NCERT Class 11 Physical Education Chapter 7 Test, Measurement, and Evaluation in Sports in Hindi Medium as well as English Medium study material, notes, important questions, NCERT book, and solutions in PDF file format. 11th Physical education contents are updated for session 2024-25 first and second term CBSE exams.
In class 11 Physical Education chapter 7, students will learn about Define Test, Measurement and Evaluation, Importance of Test, Measurement and Evaluation in Sports, Calculation of BMI and Waist – Hip Ratio, Somato Types (Endomorphy, Mesomorphy and Ectomorphy) and Measurement of health related fitness.

Class 11 Physical Education Chapter 7 Question Answers

What is a Test?

Remember when you tried sit-ups for the first time. As a child, you probably did number of sit-ups. You were performing sit-ups to improve your strength endurance. Do you remember your Physical Education teacher counted your sit-ups in your Physical Education class and said, “You were very good!” Further, decision making is a daily task. e.g., you might gather information about your friend’s marks, health, fitness, type of vehicle, number of vehicle, number of students in a class etc.

Physical Educationists collect data related to fitness characteristics because of the relationship between fitness, physical activity and quality of life. The variables measured might include the amount of physical activity, blood pressure, weight height, strength what not. Physical educationists might be interested in measuring different items for taking better decisions. Thus, to make decisions, it is extremely important to measure and evaluate in an accurate manner.


Test is usually considered the narrowest of the three terms; it implies to the tools, instrument or set of questions to measure a dimension, quality or condition, of a any person, object, event. Measurement refers to the quantitative form of assessment and also refers to the scores obtained through test.

Measurement is requisite for evaluation in a quantitative form of numbers or scores. Evaluation is “the process of delineating, obtaining, and providing useful information for judging decision alternatives.” Other definitions simply categorize evaluation as professional judgment.


The waist to hip ratio measurement is calculated by dividing the measurement of your waist by your hip measurement.
The purpose of this test to determine the ratio of waist circumference to the hip circumference.
Equipment Required:
tape measure
The table below gives general guidelines for acceptable levels for hip to waist ratio. Acceptable values are excellent and good. You can use any units for the measurements (e.g. cm or inches), as it is only the ratio that is important.


Why should you use somatotyping? Of what value is it in exercise and sports science? These are important questions that are often asked. The somatotype gives an overall summary of the physique as a unified whole. Somatotype is a method for describing the human physique in terms of a number of traits that relate to body shape and composition.

The definition of the traits, and the form of the scales that are used to describe the relative importance of the traits, vary from one body-type method to the other. Attempts to establish such methods date from Hippocrates, and continue to the present time. A classic approach that led to today’s commonly used method, was introduced by Sheldon.

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