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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 18

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Why are houses made on bamboo pillars where Bhupen lives?

Bhupen lives in Assam and it receives heavy rainfall. So, the houses in Assam are made at a height of 10-12 feet. That’s why houses are made on strong bamboo pillars. It rains heavily in our place. The insides of our houses are also made of wood.

What kind of roofs do these houses have? Why are they made like this?

These houses have slanting roofs so that the water does not stay at the roof and trickles down. The roofs are like this so that the water does not create leaks.

How does one enter these houses?

One enters these houses by wooden ladders.

At night the ladder is removed from these houses. Can you tell why?

At night the ladder is removed from these houses to prevent any unwanted animal or thief entering the house.

In which area is Chameli’s house?

Chameli’s house is in a hilly area (Manali).

Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 Important Question and Answers

What is the similarity in the roofs of Chameli’s and Bhupen’s houses?

The between in the roofs of Chameli’s and Bhupen’s houses is in the roofs which are slant.

How do roofs help in their areas?

The slanting roofs do not let the water/snow get accumulated on them.

How do people go up in multistoried buildings?

People go up in multistoried buildings through stairs or lifts.

How is a houseboat different from other houses?

Houseboats are different from other houses because houseboats don’t stay at one place, they keep moving unlike other houses.

Would you like to live in such a house? Why?

Yes, I would like to live in such a house. Then I can take my house to different beautiful places.

Look at the houses in your neighbourhood. What are they made of? Make a list.

The houses in my neighbourhood are made up of cement, brick, stones, sand and stones.

Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 Extra Questions Set 1


We need a house to-

[A]. fight with each other
[B]. live
[C]. remain safe
[D]. both ii and iii

Houses in Assam are 10-12 feet high as it:

[A]. is very cold there
[B]. rains very heavily there
[C]. is full of animals
[D]. none of the above

Houses in the hilly areas have ________ roofs

[A]. sloping
[B]. tiled
[C]. iron
[D]. none of these

Manali is a ______.

[A]. desert area
[B]. hill station
[C]. plateau
[D]. none of them

Houses are made up of ______ in Manali

[A]. cement
[B]. stone
[C]. wood
[D]. both ii and iii

Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 Extra Questions Set 2


Which part of the houses is similar in Assam and Manali?

[A]. roof
[B]. floor
[C]. door
[D]. none of the above

Caravans are:

[A]. multi-storey houses
[B]. permanent houses
[C]. movable houses
[D]. bungalows

The villagers of Rajasthan lived in ______ in earlier days.

[A]. multi-storey houses
[B]. tents
[C]. caravans
[D]. houses made of mud, brick and clay

Igloos are made of

[A]. snow
[B]. bricks
[C]. wood
[D]. mud and straw

Tents are made up of

[A]. bamboo
[B]. brick
[C]. wood
[D]. canvas

Houseboats are usually seen in

[A]. Kerala
[B]. Rajasthan
[C]. Kashmir
[D]. none of these

Why do the houses in Rajasthan have thick walls and flat roofs?

Since the weather in Rajasthan is very hot and receives very less rainfall, the houses have thick walls and flat roofs. This is because these thick walls prevent the heat from entering into the houses while the flat roofs help to retain the little water that has been collected during rainfall.

Why do Igloos have a hole in their centre?

Igloos usually have chimneys and windows which is simply a hole which is cut off in the center at the top of the structure to provide air circulation. This small hole on the top keeps the smoke from building up inside the igloo.

What are Shikaras?

The shikara is a type of wooden boat found on Dal Lake and other water bodies of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir, India. Shikaras are of various sizes and are used for multiple purposes, including transportation. Around six people can sit in a shikara with the driver paddling at the rear.

What is a stilt house?

Stilt houses are those houses which are raised over a surface or mainly water. These type of houses are primarily used as protection against flood. The shady space under the house can be used for work or storage. The stilt houses are usually built of bamboo, cement, stone and wood.

What are the factors which determine the design and structure of the house?

The factors which determine the design and structure of the house are-
1. Economic conditions of a person
2. Weather or climate of the place
3. Location of the place

Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 Important Question and Answers

Why do the people in Rajasthan plaster the walls of their homes with mud?

The people in Rajasthan plaster the walls of their homes with mud because plastering of the walls with mud helps in keeping the inner side of the house cool. The weather in Rajasthan is hot and dry hence the walls are plastered with mud to keep the house cool.

What are tents?

Tents are temporary structures which are used by nomads, army officers and sometimes tourists. Tents are portable shelters that consist of a firm structure and are covered by some stretchy substance. Tents are used for a wide variety of purposes, including recreation, exploration, military camps, and public gatherings such as circuses, religious services etc.

What are slums?

Slums are those areas which have temporary shelters for poor, needy people. It is a highly populated urban residential area that consists of tightly packed houses which are of weak built quality. The infrastructure in slums is often damaged or incomplete, and they are mainly inhabited by poor people. These areas do not have proper drainage and are prone to diseases.

Why do we find multi-storeyed buildings in big cities?

In cities, the space is less and the population is more. So, the cities need such buildings which do not occupy much space and that is why there are buildings which are build one above the other and are multi storeyed to accommodate maximum population.

How is a houseboat different from other houses?

A houseboat is different from other houses because it is a movable house which floats on water whereas the other houses like Huts, Flats, Bungalows are immovable and stay at one place.

What are Kutcha house and pucca house?

A house made of mud, dry leaves, straw and bamboo and is found in most of our villages is a kutcha hose. It is not very strong whereas the house which is made of bricks, steel and cement is called puccaa house. It is so strong. Most towns and cities have pucca houses. Big cities also have double-storeyed or multi-storeyed houses.

Why are some houses called temporary houses?

The people do not stay at one place and keep moving from one place to another make houses that can be carried anywhere. Such houses are called temporary houses.

Why do many people in Delhi live in slums?

Many people in Delhi live in slums because of many different reasons like:
• rapid rural-to-urban migration,
• financial stagnation
• depression,
• high unemployment,
• poverty,
• natural disasters,
• social conflicts.
• Lack of resources, jobs

What is camping?

Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home with or without a shelter, such as a tent or a recreational vehicle. These helps in fighting health problems and disease and improving your mood and energy levels. Camping also encourages exploration and exercise.

Mention the features of a stilt house

A stilt house is a house, which:
i. Has bamboo poles used to keep the house at a height above the ground level
ii. Has a ladder which is removed at night so that strangers and wild animals do not enter the house
iii. The flood water cannot enter
iv. Is found in regions with heavy rainfall and frequent flooding

Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 Important Question and Answers

How is climate responsible for different lifestyles and housing?

Climate plays a very important role in the lifestyle and housing of people as any change in the climate increase the frequency and strength of extreme events (such as floods, droughts, and storms) that threaten human health and safety. Our lifestyle and housing depends largely on the climate of the place we are living in. For example- If we are staying in a hot and dry area like Rajasthan, our houses will be built in such a way that we can bear the heat of the area and the houses are cool from inside. Similarly, if we are staying in a hilly area, the houses will be such that we are not affected by heavy rain and snow. If we are staying in a flood prone area, the house should be such that it does not get affected by flooding.

Name a few houses made for animals.

Few houses made for animals are:
1. Stable- where horses live
2. Den – where lion lives
3. Shed – where cows and buffaloes live
4. Coop- where hens live
5. Kennel –where dogs live

Why is finding shelter in big cities a problem?

New Delhi is the capital of India. People from villages and towns come to big cities like Delhi in search of work. These people often settle in the city. There are a large number of people living here and the space is less. Many people do not have houses at all. People sleep wherever they find place – on the road, on the footpath, at the station. So, shelter is a major problem in big cities.

What are the problems faced by people who do not have houses to live?

Problems faced by people who do not have houses to live are-
• A lot of suffering and no protection.
• hard to carry on life because everyone needs shelter and foods.
• No peaceful life when they don’t have house.
• People sleep on roads and face bad weather, thefts and other problems
• No one to take care of them
• They have to be depended on others and have to ask for help from others.
• They struggle a lot for finding houses on rent.
• Rent houses have very high prices and low quality.
• Sometimes the houses are very unhygienic.

What are the requirements of a good house?

Apart from being strong, a house should also be clean. It is very important for our health that we keep our houses neat and clean. To keep the house clean we should:
i. Sweep and dust our house daily.
ii. Keep things in their proper places.
iii. Throw all the garbage outside the house into the covered dustbins.
iv. Do not spill food or water on the floor. If it happens by accident, clean it immediately.
v. We must have sufficient doors and windows to let in fresh air and sunlight. Sunlight kills many harmful germs.

do you think the way people live in their homes shows the development from a story in Chapter 18 of class 3rd EVS?

The different types of homes shown in the story of class 3 EVS chapter 18 show development in that area as some people live in boat houses they trying to develop the boat into a new advanced boat and people living in Delhi develop their home by raising the height of their building.

Why do you think people in different places have different homes as per the story in Chapter 18 of class 3rd EVS?

I think the story given in the EVS class 3 shows the reasons why people have different homes as some areas are surrounded by water so they build homes that can float and some need to keep the interior cool so they made homes with thick walls. However, cities are more likely to build flat grounds that can handle tall buildings so that they can accommodate more families in one place.

What type of home did you like the most from chapter 18 of EVS class 3?

After studying all the different types of homes in chapter 18 of EVS class 3 I found Floating homes are a most beautiful type of homes that can be taken along to different areas and rivers. Apart from that living in hills have different perks as one can enjoy snow and serenity.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 A House Like This
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 18
Class 3 EVS Chapter 18
Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 NCERT Solutions
Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 Answers
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