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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 16

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Write the names of all the games mentioned in the lesson in the table below. Don’t forget to write the number of players needed for the game. If some other things are also needed to play the game, then write their names as well.

Name of GameNumber of PlayersThings Needed
Langari Taang5-7Nothing Needed
Hide and Seek5-7Hiding Place
Seven Tiles5-77 rocks
Kabaddi8 Person Per TeamNothing Needed
Wrestling2Nothing Needed
Gilli DandaAtleast 2Gilli and Danda
Flying KitesAtleast 1Kites
Chess2Chess Board and Pieces

Do you play some games with your family members? Which games and with whom?

Yes, I do play some games with my family members.

Family MemberName of the Game
Brother and SisterLudo

Do you know the name of any famous sports person in your area? If yes, write her or his name and the game with which she or he is associated.

Yes, M.S. Dhoni an Virat Kohli Both are associated with Cricket.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 16 Important Question and Answers

How many games do you know which we play with a ball? Write their names in the ball.

The games which are played with a ball are:
Basketball Football, Cricket, Table Tennis, Hockey

Have you heard of Sania Mirza? She also plays a ball-game. Find out which one and write its name.

Yes, I have heard of Sania Mirza. She is a famous tennis player.

Which game do you like the most?

I like badminton the most.

Find out from the elders in your family or in the neighbourhood – Which games did they play when they were children?

They used to play cricket, marbles, gilli-danda, hide and seek, etc.

1. Small and coloured are these glass balls, To win the game you have to aim with them all.
2. If you land on a snake, do not frown. In this game you go up and down.
3. It has no wings but it can fly, High, high up in the sky.
4. On the board are squares black and white, There’s the king, the queen and the knight.
5. King, queen, ace and jack, Fifty-two of them make a pack.
6. Fours and sixes if you can get, A century is sure, I can bet.

1. Marbles
2. Snakes and Ladders
3. Kites
4. Chess
5. Cards
6. Cricket

Besides playing, what else do you do?

I listen to music; read comic books and fairy tales; solve Sudoku; watch T.V., do cycling, etc. besides playing.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 16 Extra Question and Answers Set 1


Games are an important part of our life as they:

[A]. Build confidence in us
[B]. Make us fight
[C]. Let us show our power to others
[D]. All of them

The children were playing in the lane:

[A]. Luddo
[B]. Hide and seek
[C]. Stappoo (hop scotch)
[D]. Kho-kho

What is thippi in hop scotch?

[A]. Stone
[B]. Marker
[C]. Toy
[D]. All of them

While playing hopscotch, you _______ should not touch the line.

[A]. Hand
[B]. Head
[C]. Feet
[D]. None of these

Kabaddi is a game which needs:

[A]. 6 players
[B]. 12 players
[C]. 2 players
[D]. 3 players

Besides their work, what else do your family members do? Colour the pictures which show what your family members do in their free time. If you want to add more you can write or draw in the blank spaces.

Besides their work, my family members do gardening, read newspapers and magazines, watch T.V., watch movies in theatres, go for morning-jog, etc.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 16 Extra Question and Answers Set 2


Football is a game in which the players play on a:

[A]. Circular pitch
[B]. Square pitch
[C]. Rectangular pitch
[D]. None of these

Luddo is a game which can be played by:

[A]. Throwing a dice
[B]. Climbing a ladder
[C]. Jumping on ground
[D]. None of the above

Gilli Danda is a game which is played with:

[A]. Two sticks
[B]. Three sticks
[C]. One stick
[D]. All of them

The national game of India is:

[A]. Cricket
[B]. Table tennis
[C]. Hockey
[D]. Badminton

What is seven tiles?

[A]. A game in which we build a mini tower
[B]. A game in which we make a goal
[C]. A game in which we jump across
[D]. None of the above
Which games did Chachi play in her childhood?

Chachi had played various games in her childhood. She played Langdi-taang, hide and seek, seven tiles, kabaddi, and many other games. In fact, her team was the best in kabbadi among ten villages.

What are Indoor games?

Indoor games are a variety of planned forms of play or competitive physical activities, typically carried out either in the home or in specially constructed indoor facilities. For example, Ludo, Carrom, Puzzle, Card games, Chess, Table tennis, and board games.

Why are the advantages of indoor games?

The games like chess, puzzles which are indoor games are advantageous as:
• They improve one’s mind skills and thinking power.
• They are family games, (like carrom etc.) at where the whole family can participate in it.
• They make family relations more strong by giving the good time to spend with family.
• They improve hand-eye coordination. Some indoor games, such as ping pong, need effective coordination between hands and eyes.
• They encourage creativity.
• They encourage development of Social Skills.
• They improve physical fitness.

What are the disadvantages playing of indoor games?

Disadvantages of indoor games is as follows-
i. It restricts the movement of the players
ii. It is played in a close environment
iii. It restricts physical activity amongst the players
iv. Players sit and play these games inside so no fresh air or sunlight is there.
v. Does not build physical stamina and fitness of the players

Class 3 EVS Chapter 16 Important Question and Answers

What are outdoor games?

Outdoor games are those games which are played in the open, and not in a closed environment. They usually require high physical activity and all players are spread across on the ground. Some examples of outdoor games are- badminton, cricket, kabaddi, volleyball and hockey. Outdoor games keep the kids active and can boost their physical stamina and fitness. Playing outdoor games can also strengthen their muscles and bones, build immunity, and lower the risk of many diseases like diabetes, heart problems, and obesity and improve their eyesight.

What are the disadvantages of outdoor games?

The disadvantages of outdoor games are:
• Children who like outdoor activities give less time to study.
• Many times children keep on playing for a long time, due to which they have a lot of physical strain. Due to which they become physically tired. And they are not able to participate in any other activities
• There is more exposure to dust, germs and infections and thus children are prone to illness

How many players can play the hopscotch?

Hopscotch can be played with one or more people. Players take turns, standing in a line at the start/finish line. Each player will go through the following steps: Toss a stone in square one.

How is chess played?

Chess is a board game for two players. It is played in a square board, made of 64 smaller squares, with eight squares on each side. Each player starts with sixteen pieces: eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, one queen and one king. Chess is one of the oldest and most popular board games. It is played by two opponents on a checked board with specially designed pieces of contrasting colours, commonly white and black. The objective of the game is to capture the opponent’s king.

What is snakes and ladders?

Snakes and ladders is a board game for two or more players. The object of the game is to find the way to one’s game piece as per the die rolls starting from the bottom square to the top square by climbing ladders but slowed down by falling down snakes. The game is a simple race.

What are the advantages of playing different games?

Playing games or physical activities excite chemicals in the brain that make us feel better. So playing sport regularly improves children’s overall and emotional well-being, builds up their self-esteem. It makes the children physically fit and strong, builds immunity, makes them strong, confident and develops sportsmen spirit.

What are Board games?

Board games are a specific type of tabletop games that often include pieces or counters like chits, tiles, counters, chips, dice, cards that are moved on a board according to a certain set of rules. For example, many board games require players to roll a dice whereas others are more skill-based or focused on turn-taking.

What is the purpose of board games?

Playing board games help the children to develop logical thinking and reasoning skills, improve critical thinking and boost reasoning. The ability to be able to concentrate more and develop focus for a longer period of time is also developed with just playing board games.

Name a few sport personalities of India and their games.

Some of the sports personalities of India are:

Name of PersonalityGame
Dhyan ChandHockey
Rajyavardhan Singh RathoreShooting
Balbir Singh SrHockey
Pullela GopichandBadminton
Vijay KumarShooting
Yogeshwar DuttWrestling
Sachin TendulkarCricket
Sushil KumarWrestling
MS DhoniCricket
Virat KohliCricket
What is sportsmen spirit?

Sportsman spirit is the act of accepting one’s success with humbleness. This type of policy helps us to cope with failures and disappointments that come our way when we do not win and the other person wins. It helps understand our flaws and make challenging efforts to achieve success next time.

Why should we respect the various sports personalities?

We should show respect towards the sports persons because they are playing day and night for our country and trying to bring medals for the country. Even if they do not win, we should respect the hard work and efforts put in by them during the game. Our respect and belief in them makes them work even harder the next time.

What things should we keep in mind while playing any sport?

Following things should be kept in mind while playing any sport:
• Winning is important, but health and safety is also the most important rule.
• Never sacrifice yourself in sports
• Do not harm other to win the game
• Accept other person’s victory without feeling bad
• Be honest, respectful and have integrity.
• Believe in teamwork and cooperation
• Be supportive and help your team mates

Why don’t children play games the way they were played earlier?

In olden days’ children usually played lot of games, but nowadays children are spending more time on mobile phone & laptops. This is because:
• Nowadays parents are too busy to wake their children up early in the morning and take them to walk or jog.
• entertainment for them is only watching T.V, playing games on mobiles and laptops
• Due to their busy schedule, parents don’t have time to take their children out for playing games
• Safety concerns are also responsible for children sitting at home and not playing outside
• Over exposure to dust, increasing pollution, chances of falling ill or infections are also restricting the children from going out to play.

Why is watching television or playing games on mobiles harmful for the children?

Watching too much of television results in reduced sleep and behaviour problems. Due to these problems, students are not able to concentrate on their studies, thereby resulting in lesser grades. Children sometimes watch violent acts or play such games which results in inculcating aggressive behaviour among them. Moreover, too much of screen time either due to excessive watching of T.V or playing of games on mobiles or laptops effects the eye sight of the children too. Spending more than 4 hours per day watching TV or using mobiles makes the children overweight, lazy and thus there are no physical activities.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 16 Games We Play
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 16
Class 3 EVS Chapter 16
Class 3 EVS Chapter 16 NCERT Solutions
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