Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 9 Important Questions of Desert Animals and poem Whatif. These extra questions provide a perfect practice for school exams. Class 6 English Extra question answers are required to be perfect in any chapter. Once going through NCERT textbook, these questions are helpful to understand the entire chapter in the form of question and answers. Practice here with long and short answer type questions for your assessment tests and school terminal exams.

Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 9 Important Questions

Class: 6English
Chapter: 9Important Questions

6th English Chapter 9 Important Questions for 2022-2023

Class 6 English Chapter 9 Extra Questions with answers are helpful in revising the entire chapter in few minutes. Every student can score better by revising through these important intext questions. All the questions are strictly taken from NCERT Book of class 6 English only. If you want to include some more questions related to this chapter, please send it to us. We will review and place the questions in the given questions answers list.

6th Class English Chapter-9 Important Questions Set – 1

How does the desert animals survive without water for long?

The desert animals cannot survive without water, or for long periods in the scorching sun, so they have had to find different ways of coping with the harsh conditions. For example, gerbils spend the hottest part of the day in cool underground burrows. And strange insects called darkling beetles are experts at catching drops of moisture on their legs, then lifting them into the air until the drops trickle down into their mouths.

What are deserts?

Deserts are the driest places on earth and sometimes go for months, or even years, without rain.

How deserts looks like?

Not all deserts are endless seas of rolling sand dunes. Some are rocky or pebbly and dotted with small bushes while others are sprinkled with colourful flowers during the spring.

How many varieties of snakes are there in the world?

There are more than 2300 different kinds of snakes around the world, ranging from just fifteen centimeters long to more than eleven meters.

How snakes give birth?

Most snakes lay eggs, but there are many which give birth to their young.

Where is rattle snake found?

Rattle snake is found in the dry, rocky deserts of America. It is a evil-looking snake with a very bad reputation. Its frightening rattle can be heard as far as thirty meters away, and it can strike with lightning speed.

When does rattle snake bites?

Answer: Whenever it is disturbed it holds its tail upright and rattles at the end, in the hope that the intruder will go away. However, if its warnings are ignored and it feels threatened, it will coil ready to bite.

6th Class English Chapter-9 Important Questions Set – 2

How most snakes does heard the sound?

Most snakes heard things through vibrations in the ground. If a person walks nearby the snake can feel the movement. But if the same person were to shout, it would not hear a thing.

What does rattle snake feed upon?

Rattlesnakes are very common and widespread animals, living right across the American continent from Canada to Argentina. They feed on a variety of prey, including mice, voles, rats, chipmunks and many other small animals. Rattlesnakes kill their prey with venom.

How often snakes eat their prey?

Few snakes have to eat more than once a week and some, such as the larger pythons, can survive for a year or more without eating.

How do mongooses hunt and on what food they depend upon?

Mongooses like to hunt together, but they always keep a lookout for dangerous predators nearby. They travel in groups of about twenty to forage for beetles, millipedes and other small creatures.

Where does mongooses mainly found?

Mongooses are mainly found in the parts of Africa.

Why mongooses are amusing animals to watch?

Mongooses are very amusing animals to watch especially when poking their noses into holes, overturning rocks with their paws and scratching the ground with their sharp claws.

How do mongooses give birth?

Answer: All the female mongooses have their kitten at about the same time. They are raised by the whole group in a den made inside an old termite mount or hollow log. When most of the adults are out looking for food, one or two males stay behind to stand guard until the others return for the night.

6th Class English Chapter-9 Important Questions Set – 3

Who are the predators of mongooses?

Hawks, eagles and large snakes are the predators of mongooses.

How do mongooses warn one another when they are in danger?

They like to hunt together, keeping in touch whenever they go out of sight behind rocks or bushes by twittering and calling. Always on the lookout for danger. They warn one another with a special alarm call if they spot anything suspicious.

What mongooses are famous for and how do they kill snakes?

Mongooses are famous for being able to kill snakes without getting hurt themselves. Their reactions are so fast that they can dodge each time the snake strikes. They continually make a nuisance of themselves until, after a while, when the snake gets tired, they quickly dive in for the kill.

Who is called the ship of the desert?

Camel is called the ship of the desert.

How much water a thirsty camel can drink at once?

A thirsty camel can drink as much as thirty gallons of water that’s about five hundred full glasses in just ten minutes.

For how long a camel can survive without water?

Normally, camel gets all the moisture it needs from desert plants and can survive for up to ten months without drinking any water at all.

What are the different kinds of camel?

Answer: There are two different kinds of camel. One, known as the Dromedary, has only a single hump; the other is called a Bactrian camel and has two humps.

6th Class English Chapter-9 Important Questions Set – 4

What do you mean by “What ifs”?

“Whatifs” mean that what would happen if this or that happens.

Why do you think he has these worries? Can you think of ways to get rid of these worries?

He has these worries because at the night he is free therefore, these fearful thoughts started coming in his mind. To get rid of these worries he should involve his mind in creative work.

Give two fears that haunt him?

“If his pants are torn and if he never learns to dance are the two fears.

What is he most afraid of?

He is most afraid of what ifs at night.

Can words crawl into one’s ears?

No, words can’t crawl into ears. It is just a poet’s imagination.

What does the poet want to learn?

The poet wants to learn to dance.

List out the happenings the speaker is worried about.

Answer: The happenings, the speaker is worried about were:

    • She becomes dump
    • The swimming pool is closed
    • She fails in the exams.
    • She gets beaten up.
    • Her parents gets divorced.
    • She hit by lighting.
    • She gets sick and dies.
How does hump helps the animal?

Answer: The humps help the animal to survive in the desert, by acting as storage containers. But they don’t store water, they are full of fat. This fat nourishes the camels when food is scarce. If they have nothing to eat for several days, their humps shrink as the fat is used up.

Question: What do you say about camel’s mouth?
Answer: Their mouths are so tough that even the sharp thorn cannot pierce through.