Class 11 Maths Chapter 6 Exercise 6.3 solutions is given here revised according to new rationalised textbooks issued by NCERT for academic year 2024-25. NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 6.3 Permutations and Combinations in English and Hindi Medium for CBSE 2024-25.

Class: 11Mathematics
Chapter: 6Exercise: 6.3
Topic Name:Permutations and Combinations
Content:Textbook Exercise Solutions
Medium:Hindi and English Medium

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 6.3

Working of Exercise 6.3 of Class 11 Maths

Derivation of the formula for ⁿPₙ is the exercise 6.3 of the chapter 6 Class 11 Mathematics. Here you will find the explanation for ⁿPₙ in a much-elaborated form which makes understanding the derivation and function of ⁿPₙ the easiest way. Derivation of the formulae ⁿPₙ shall make the theorem 2 easy for you to understand. Theorem 2 of permutation and combination states that several permutations of n different objects taken r at a time.

If the repetition is allowed, it is nr. While studying the theorem you will find the solution or the proof for the theorem has similarities. However, what is given here is the usefulness. What is to be noted about the example here is that repetition is not allowed. For instance – required number of ⁿPₙ for n = 4 = 4! = 24.

Questions of Exercise 6.3 of 11th Maths

In Class 11 Maths Exercise 6.3, there are only 11 questions. Out of these, question number 10 and 11 are important one. These are asked in exams most of the time. Questions from 1 to 8 are straight forward and easy to solve. Only question number 9, 10 and 11 are tricky. To understand the permutation when all the objects are not distinct. In layman’s terms, we can say that when non-distinct objects which aren’t zero distinction with other objects of their class.

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Examples of Exercise 6.3 Class 11 Maths

For instance – if you have a bunch of non-distinct apples and it has 3 apples in it. When we say the term non-distinct object it means that every apple present in that bunch are of the same size, weight, and every other attribute also identical to other apples. Once you label them 1, 2, 3, then if you pick or interchange any of the apple, you will not spot any difference until you see the label. Examples of class 11 Maths NCERT Exercise 6.3 are very important to solve the exercises questions.

Concepts of Exercise 6.3 in Class 11 Maths

Following the previous example, the reason is all the characteristics of these apples are the same. The same concept is explained via the word ROOT, INSTITUTE or you can check the example number 14. This uses the more realistic examples of the question permutation.

Though there are easy 11 questions to complete in exercise. We would suggest completing all the 10 examples from the exercise body. This shall make you aware of the modification in the question appear in the 11th Maths exercise 6.3.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 6.3
NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 6.3
Class 11 Maths Chapter 6 Exercise 6.3
11th Maths ex. 6.3
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