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Class 6 Maths Chapter 5 Exercise 5.1 Solution

Class VI Mathematics Ex. 5.1 of NCERT ( textbook chapter 5 Understanding Elementary Shapes in Hindi and English Medium free to use online or download in PDF. All the NCERT solutions of class 6 Maths book are now in updated format as per CBSE Syllabus 2024-25. Textbook Questions answers are also solve through video lecture explaining in easier way. If facing problem to access the contents, please contact us for help.

Class: 6Mathematics
Chapter: 5Exercise: 5.1
Topic:Understanding Elementary Shapes
Medium:Hindi and English Medium
Content Type:Online Text and Videos

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Construction of A Line Segment of Given Length

We can draw a line segment of a given length in two ways:
    1. By using a ruler
    2. By using compasses
Construction of a Line Segment by Using a Ruler:

Step 1: Mark a point M on the sheet of paper and place the ruler so that zero mark of the ruler coincides with the point.
Step 2: Mark a point N against the mark on the ruler which indicates 5.9 cm.
Step 3: Join points M and N by moving the tip of the pencil against the straight edge of the ruler. The line segment MN so obtained is the required line segment.

Construction of Line Segments by Using Compasses:

In order to construct a line segment of given length 5.3 cm (say) using compasses, we follow the following steps:
Step 1. Mark a point O (say) on the piece of paper and draw a line, say l passing through it.
Step 2. Place the metal point of the compasses at zero mark on the ruler and open out it such that the pencil point on the mark indicates the length of the line segment (5.3 cm) on the ruler.
Step 3. Keeping the opening of the compasses undisturbed, place it along the line l such that its metal end coincides with the point O.
Step 4. Make a stroke with the pencil end on the line l to cut it at M. The line segment OM so obtained is the required segment of the given length.

Class 6 Maths Exercise 5.1 Important Extra Questions

What do you mean by line segment?

A line may have infinite length, a finite length on a line say AB is called line segment.

What is a compass in geometry?

A compass is a drawing instrument used for drawing lines, circles and arcs. It has two legs, one with a point and the other with a pencil or lead. Along with a straightedge, the compass is used extensively in constructions.

Why it is called Set Square?

It could also be that the “set square” normally comes from a “geometry set” (a set of rulers/tools), so it is the “set square” the “square-making tool from the set”.

How do you use set square tool?

It is used for marking out right angles before any joint is cut. It can also be used for marking straight lines and checking straight edges. The tool is often used alongside other tools such as the layout knife. The square and layout knife combined are regularly used to create very precise lines to cut to.

Constructions Using Ruler and Set Squares:

There are two triangular shaped instruments called set-squares in the geometrical box. These are usually made of thin transparent plastic sheet. In one, the angles are of 90°, 45°, 45° and in the other, the angles are 30°, 60°, 90°. The set-square in which the angles are of 30°, 60° and 90° is called the 30° set-square and the set-square in which the angles are of 90°, 45° and 45° is called the 45° sets-square. Two perpendicular edges in these set-squares are usually graduated, one in centimetres and the other in inches.
Set-squares are used to draw parallel and perpendicular lines. They can also be used to construct specific angles of 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°.

Which questions of exercise 5.1 of class 6th Maths can students expect in the exams?

Exercise 5.1 of class 6th Maths has seven questions. All questions of this exercise are important. Students should practice all questions of this exercise. But, the most important questions of this exercise that have more chance to come in the exams are questions 1, 2, 5, and 6.

Is exercise 5.1 of grade 6th Maths take less time to understand?

Yes, exercise 5.1 of grade 6th Maths is short. There are only 7 questions in exercise 5.1 of grade 6th Maths. Students can easily complete exercise 5.1 of 6th standard Maths maximum in 1 day if they give 1-2 hours to this exercise on that day. This time can vary also because no students can have the same working speed, efficiency, capability, etc.

Is exercise 5.1 of 6th standard Maths interesting?

Yes, exercise 5.1 of 6th standard Maths is very interesting. Students learn very new things about lines segments (A line segment is a fixed portion of a line) in this exercise.

Is exercise 5.1 of class 6th Maths simple or complex?

Exercise 5.1 of 6th standard Maths has 7 questions. Overall exercise 5.1 of 6th standard Maths is very simple. Only in questions 1 and 2 students face a little problem in understanding the questions.

Class 6 Maths Ex. 5.1
Class 6 Maths Exercise 5.1
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