NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 7 Exercise 7.1 Integrals in Hindi and English Medium updated for session 2024-25. Questions of ex. 7.1 of 12th Maths are prepared as per new textbook for CBSE academic year 2024-25.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 7 Exercise 7.1

Class: 12Mathematics
Chapter 7:Exercise 7.1
Chapter Name:Integrals
Content:NCERT Exercise Solution
Content Type:Text and Videos Format
Medium:English and Hindi Medium

12th Maths Exercise 7.1 Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 7 Exercise 7.1 Integrals in English & Hindi Medium are given below to free download in PDF format updated on the basis of new NCERT Books. Visit to Hindi Medium or Class 12 Maths Chapter 7 main page to get all the exercises NCERT Solutions.

Class 12 Maths Exercise 7.1 Solution in Video

Questions from Board Papers
    1. If a young man rides his motorcycle at a speed of 25 Km/hr, he has to spend ₹2 per Km on petrol. If he rides at a faster speed of 40 Km/hr the petrol cost increases to ₹5 per Km. He has ₹100 to spend on petrol and wished to cover the maximum distance within one hour. Express this as L.P.P. and then solve it graphically.
    2. Five bad oranges are accidentally mixed with 20 good ones. If four oranges are draw one by one successively with replacement, then find the probability distribution of getting bad oranges.
    3. Two cards from a pack of 52 cords are lost from the remaining 50 cards, one card is drawn. If the drawn card is a spade, what the probability that lost cards were both spades.
    4. Find the intervals in which the function f(x) = sin x + cos x, 0 < x < 2π is strictly increasing or strictly decreasing.
Important Questions for Practice
    • 1. A trust invested some money in two type of bonds. The first bond pays 10% interest and second bond pays 12% interest. The trust received ₹2800 as interest. However, if trust had inter changed money in bonds, they would have got ₹100 less as interest using matrix method, find the amount invested in each bond by the trust.
    • 2. Two balls are drawn at random from a bag containing 6 red and 4 green balls, find the probability that both balls are of same colour.
    • 3. The radius of a circle increases at a rate of 3 cm/sec. What is the rate of increase of its area at the instant when radius of circle is 10 cm?
    • 4. A bag contains 3 White, 3 Black and 2 Red balls. 3 balls are successively drawn without replacement. Find the probability that third ball is red.

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Class 12 Maths Exercise 7.1
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Exercise 7.1
12th Maths ex. 7.1
Class 12 Maths Exercise 7.1 in English Medium
Class 12 Maths Exercise 7.1 for new session
Last Edited: February 14, 2024