NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths Exercise 4.4 Linear equations in two variables updated for CBSE session 2024-25 in Hindi and English Medium. Find updated solutions for Class 9 Maths, Exercise 4.4 on Linear Equations in Two Variables in Hindi/English for CBSE & State Boards. Ideal for exam success!

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths Exercise 4.4

Conversion of one variable to two variable equation

Till class 8 you have studied that the line segment only can be drawn vertically, but here you will be introduced to an equation that can make the line a horizontal one or parallel to the x-axis in other words.

So, when this equation is worked as a single variable equation, It has only solutions x = 3. However, solutions will change once we consider the equation as two variables, x + 0. y = 3.

Class: 9Mathematics
Chapter: 4Exercise: 4.4
Topic:Linear Equations in two Variables
Content:Textbook Exercise Solution
Medium:Hindi and English Medium

Plotting the line in Cartesian plane

If you solve the equation you will find many solutions. Which will eventually help you to make points in the Cartesian plane, especially, while making the graphical representation. Passages in 9th Mathematics Exercise 4.4 is all about the practical uses of making the solutions with the help of linear equations, and coordinates. This shall serve the objective of making you aware of the smallest changes in the equation.

Solving the Linear Equations in two Variables

Lots of students who don’t get the accurate answers on time. They think that linear equations in two variables cost them futile efforts as there is no real-life applicability. However, as you have seen in the past, most of the topics that you have learned in the previous classes are becoming useful. Similarly, it would not be incorrect to say that solving the equations is a skill. It will help in solving the linear equations in higher classes also.

More than one line in the same plane

Students can practice drawing more than one line in the same Cartesian plane. In the higher classes there will be more equations that you are supposed to solve in the same manner. For example, in algebra and in geometry, the conceptual knowledge gained here applies to the reasoning questions which are commonly asked in the competitive exams and CBSE exams based on NCERT ( Textbooks. Solving the equations can help in the identification of unknown problems.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 4 Exercise 4.4 in English medium
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 4 Exercise 4.4 in Hindi medium
Last Edited: November 3, 2023