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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 12

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Look carefully at the picture and write what work is being done by different people.

1. Children running towards school.
2. 4 people working on construction of a building
3. A woman going towards post-office
4. A man selling Tea at the Tea-stall
5. Some kids playing under the tree
6. A doctor is going towards hospital
7. A vendor selling watermelons

What kind of work do people in your neighbourhood do? Name any five. What are these workers called?

Repair cars and scootersRepair cars and scooters
Sees and cures the patientsDoctor
Educates studentsTeacher
Sells milkMilk-man
Runs a shopShopkeeper
Sells fruits on the push-cartFruit-seller

Question: In the picture on the first page of this lesson, some buildings have been shown. In the list below put a red circle on the names of these buildings. Also, put a green or yellow circle on the names of those buildings that are in your neighbourhood.

Post officeHospital Temple
Telephonebooth SchoolCollege
Governmeht office Church Multi-storeyed building
DharamshalaHotel Bus stand
Cinema hallPolice station Bank
Petrol pumpShop Gurudwara
MosqueRailway station Court

Buildings shown in this lesson are : Post office, hospital, temple and school. Buildings in my neighbourhood are : Post office, shop, tea stall, government office, gurudwara, mosque, bank and school.

Write the names of any five buildings and the work done in them.

HospitalTreatment of Patients; Vaccination of children
Post OfficeCollect and Deliver letters from and to people, respectively.
HotelProvision of Food and Stay facilities
SchoolEducate the students
BankFund related activities; withdrawal and deposit of Money

In the picture you saw many people work together to build a new building. School is also one such place where many people work.

Write what work is done in the school.

Students study, Teachers teach, Librarian keeps a track of books issued and returned by students, cleaning staff maintains the cleanliness of the school building, etc.

Are there any children in the picture who are not going to school? What are they doing?

Yes, there are children who are not going to school in the picture. One of them is serving tea at the tea-stall; some other children are playing under the tree.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 12 Important Question and Answers

What work does Deepali do in her own house?

Deepali cleans house, washes utensils, cook food for her brothers and sisters, takes her sisters to school, listens to radio and takes her brother to their father.

Do you also do household work? If yes, what?

Yes, I do little bit of household work like watering the plants, laying the table, folding clothes etc.

Besides household work do you do any other work at home? If yes, what?

Besides doing household work, I go to market with my mother to buy things, I study and play.

Which of your family members do household work? What work do they do?

We all share the household work. My mother cook food, looks after all of us. My father buys things for us. My elder sister and I help my mother in her work and so all of us are doing some work or other.

Which of your family members work to earn money?

My father and my mother work to earn money

Which of your family members do work but do not get money for it?

All the family members do work but do not get money

Find out from your grandparents what work they did when they were children.

My grandparents also helped their parents in doing the household work like washing utensils with her mom, buying things from the market etc. When my grandmother was a child she used to help her mother in the kitchen. She could cook many dishes and also helped in cleaning jobs. She also used to make cow dung cakes. When my grandfather was a child he used to help his father in farming activities. He also used to take cattle for grazing. He could chop firewood as well.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 12 Important Question and Answers

Deepali had to leave school to do household work. Find out if there are any children in your neighbourhood who are over five years and do not go to school.

Yes, there are some children in my neighbourhood who are over five years and do not go to school. Such children help their parents in earning money.

Talk to any two children and find out why they do not go to school.

First child is Ram: His parents are very poor. He works at a tea stall. He serves tea to customers and washes utensils. He works so that he can support his family.
Second child is Rani: Her father lost his hands in an accident. He cannot work now. Rani helps her mother in doing household jobs in different homes. Rani works so that she can support her family

Class 3 EVS Chapter 12 Extra Question and Answers Set 1

You had written about the work you do and the work done by your elders in their childhood. Is there a change?
Yes, there are many changes. Now most of the children get more time to focus on study. Many ladies now also go to office to earn money. Children get less work to do.


The doctor and nurse work

[A]. At the construction workplace
[B]. At the bus stand
[C]. In the hospital
[D]. In school

The person who repairs the broken shoes and sandals is called:

[A]. Plumber
[B]. Cobbler
[C]. Boxer
[D]. All of them

A ________ is a person who looks after the patients

[A]. Cobbler
[B]. Teacher
[C]. Doctor
[D]. Gardener

Which out of the following come under the category of helpers?

[A]. Friends, relatives and parents
[B]. Teacher, gardener, postman
[C]. Uncle, aunt, cousins
[D]. None of them

How does a postman help us?

[A]. By delivering the letters at our doorstep
[B]. By throwing the letters away
[C]. By sending the letters back to the person who has sent them
[D]. None of them

Class 3 EVS Chapter 12 Extra Question and Answers Set 2


Farmers help us by:

[A]. Burning the crops
[B]. Growing different crops
[C]. Cooking food for us
[D]. All of them

We can buy …………………………. and …………………. at the marketplace.

[A]. Clothes and utensils
[B]. Letters and envelopes
[C]. Pulses and cereals
[D]. Both i and iii

Who repairs scooters and cars?

[A]. Barber
[B]. Cobbler
[C]. Mechanic
[D]. None of them

The person who build the house or is involved in construction of buildings is called-

[A]. Farmer
[B]. Carpenter
[C]. Mason
[D]. Policeman

A carpenter makes ………………………for us

[A]. Buildings
[B]. Furniture
[C]. Clothes
[D]. All of them

What are neighbourhood services?

We are surrounded by various people who make our lives easy and comfortable. They give us as a sense of safety and support us in many ways
• Different people provide services in market place, hospital or dispensary, school, police station, park, post office and bank etc.
• These services which are provided to us by different people are called neighbourhood services

Why do we visit a hospital?

We visit a hospital or dispensary when we are _____.
• Sick
• Need a regular check-up.
• Get injured
• Suffering from some major disease
• Most of the localities have either hospitals or dispensaries to treat the patients

Why do some children unable to go to school?

Some of the children are unable to go to school because of poverty, unemployment of parents, illness and the illiteracy of parents. Other reasons can be language barriers, gender roles, child labour. Lack of money, too many children, more responsibilities on the elder brother or sister also force some children not to go to school.

Why was Deepali unable to go to school?

Deepali was the eldest child in her family. Her father was a vegetable seller. He went to the mandi very early in the morning. Her mother washed utensils in some houses. She also left for work early in the morning. So, Deepali had to cook food for her brothers and sisters. She cleaned the house and also washed the utensils.
After finishing the work at home she went to leave her brother with their father. She then had to take her younger sisters, Suman and Sheila to school. After that Deepali helped her mother in her work. In the afternoon, she brought her brother and sisters back home. In the evening she played with other children in the neighbourhood. Her mother came back home late in the evening. Deepali had to help her mother cook dinner for the family. Her father comes home very late at night. She had studied upto class three. Three years back when her little brother was born she had to stay back home to take care of him. She could not study any more.

How is a school a place which helps us?

A School is a place where we go to learn new things, study, play and make new friends. The school works not only with the help of the Principal and teachers, there are other people also who are equally important for the proper functioning of the school. Children go to school to study. The teachers teach them various subjects. The Principal is the head of the school. Children learn good manners and also participate in various co-curricular activities.
These people are-
1. Maids
2. Peons
3. Drivers
4. Conductors
5. Guards

Class 3 EVS Chapter 12 Important Question and Answers

What is the use of a post office?

A post office is a place where letters are received and then sent out to their destinations. The staff of the post office sorts the letters according to the addresses written on them. A postman delivers letters and parcels at our doorstep. We can also buy stamps, envelopes, postcards and inland letters for sending our messages.

What is a police station?

A police station is a place where we can complain regarding any law and order related problem Each locality has its own police station. There are policemen in a police station who are responsible for catching thieves and thugs. They keep us safe and it is our duty to help them in their work.

why do we need parks?

Park is an area of land full of grass, trees, plants usually surrounded by fences or walls in a locality.
• Uses of a park:
• it provides space for interaction and meeting new people
• it is a place for human enjoyment, recreation, events and picnic
• It allows to develop a sense of community
• It is a place for physical activity
• It is a place for the kids to play and enjoy

Who maintains the parks around us?

To maintain the beauty of the park, there is a gardener who works hard by:
Planting flowers and trees.
 Watering the plants.
 Taking care of plants.

Give reasons why we need a bank to keep our money safe?

Keeping money and other valuables like jewellery at home is not safe so we need some place where we can keep our valuables. So, a bank is a place where our money and valuables remain safe from thieves and robbers. It is a place for depositing and withdrawing money and saving money. Bank also lends money to the people and help them to buy things like houses etc.

How do we keep our things in the bank?

We can keep our things in the bank in the following ways-
• We can open our account in any bank with the help of the bank employees. They look after our account and maintain it too.
• Our bank account has our name on it so that the bank knows it is our money. We also get a bank account number.
• We can put money in this account to save our money and take it out when we need it.
• The bank also issues us Credit or Debit cards
• Debit card is used to withdraw our money (deposited by us) from the ATM’S or bank directly

What would happen if there were no community helpers around us?

Community helpers are the individuals who live and work in our community and ensure that the community stays healthy, safe and happy. These community helpers do everything they can to help us and make our lives easier by providing us with goods and services. If there would have been no helpers, our life would have been very difficult and uncomfortable because they are the ones who make communities cleaner, safer, and more pleasant for other people. They do many different things to help us every day. They provide us with goods (products we use) and services (things they do for us).

Class 3 EVS Chapter 12 Important Question and Answers

Why should we respect every work equally?

Every work, job or profession has its own importance and deserves mutual respect to build a peaceful and harmonious environment. We should not judge any one on the basis of work they do as no work is high or low. We should appreciate every work done by others regardless of what work they do. When people work for supporting themselves or their family, all work has dignity, and every worker deserves respect. Moreover, it is because of them that we are living an easy and comfortable life. Thus we should respect every work equally.

What work does the electrician do?

An electrician is any skilled trades person who designs, installs, maintains, and repairs the electrical systems and products used in residential homes, businesses, and factories. Electricians work inside or outside buildings to ensure lights, industrial equipment, and appliances operate safely and constantly.

Who repairs the leakage in the water pipes and taps?

Plumber is a person who fits and repairs the pipes, fittings, and other apparatus of water supply, sanitation, or heating systems. He installs, repairs and maintains water/gas supplies, sanitation units and other appliances in commercial as well as residential buildings. They review plumbing systems, identify issues and put into service workable solutions. The duties of a plumber include repairing water supply and sanitation appliances.

How can we maintain these communities help services provided to us?

Few ways in which we can help to maintain our community help services are-
• Maintain law and order
• Follow the rules
• Keep the markets, parks, hospitals and other public places clean
• Be soft spoken and well behaved with the people who provide us these services or help us.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 12 Work We Do
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 12
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 12 in English Medium
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Class 3 EVS Chapter 12
Class 3 EVS Chapter 12 NCERT Solution
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