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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 7

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Now Andon

The story is about the girls named Sue and Johnsy they were an artist. Johnsy suffered from pneumonia, so she was on rest most of the time. Sue, was worried about the conditions Johnsy was in. Though Doctor visits her regularly there was no change in her condition and all she does is stare out of the window. This made even doctors worried that if there is any tension. That Johnsy has because if she has not a hope of recovery medicines cannot help her.

The Ivy Creeper

To make her feel more alive Sue tried to talk to her. To distract her but small talk about the clothing, fashion didn’t affect the mental state she was dealing with now. She tried to bring back the old passion for their painting so that she could take interest. However, Johnsy was doing nothing but staring outside. Looking at the Ivy creeper and shedding leaves because of the wind. She counted the backward in low voice and Sue tried to understand that what is she trying to say. Johnsy explained that a few days ago there were hundreds of leaves in this creeper. But now there are only a few of them left and once the last leaf falls, she will die in a really depressing tone. Sue said in a really dismissive tone that is nothing in autumn and leaves will fall and nothing going to happen. She cannot draw the curtain because in the light. She needs to finish her painting that will give her some money and she gave the soup to Johnsy but Johnsy denied.

Sixty Years Old Painter

Sue asked Johnsy not to look at that creeper as it made her more depressed. Johnsy asked Sue to complete the painting sooner. So, that she wouldn’t miss the fall of the last leaf because for her once the last leaf will fall, she will die like the calm old leaves. This worried Sue went to Sixty years old painter to ask his help. To draw the old miner in her painting also. Shared the entire situation she is dealing with Johnsy and how eager. She is to die as there is no life remained in her body.

The Last Leaf

The Behrman old sixty years’ painter promised to visit Johnsy. They went to Johnsy’s room because they didn’t want to disturb her sleep and Sue showed her the creeper last leaf. The weather outside was cold and harsh autumn wind with rain made it worse and the last leaf seem to fall any moment. They knew if she woke up and saw no leaf in the tree. She will be depressed again and then might something happen which shouldn’t happen.

The Behrman didn’t utter a word and went downstairs where he lives. Johnsy asked Sue to open the window the next morning. Sue was afraid as she knew that Johnsy want to see the last remaining leaf on the creeper. If it is not there, she will be depressed, but she still removed the curtains and opened the window. Johnsy was delighted to see the last leaf was still there even. She asked Sue to see that leaf as it was looking greener and healthy.


Johnsy was amazed to see the leaf and informed Sue. That despite last night harsh cold weather the leaf is still there. How she thought by the time she would be up the leaf wouldn’t be there. But for sure it will fall today, and then she will die for sure but nothing happened. Sue tried to console her that she has to live and finally she saw Johnsy smile a little. Johnsy still was noticing the leaf there and finally started to recover. And said she’s been a bad girl as she wasn’t cooperating with Sue. Even though, Sue was taking care of her. Johnsy now ate well and comber her hair and looks better. When the doctor examined her. She looks recovering and then doctor informed that he has to visit the Behrman. As he is suffering pneumonia now, and he is in serious condition. Probably he won’t be able to sanow.

The Masterpiece

Sue came and sat beside Johnsy to inform her about the Behrman. She told her that the Behrman fell ill two days ago. The janitor found him in the room wearing wet clothes and some green paint and stairs beside him. The Leaf outside the window in the creeper didn’t fall even in the stormy nights. Because it was drawn by Behrman and it is his masterpiece.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 7 the Last Leaf
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 7 the Last leaf
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 7 Hindi Translation
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 7 the Last leaf in Hindi
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