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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 4

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Day is Night

This is the story of the kingdom of fools. Everyone in this kingdom is a fool including the king of the kingdom. They decided not to follow the thing in usual ways and wanted to do something that is never heard of and tried. They decide night should be day and all the people who deal in the day must sleep during the day and should be awake at the night. All the people must abide by the orders or there will be the punishment of death.

The results were good and the king was happy with the results that he had achieved. One day, a guru and his disciple visited the place, and they were amazed to see the empty town there. Even the animals were sleeping during the daytime. As soon as the sunset the entire town came to life and shops were open and people started to work and do businesses. Hungry Guru and disciple decided to have their fill, and they were surprised to see that everything their costs the same 1 Duddu. They can buy anything irrespective of the quantity.

The Cost is Same

Their weird business model is liked by the disciple as he can have anything at a cost of 1 Rupee. Soon wise guru understood that it is the kingdom of fools and it is not safe for them to stay there any longer. Uncertainty of their decision and laws cause trouble. So, He decided to leave the place but the decision of the disciple was different he likes the place as the cost of everything was so cheap, so he decided to stay and eat. Guru left the disciple as he wasn’t convinced by the guru. Soon he became fat after having lots of food at fraction of the cost. One day a thief entered the house and the wall fell upon him that killed him. The brother of that thief went to the king seeking justice for his brother.

Fool Serving Justice

He pleaded at the court that his brother was to deal business but the merchant’s wall fell upon him killed him, so he should be compensated. King promised justice and called the merchant the owner of the house. Merchant presented the house and then his been asked that if he was present at home when the burglar was killed by the fallen wall. He agreed and then the king ordered to punish death for the murder of the burglar. Merchant pleaded that it is not his fault it was the fault of the person who built it incorrectly. He should be punished.

Who Killed the Burglar?

Merchant said that the wall was made during his father’s time, and he knew the bricks layer. King summoned him to the royal court with hands and feet tied. He Has been questioned again the same that if he made the wall that cause the death of the burglar? He agreed and so the king was about the declare the death punishment to the bricks layer old fellow pleaded and that he made the wall but without the full concentration. He was disturbed by the girl’s dance which distracted him cause of bad quality wall king should punish her, and he knows where she lives.

Was It Goldsmith the Killer?

That girls who distracted the bricks layer got old now and came to the royal court. She admitted that she was the one whose ankle jingling distracted the bricks layer. But before the king gave the order to execute her. For the punishment to killing the burglar. The old lady pleaded that it was the goldsmith. Because of the lazy goldsmith who didn’t deliver the jewelry on time. She had to visit his house so many times that cause the trouble to bricklayer. It is not her fault, and it would never happen if the goldsmith had given her the jewelry on time. So, it is the fault of the goldsmith, and she knows where he lives.

Goldsmith arrived in the court saying that he is just a poor goldsmith, but he couldn’t deliver the jewelry because he was too busy making the jewelry for the rich man’s wedding. And he made the king understand that how important the rich men are. So, He told him that Merchant was the rich man he was working for, and it should be the merchant who is the culprit.

Someone Should Be Punished

The king summoned the merchant and when he arrived, he explained that the wall was made by the order of his father, and he is dead. So, the king decided that if the wealth of the father is inherited by the son so do the crimes and he should be punished. The servant was ready to execute the king in the public but found that he is too weak to fit. So, the king ordered to find someone fat enough to fit in the stake to be properly executed. King was worried and suddenly he spotted the sanyasi who was fat now. King’s men arrested him for the execution and disciple pleaded that he was innocent and sanyasi but no one listened to him. He prayed to his guru who heard his prayer and came at once to save him from this trouble.

Guru the Savior

Guru met the disciple and then asked the king who is the bigger guru or disciple? When the king answered him, he asked to be killed before the disciple. The disciple understood, and then he urged to be killed first, Puzzled king couldn’t understand and asked the guru what is the matter that they both want to die. So, The Guru informed him that the stake is new and whoever got killed by this stake first will be the king in the next birth of this place and whoever will be the second killed will be the minister.

Fool king and stupid minister held the Guru and disciple in jail and order the servant to execute the next day without any delay. Then, they discussed being executed first to be born again as king and minister and released the guru and took their place. In the morning when execution is completed. The people of the kingdom were surprised to seeking and the minister.

Ruler of Kingdom of Fools

The citizen persuaded the guru and Disciples to rule the kingdom, and they changed the old laws. Now, the day is the time and to do awake and night is for sleep. The prices of everything have been changed.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 4
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 4
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 4
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 4 in the Kingdom of Fools
In the Kingdom of Fools
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