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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths Exercise 13.2

In Class 9 Maths Exercise 13.2, we will learn the methods about calculating surface areas of right circular cylinders. Take the help of PDF and videos of Exercise 13.2 solutions to make the questions easier.

About Exercise 13.2 in Class 9 Maths

At the beginning the of geometry branch of mathematics you must have studied the surface area of figures which is oblong 2-dimensional and the ways to calculate the surface area. Similarly, in chapter 13 from NCERT solutions for Maths ( class 9, you will study an advanced version of a circular 3-dimensional figure that is a cylinder.

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As the name of the chapter suggests, you will learn to calculate the volume and surface area of such a cylinder. You may want to look cylinder not as a complex figure, but as a 2-dimensional figure that is stacked one on top of one, which you have already studied in previous classes.

Concept of Surface area of Cylinders

Usually, any vessel shape that is right circular cylinder can be called a cylinder in 9th Maths Exercise 13.2. That could go straight up or diagonally. Students must know that in exercise 13.2, all the cylinder is a right-angled cylinders.

So unless it is specified what is the shape of the cylinder it is the right-angled cylinder. Now measuring the cylinder is the tricky part for a lot of students. Sometime students cannot perceive the formation of the cylinder from a rectangular piece of paper. Exactly as you can see in examples. In 9th Maths NCERT textbook, examples illustrate the concepts of in very simple way which help in solving exercises.

Solution of Class 9 Maths Exercise 13.2

In the second part of the chapter 13, formulae for the curved surface area is the most important that shall provide you the ways of solution in most of the surface area related to curve figures.

Exercise 13.2 is among the most important topics in the chapter 13 of NCERT solutions. Formulae plays a vital role during the solutions of questions in Exercise 13.2 of 9th mathematics. One must know about all the formulae that you are going to use in this chapter.

Practice the formulae and the concepts together

Since the topic contains the most important concepts that shall carry the higher marks in examination. It requires a lot of precision and practice too. This is why at the top of exercise 13.2 you assume the value of pie.

It is suggested to make the figure of a cylinder by analyzing the given data from the question before start solving. This provides you a rough idea of how your structure would appear. This will also help you to input the dimensions for measuring the area and volume.

How to improve the accuracy of calculation in exercise 13.2 of chapter 13 of class 9 Mathematics?

To improve the accuracy of calculation in exercise 13.2 of class 9 Mathematics, students should first understand the concepts thoroughly and then practice solving various problems from the textbook.
Taking Tiwari Academy’s online practice tests papers and worksheets to strengthen their understanding of the concepts will familirise with the questions to increase calculation speed.

How many questions are there in exercise 13.2 in 9th Maths?

There are total 11 questions in exercise 13.2 of 9th Maths. Out of these, only 5 and 10 are tricky. Rest questions are based on formula and calculations only. There are several concepts being used in Exercise 13.2 of class IX Mathematics. These include topics like area, perimeter, volumes, and curved surface area of cylindrical shapes. Understanding the relationship between the different measurements of a shape is same as understanding the concept of transformation of figures.

Is exercise 13.2 of grade 9 Maths difficult?

Class 9 Maths ex 13.2 is a moderate chapter to solve and understand. It has only 11 questions in all. Most of the questions are simple and based on formula execution. Learn the basic formulas for calculating area, perimeter, volume and surface area of different shapes. Write down all the formulae in one paper and take help from it to solve the questions efficiently until you don’t need it anymore. This will help the students to solve exercise 13.2 comfortably.

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