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I have done something; oh, God! I’ve done something real at last. Why does Andrew say this? What does it mean?

These lines were said by Andrew when he did a great job in his life. He was newly out of medical school and just begun his medical practice as an assistant. Andrew arrived at labor room to deliver a child of Joe Morgan and his wife who were expecting their first child in nearly two decades of their marriage.

Andrew was not yet experienced, the possibility of mistakes was high and he knew this very well. When the child was born, he was lifeless. Andrew Manson first cured the mother’s condition by giving medicines and injections, and then by putting the new born in hot and cold water, such therapy according to him helps a child in breathing. After not getting anything successful in this, Andrew tried to rub his chest with a towel, after which the child raised an expectation.

When Andrew saw that his hard work was bringing some success, he started rubbing it more, after which the lifeless child started taking breath. Andrew, who managed to do his first complex case with great pain, was excited and said these words to him with pleasure, which shows that once he too had given up hope. Somewhere, nature was kind to Andrew and Morgan family that day. Andrew was proud to do this task which once seemed impossible.

There lies a great difference between textbook medicine and the world of practicing physician. Discuss.

Treating a patient for a physician is like driving a motor vehicle for a layman. For example, no matter how much you educate to drive a person or give knowledge through videos until he does not drive in the traffic sitting on the car seat, he does not gain experience. That’s why it’s said that ‘a silent sea doesn’t make you a good sailor’.

In the same way, a doctor also does not get the experience that he has in an operation theater or his clinic by reading big science books or working in a lab. Andrew also faced many difficulties. He applied first bookish knowledge and then his intuitive ways after which he got success. Bringing back to life to a lifeless state what everyone had believed to be dead was nothing less than an ordeal for Andrew.

Do you know of any incident when someone has been brought back to life from the brink of death through medical help? Discuss medical procedures such as organ transplant and organ regeneration that are used to save human life.

We have many such examples where medical help has saved lives. There is an example of my own father where he was thrown out of the mouth of death. He had an acute brain stroke in which he had a massive blood clot in his half brain and death looked likely in his case. It was such a big stroke in the history of private hospitals that they had never seen before. But with the best use of medicines, his growing clot was stopped and he was made to walk and speak through physiotherapy and speech therapy respectively. Science has proved to be a boon for us.

Organ transplant and organ regeneration are popular all over the world today. Organ transplants have been made successful with the help of drones in some remote areas where vehicular movement was not possible. Organ regeneration or stem cell therapy is widely used these days across the globe which has a success rate of 80%. It is a modern type of regenerative medical treatment that uses a unique biological component. Every day new revolutionary discoveries are being made in the medical field, whose benefits are clearly going to be available to the coming generation.

Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5 Birth
NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5
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