NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths Exercise 13.9 Surface Areas and Volumes in Hindi and English Medium updated for CBSE and State board. Explore Tiwari Academy’s updated NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths Exercise 13.9 on Surface Areas and Volumes, available in both Hindi and English mediums. Perfectly tailored for CBSE and State Board students to excel in the 2024-25 session.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths Exercise 13.9

Access the latest Class 9 Maths Exercise 13.9 solutions, now available in both Hindi and English Medium, aligned with the most recent NCERT textbooks. Download comprehensive PDFs and watch detailed video explanations for Exercise 13.9 at Tiwari Academy, and enhance your learning experience for academic success.

Class: 9Mathematics
Chapter: 13Exercise 13.9
Content:Textbook Exercises Solution
Mode:Online and Videos Format
Medium:English and Hindi Medium

Class 9 Maths Exercise 13.9 Questions

Exercise 13.9 is consist of only three questions, and these are completely optional. However, students are suggested to solve these questions to improve their understanding and concepts.

As you can see these questions are from the related concept. Mensuration is one of the most important topics. The education experts always suggest you to solve as many questions as possible. This will improve the ability of fast calculation and quick thinking.

About Exercise 13.9 Class 9 Maths

Questions given in 9th Mathematics Exercise 13.9 will not be asked in terminal exams as these are optional. This is given her to improve practice in mensuration. This will increase the familiarity with the questions of surface area and volumes. After the ample practice, even if the language of the question gets twisted you would be able to figure out how to get the answer.

Furthermore, the entire chapter is full of important concepts that make the chapter 13 little bit longer. But it is highly recommended to study the concept repeatedly or read it through the summary part of the chapter 13. At the end of the chapter, you will find all the important formulae that each of these paragraphs introduced you to.

Formulae for Exercise 13.9 Class 9 Maths

There is no specific formula for the exercise 13.9 to solve the questions. If you understand the formulae from entire chapter 13, probability for you to complete questions of this exercise.

A regular practice makes you confident irrespective of the fact where the question comes from and then the rest depends on the calculations. The process of learning depends upon revisions and practice in written.

Resources for solving Exercise 13.9

Study material, practice papers and NCERT ( Solutions for Class 9 Maths Exercise 13.9 are given here in PDF and Video format. These resources play an important role for you to prepare for the concepts.

There are many resources or education aids available in the Tiwari Academy such as audio, visual and digital contents like PDF. These are not only going to help you with your spatial understanding, but also provide you the knowledge of implementing in your work.

Are the questions given in Exercise 13.9 of Class 9 Maths difficult?

There are only three questions given in the exercise that too uses Surface area sphere and Area of border formulae. Once you use it is easy to take the answer. These questions are optional to do, not as important as per examination point of view. It provides a good practice of entire chapter 13. The answer is lengthy which might take time to solve and write. So, All the tree answers are almost easy.

How important are the questions of Exercise 13.9 of chapter 13 in 9th Maths?

The questions are not much important from the examination point of view as these are optional questions. But if you are preparing for the final exams of class 9 Maths, then practicing these three questions would help to revise the concepts of chapter 13 of class 9 Mathematics.

How to prepare for Exercise 13.9 in class 9 Maths?

To prepare for the surface area and volume concept for the class 9 Maths exercise 13.9, students should first read and understand the chapter 13 and go through the NCERT solutions for Maths class 9 ex. 13.9 thoroughly. Then, they can practice solving problems related to the surface area and volume concept.

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