects as they got all the sustenance from it and even cows could give us dairy products along with other important things for nature. Cats hunt the rodents like big Rats that damage the crops and this is how the story proves the fact that animals are useful for nature.

What part of the story in Chapter 19 did your find most entertaining from the class 3rd EVS book?

The short story is given at the end of chapter 19 about a lady and the gardener who was supplying ripe mangoes to a queen. The story tells us the importance of the availability of birds and how they could actually help the queen.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 19 Our Friends – Animals
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 19
Class 3 EVS Chapter 19
Class 3 EVS Chapter 19 NCERT Solutions
Class 3 EVS Chapter 19 Solution
Class 3 EVS Chapter 19 Answers in English
Class 3 EVS Chapter 19 in English
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