NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 21 Families can be Different in Hindi and English Medium updated for CBSE session 2024-25. All the contents for class 3 Environmental Studies – looking around book chapter 21 are given here free in simplified format. Extra questions and MCQ are also given here with suitable answers and explanation which are helpful for exams also.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 21

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How did you feel when you could join a group of the required number? Why?

It feels great to join a group and become its member. It assures me that I am still the part of the game that is being played.

How did you feel if you could not join any group? Why?

I would feel bad and alone if I miss joining any group as I have to leave the game which I was otherwise playing or learning.

Do you like to be with people?

Yes, I like to be with people and make new friends every now and then.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 21 Important Question and Answers

With whom do you like to be more?

I like to spend time with my sister and friends.

How would you feel if you always had to be alone?

I would feel lonely and sad if I always need to be alone.

How are these people related to each other?

Gurleen and Nagarajan are parents of Tanya and Samar. Tanya and Samar are siblings.


Who all are there in Sitamma’s family?

Sitamma’s family has the following members: Sitamma, her father, mother and younger sister Gitamma, dada, dadi, elder chacha and chachi, younger chacha, bua, tauji and his three children.

How is the relationship between the different people in the family?

Sitamma’s father, tauji, elder chacha and younger chacha are four brothers and have one sister, Bua. Tauji is the eldest brother among all five siblings. He is elder to Sitamma’s father, elder chacha is younger to her father and elder to younger chacha. Dada and dadi are their parents and grandparents to Sitamma, Gitamma and tauji’s three children. Sitamma’s mother and elder chachi are co-sisters.

In the last one year what are the changes that happened in the family?

In the past one year, taiji passed away and elder chacha recently got married.


Who takes care of Tara? How?

When Tara returns from school; her NANA takes care of her. He is the one who feeds her, helps her to do homework and also plays with her.

What are the things the family members do together?

During vacations Tara, her amma and nana go too far off places and enjoy themselves.


Who all are there in this family?

There are three members in the family: Sara, Habib and Habib’s abbu.

Abbu enjoys watching television with the others. Why?

Watching TV alone can be boring. This is the reason why Abbu enjoys watching television with others. Meanwhile, he enjoys having a discussion with them as well.

How do the family members enjoy?

On holidays, the neighbour’s children come to their house and create a lot of fun. Everybody enjoys together. They play games, go out and at times go for plays and movies.


How do Totaram’s family members keep contact with each other?

Totaram misses his mother very much. He writes long letters to her. Once a year, Totaram goes to his village to visit his family. This is the way the family members keep in touch with each other.

Which members of Totaram’s family live in the city and which live in the village? Why?

Totaram lives with his father, uncle and cousin brothers in a colony in Mumbai. Totaram and his brothers have come here to study. His father and uncle work in Mumbai. Totaram’s mother, dada, dadi, chachi and younger brothers and sisters live in their parental house in the village.


How does Krishna take care of his sister?

Krishna leaves Kaveri at school just before he goes to college. On returning from college, Krishna and Kaveri eat their food together.

What activities are done together in the family?

Krishna, Kaveri and their father live together. In the morning, all of them leave home together. When their father returns home in the evening, they cook and eat food together.

What are the things that happen in a family?

Given below are the list of things that happen in a family:

  1. People stay together in a family.
  2. The family members love and take care of each other.
  3. They cook and eat together.
  4. The entire family watches TV, plays games and goes out together.
  5. The elders of the family work hard to earn money.
  6. An elder in the family cooks’ delicious food for other members.
  7. Sometimes, a new member comes into the family.
  8. Sometimes, a family member dies or passes away.
  9. The children go to school and study regularly.

Put a [✔] on those sentences which tell the various things that happen in families.

Members of a family often resemble each other. [✔]

The family members love each other very much. [✔]

One becomes a part of a family by being born or getting married into that family. [✔]

Family members often live together in the same house. [✔]

Elders in the family earn money for the family. [✔]

Family members stay together even if there is a fight amongst themselves. [✔]

In a family, children and the old are taken care of. [✔]

Think of some other things about your family and write in the space provided.

The elders work hard to earn money for the entire family. They also take care of the household chores at home. They love each other and spend quality time with each member of the family, especially children and old members.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 21 Extra Questions Set 1


Family is a group of:

[A]. friends staying together
[B]. family members staying together
[C]. enemies staying together
[D]. none of them

Family members are:

[A]. people who live in separate houses
[B]. people who don’t know each other
[C]. people who have relationship with each other
[D]. all of them

In a joint family ________ is the head of the family.

[A]. mother
[B]. father
[C]. grandfather
[D]. uncle

Changes in a family can take place because of ________.

[A]. Natural calamities
[B]. Wedding
[C]. eating habits
[D]. none of the above

Good family environment has a great influence on a child as it:

[A]. helps the child to develop physically, mentally and emotionally
[B]. helps the child to learn how to fight with others
[C]. helps the child to get his demands fulfilled
[D]. none of the above

Class 3 EVS Chapter 21 Extra Questions Set 2


All the members of a family:

[A]. fight with each other
[B]. live together and care for one another
[C]. do not support each other
[D]. do not talk to each other

Everyone in the family should share the:

[A]. clothes
[B]. slippers
[C]. responsibilities
[D]. all of them

What is adoption?

[A]. to give your child to someone else
[B]. to adopt somebody else’s child and look after him/her
[C]. to have no child in the family
[D]. none of the above

Why are some parent’s single parents?

[A]. the parents don’t live together anymore
[B]. one of the parent is no more
[C]. both i and ii
[D]. none of these

Following activities can be done in a family:

[A]. eating together
[B]. going out for picnics together
[C]. celebrating festivals together
[D]. all of them

When one, two or more members of the family look alike and have some similar features, it is called as……

[A]. family resemblance
[B]. family behaviour
[C]. family adoption
[D]. none of the above

Give reason why a family is important?

Family is the primary source of learning. It gives us stability in various ways and makes us responsible for our duty. Thus family helps us in our various developments like mental, social, physical, and emotional. All the members of a family, whether big or small, help each other. They all share the household work. Children help with the household work by doing all the small jobs, like setting the table, tidying their room, walking the dog etc. A close-knit and happy family learns to care for the young ones as well as look after the needs of the elderly in the family. It is important for all members to have a good communication with each other. Parents must take time off to talk to their children every day. Grandchildren must make sure that they spend some time with their grandparents.


What are the different types of families?

There are three types of families:

  1. nuclear family
  2. joint family
  3. single parent family
  1. A nuclear family is a small family. A family in which mother, father and children live together is called a nuclear family.
  2. A joint family is a big family. It has grandparents, parents and children all living together. In some joint families, uncles, aunts and their children also live together. The children of uncles and aunts are called Cousins.
  3. A Single Parent Family has one parent, either the father or the mother, and one or more children

Class 3 EVS Chapter 21 Important Question and Answers

What are hereditary features?

Some features in the family members are passed down from one generation to another. These are called hereditary features. The traits or features which we acquire from our parents or grandparents which may include some habit, talent, medical condition or tone of voice etc. are called hereditary traits of a family. For example- If your father/mother/any one of the grandparent is a good dancer or a singer and you also are good at dancing or singing, that means you have inherited that trait from that person.

Who are foster parents and adopted children?

Some children unfortunately lose their parents because of some reasons like death of the both the parents or one of the parent. So, they are adopted by other people who take care of them and look after them as their own children. Those people are called the foster parents of the children and the children are called adopted children.

Who are Twins?

Twins are basically two children born at the same time to the same mother. There are two types of twins – Identical Twins and Fraternal Twins. Identical twins look alike in physical appearance while Fraternal twins don’t look like each other.

What are the things we learn from our family?

What are the things we learn from our family?

Some of the things that we learn from our family are:
• Good manners
• Good habits
• Customs and traditions
• Love and respect for others
• Value of sharing and caring
• Cooperation and team work
• Importance of staying together
• Importance of sharing our responsibilities

What are the things that happen in a family?

In a family, members of a family often resemble each other and love each other. One becomes a part of a family by being born or getting married into that family. Family members often live together in the same house even if there is a fight amongst them. Elders in the family earn money for the family. In a family, children and the old are taken care of.

In a family, children and the old are taken care of. How?

In a family, both the children and old people are taken care of as a family is a close kniy unit where everyone stays together and understand the needs and requirement of others, especially the old and elderly people and the children. The parents in the family try to ensure that the children in the family are not deprived of anything and they provide them with the best of facilities as per their pocket. At the same time, it is ensured that the elderly people in the house are taken care of and not neglected. They get their food timely, go for walk or are taken to the doctor as and when required.

Can all the families of the world be same?

No all the families cannot be the same as every individual is different from others and as families are also different. Every family has different systems of living so they are different from each other. The habits, way of living, standard of the families, education, food habits, way of clothing, education all these things are different for different families.

What is the full meaning of extended family?

An extended family is a family that extends beyond the nuclear family, consisting of parents like father, mother, and their children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins, all living in the same household. Extended family is defined as a person’s relatives outside of the immediate circle of his spouse or children. An example of extended family is grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

What does chapter 21 from class 3rd EVS is all about?

The chapter tries to show us what the different families with different family members look like and how they all contribute to making home a place with warmth. The chapter contains a different story of different families and names is another proof of how multicultural society that we live in.

Do you think chapter 21 of 3rd class EVS is long?

The chapter begins with the play with children and music that all the children like and then it shares the information of different families. Reading about the families is all good as we can compare how our families look like. Reading about different families could feel long. However, to understand the chapter it is right.

How do you suggest preparing chapter 21 for the examination of class 3 EVS?

The story contains multiple names and family information that makes the chapter a little tricky to remember but once one understands the chapter it one will be able to remember the names along with the information given about them. So, I suggest writing the names and their family info and reading the chapter multiple times this makes the practice done for exams.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 21 Families can be Different
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 21
Class 3 EVS Chapter 21
Class 3 EVS Chapter 21 Question Answers
Class 3 EVS Chapter 21 NCERT Solution
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