Class 10 Science Chapter 6 MCQ

Class 10 Science Chapter 6 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) test series of Life Processes updated for new academic session 2020-21. These questions are important for CBSE Board examination as it contains important questions from CBSE Sample Papers, Questions from Board Papers also.

After going through the chapter 6 of Class 10 Science, students should practice these questions to cross check there level of preparation for exams. More MCQ Questions will be added as per need of the students.

Class 10 Science Chapter 6 MCQ for 2020-21

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Class 10 Science Chapter 6 MCQ Test for Revision

The following test of MCQs contains 10 questions for practice. Considering each questions as of 1 mark, attend the test. If you are getting less than 40 percent marks means, you need to go through NCERT Books once again. Doing more than 6 or more questions correctly is satisfactory.


Choose the correct path of urine in our body:

[A]. Kidney → Ureter→ Urethra → Urinary bladder
[B]. Kidney → Urinary bladder → Urethra → Ureter
[C]. Kidney → Ureters → Urinary bladder → Urethra
[D]. Urinary → Bladder → Kidney → Ureter → Urethra

Badal appeared in class test but he confused to know the incorrect statement. Would you help him to know that?

[A]. Animals can move from one place to another or they can move their body parts.
[B]. The plants can only move parts of their body such as leaves, flowers, shoots and roots.
[C]. Non-living things which are not alive they also move by themselves.
[D]. The movement over very small-scale organisms are invisible to the naked eyes.


The internal (cellular) energy reserve in autotrophs is

[A]. Glycogen
[B]. Protein
[C]. Starch
[D]. Fatty acid

Which is the first enzyme to mix with food in the digestive tract?

[A]. Pepsin
[B]. Cellulase
[C]. Amylase
[D]. Trypsin


The filtration units of kidneys are called

[A]. Urethra
[B]. Ureter
[C]. Neurons
[D]. Nephrons

Urvashi is completed her science chapter where she wrote some statements. She wants to know whether the statements are correct or not? Urvashi wants to take help from you:

[A]. The contraction and expansion movement of the walls of food pipe is called systematic oesophagus movement.
[B]. Paramecium uses its hair like structure called Cilia to sweep the food particles from water and put them into its mouth.
[C]. In multicellular animals like humans, grasshoppers, fish etc. all the processes involved in nutrition are performed by a combination of digestive organs.
[D]. All the above.


Choose the event that does not occur in photosynthesis

[A]. Absorption of light energy by chlorophyll.
[B]. Reduction of carbon dioxide to carbohydrates.
[C]. Oxidation of carbon to carbon dioxide.
[D]. Conversion of light energy to chemical energy.

In which of the following vertebrate group/groups, heart does not pump oxygenated blood to different parts of the body?

[A]. Pisces and amphibians
[B]. Amphibians and reptiles
[C]. Amphibians only
[D]. Pisces only

Lack of oxygen in muscles often leads to cramps among cricketers. This results due to

[A]. Conversion of pyruvate to ethanol.
[B]. Conversion of pyruvate to glucose.
[C]. Non conversion of glucose to pyruvate.
[D]. Conversion of pyruvate to lactic acid.

Which of the following statement is or are correct?

[A]. Each kidney is made up of a large number of excretory units called nephrons.
[B]. The best long-term solution for kidney failure is the kidney transplant.
[C]. The process used to clean the blood of a person by separating the waste substance from it, is called dialysis.
[D]. All the above.
Class 10 Science Chapter 6 MCQ Tests

Class 10 Science Chapter 6 MCQ Tests are given for the practice of topic LIFE PROCESSES. The questions are picked up from NCERT Books, Some popular publisher’s books and NCERT Exemplar Problems books. These are a complete sets of questions for knowledge testing as well as preparation of CBSE Board Exams.

Are MCQs important for class 10 Board exams?

From 2019-20, MCQs are compulsory in board exams. There will be 20 marks for very short questions including MCQ, Fill in the blanks, etc.

Is the explanation of MCQ required in Board Exams for full score?

You may give only the correct option as answer but if you know the correct explanation, please give in brief.

What are the maximum number of MCQs in Class 10 Science Boards?

There may be maximum of 20 MCQs in Class 10 Science Examination.

What are the marks of each MCQ?

Generally, each MCQ consists of 1 mark only.

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