Class 11 Physical Education Chapter 1 Changing Trends and Careers in Physical Education in Hindi as well as English medium updated for new academic session CBSE 2024-25. Study material and notes for class 11 Physical Education chapter 1 for term wise exams 2024-25 are available on website free download in PDF.
In Class 11 Physical Education Chapter 1, you learn about the Meaning and Definition of Physical Education, Aims and Objectives of Physical Education, Career Options in Physical Education, Competitions in Various Sports at National and International Level and Khelo India Programme.

Class 11 Physical Education Chapter 1 Question Answers

Importance of Sports Competitions in Schools

Theodore Hesburgh, in The Importance of School Sports and Education writes that it is imperative for school going children to have access to sports and games. Not only does it empower youth and promote higher self-esteem, it also motivates students academically, enabling them to earn better grades. Numerous physical benefits of participation in sports and games include maintaining a healthy weight, preventing chronic diseases and learning the skills necessary to maintaining a healthy lifestyle after graduating.

1. Participation in sports competitions offers opportunities to the students at the school level that will be favourable for their overall development.

2. Sports competitions provide opportunities to the students to amplify their skills in different e-sports.

3. Participation in sports competitions is enjoyable. At the same time, it develops coordination with others, leadership skills and obedience of rules, values which ultimately pave the way for the individual becoming a productive citizen of the country.

4. To release tension, overcome depression and aggression, participation in sports competitions is essential. It also provides a chance to students where they can have a feeling of achievement which is conducive for their mental and emotional health.

5. Organization of sports competitions at school gives opportunities to the students to get an exposure to competitions.

Trends in Physical Education

Most of them are now considered too narrow and restricted to cover the entire scope of Physical Education. As we know, the needs of the youth today are different from those of the youth of earlier years. Changes in the society are reflected in the education system, and education system of yesterday will not meet the needs of today’s students. In the modern context, Physical Education lays a strong emphasis on achieving overall fitness and well-being rather than only physical fitness through body movement. Movement is basically governed by mechanical principles.

Movement is integral to all human beings. It includes both loco-motor movement skills, such as running, jumping etc., which are necessary movements, and non-loco-motor movements like twisting, turning etc. Movement is also a means of communication.

Last Edited: January 27, 2022