NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.4 Mathematical Reasoning in English and Hindi Medium updated for session 2022-2023. Get here all the solutions of exercise 14.4 in PDF and Video explanation.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.4

About Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.4

In Exercise 14.4 of chapter 14, you will learn about the certain words that will come together with two different statements. These words will imply if the first statement is true then the other has to be true. If the first is false the other must be false too.

“If” and “then”, “only if”, and “if and only if” are some of the common connectives here. Questions given in exercise 14.4 are easy to solve. Student can take help of PDF and video to understand the exercise.

Role of Statement Connectives in Exercise 14.4

Read the below implication to understand how this works out. If you read more then you will get more knowledge. If you exercise more only then you will stay fit. Now pay attention to any of the statements and you will find that actual statements are short and true, but connectives “if” and “then” extended it while implying true to the connected statement.

Example – p: you read more and q: you will get more knowledge. Most of the questions given here are based on logic and English language understanding.

Some Important Condition in Exercise 14.4

After reading the aforementioned statements we understand that q important condition for p. Which means ~q ⇒ ~p. “⇒” sign means “this implies”. Similarly, the contrapositive is certain statements that are based on the first statement. This would start with “If then” but this would value equally irrespective of the fact where you put any statement.

For example “If biological environment did not change, then physical environment does not change.” The above-given statement you will notice it doesn’t change the value of the statement. Statements starting after then are called contrapositive statements.

Application of Converse of Statements

Unlike contrapositive statements which we have discussed above, converse statements are such statements where if p then q. If q then p. Likewise, If ~p and ~q”. There are 4 examples given to understand how these statements are interconnected and based on each other. “If and only if” statements are represented with “⟺” sign.

Reading these examples will help you get familiarized with some of the questions that you will face during the examination. This is one of the easiest concepts that you can solve during the exams. However, the reasoning is among some of the important concepts that will be asked in many entrance exams.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.4
Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.4