NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 1.6 Sets in Hindi and English Medium updated for CBSE session 2022-2023.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 1.6

Class: 11Mathematics
Chapter: 1Exercise: 1.6
Chapter Name:Sets
Content:Textbook Exercise Solutions
Medium:Hindi and English Medium

Practical problem with Exercise 1.6 of 11th Maths

Videos related to English and Hindi Medium solutions of NCERT questions are given here for better understanding. If you read examples 23 and 24, you will get to know about the elements given with the clubbed information. If you read the entire statement then you will be able to understand that despite of having many complicated uses of symbols. The operation to find the solution is much easier than one would expect by the appearance. In CBSE book Exercise 1.6 of Class 11 Maths, most of the questions are based on application.

Some important questions from Exercise 1.6

This entire topic is about the questions, which is completely based on topic application of sets. Here are some of the questions that use the functions but are not placed among the exercises. The name Miscellaneous suggests it is the amalgamation of important concepts and the related questions. There are only 8 questions in exercise 1.6 of NCERT Book class 11 Maths. All are based on the same formulae. After doing question number 1 and 2, a student can solve all the question just putting the values.

Topics of Class 11 Maths Chapter 1 Exercise 1.6

You should understand the complexity of chapter 1 from class 11 Mathematics. Lots of students still are struggling with the concepts that they are trying to learn and understand. This is precisely why we suggest you to check the concept of the chapter. The reason for this summary is to provide you with a last glance at some of the important concepts. Must read the summary as the benefits of reading the summary will help you to evaluate that you missed in chapter 1. Along with where you are still stuck and require more practice before proceeding to the other chapter.

Practice Exercise 1.6 with Formula and Venn diagram Method

Students are advised to solve the questions of exercise 1.6 using formula as well as Venn diagram method. The formula method may be easier this time but in the long run, the Venn diagram method is the perfect one.

One of the difficult parts of studying the sets is keeping yourself interested in the topics while practicing enough to master the concepts. For example, equations, and tables are easy to decipher, once you learn the meaning of each symbol.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 1.6
Class 11 Maths Exercise 1.6