NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 3 A Day with Nandu in Hindi and English Medium updated for academic session 2023-24 CBSE and UP board students. It is important for other state board students also. Practice here with the NCERT textbook’s questions and practice questions to know more about the chapter 3 of class 4 EVS. All the questions are important for school test and terminal exams.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 3

Class 4 EVS Chapter 3 Question Answers Set 1

Nandu is only three months old, but he weighs 200 kilograms. What is your weight?

I am nine-year-old and my weight is 20 kilograms.

Can you find out – the weight of how many children like you will add up to Nandu’s weight?

Yes, I can find out it and 10 children required like me to add up to Nandu’s weight.

If you were Nandu, and you lived in a herd, what kind of things would you do?

Just like a small child Nandu, I will enjoy so much with other friend of my age group. When we will go near a water pond I will play in water with my mother and other members, and I will learn from my elders how can we will be safe between a herd and with the help of other we can eat tasty leafs.

In the elephant herd, the oldest female elephant decides everything. Who takes decisions in your family?

In our family my grandfather takes all the decisions.

Nandu did things that he liked to do. If you could spend a whole day with your friends, what all would you do?

If I could spend a whole day with my friends. I will enjoy lot of games indoor and outdoor like Chess, Carom, Ludo snake-ladder, hide and seek, cricket and kho-kho etc. And I can share my interest with my friends.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 3 Question Answers Set 2

Find out and write, which other animals live in herds?

There are so many animals who lived in herds, for example: jungle buffalo, Zebra, deer, sheep, goat etc.

Do you also live in a group? Do you like to live together like that? Why would you like or not like to live in a group?

As a human being we are also living in group. We have a family; group of families are formed a village or city. Yes, I like it, because I can share my thought with others and get something from others. It also provides us a feeling of security, and in group we can handle a big task easily.

How do elephants feel when they kept in chains? Discuss and share your feelings.

Either this is an elephant or any other animal no one want to be in chain, everyone want freedom. When an animal is in chain he never be happy, because there are so many restrictions imposing over them. They could not eat their favourite foods and sometime even they are hungry and thirsty but they can’t do anything. These chained animals are totally on the mercy of their master.

Have you ever taken a ride on an elephant? How did it feel?

Yes, I take a ride on an elephant, when I visited a fair. It was wonderful feeling.

Which animals have you sat on? Write their names.

I have sit on horse and elephant.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 3 Question Answers Set 3

Have you seen any animal riding on another animal? Write its name.

Yes, I saw an egret sparrow sitting on a buffalo.

Which animals do we use for riding?

we use many animal for riding like horse, camel, elephant etc.

Which animals do we use for carrying loads?

The animals like horses, mules, yaks, reindeer, camels, bullocks and many other animals are used to carry loads in different places.

Why do you think the egret is sitting on the buffalo?

The egret is sitting on the buffalo to eat insects that are sticking to the buffalo’s skin.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 3 Extra Question Answers Set 1

For how many days do the elephants sleep?

The elephants habitually sleep for around four to six hours a day in a zoo , while in their natural habitat they have been observed sleeping for only a couple of hours per day, mainly at night.

Why does a herd of elephants spread out in a forest?

When the herd of elephant reaches the jungle, the members of the herd start spreading out as each member wanted to eat its favourite leaves and twigs. After they eat ,the herd moves towards the river.

Why do elephants stay in herds?

The elephants live in families that are called herds. These herds normally include adult female elephants and their offspring who are connected to each other. They help each other find resources and in taking care of the offspring. The elder female elephants help the young mothers in teaching their offspring.

What sound does an elephant make?

Elephants make a sound called trumpet, to give a signal excitement, aggression and distress. This trumpeting can be heard from up to six miles away.

Why is the cat happier than the horse, the bear, or the monkey?

The cat is happier than the horse, the bear or the monkey because cats are well treated by the human beings as compared to other animals like horse bear, and monkey. They are kept as pets by the humans whereas animals like horse, bear or monkey feel like objects being used by the human beings just for entertainment.

Which two methods help the elephant to keep its body cool?

The methods used by the elephant to keep its body cool are-
• Sprinkling water on their body by their trunk.
• Flapping of its ears serves as a heat radiators and helps then to stay cool and lose the body fats

How are the animals ill treated by human beings?

Cruelty done to animals is called animal abuse.
• Animals like horses, monkeys, bears, tigers, lions, elephants, dogs, snakes etc are ill-treated by human being for their entertainment.
• Snakes are captured from the forests and usually kept in boxes or bags by snake charmers. Their teeth are taken out, their venom ducts are removed and at times their mouths are sewn shut.
• Animal are forced to work in circus like bears, monkey’s lions, tigers, horses, dogs and elephants. They are treated very badly. They are trained and forced to perform tricks and are beaten too. Animals do not ride bicycles, stand on their heads or jump through rings of fire on their will. Whips and other things are often used to give pain to force the animals to perform.
• In many cities like Mumbai, horses are forced to give joy rides. They also have to struggle to pull heavy carts that are loaded with people, and they are often beaten or whipped when they become tired or slow down.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 3 Extra Question Answers Set 2

How are elephants useful to man?

Elephants are useful to man as-
• They help in balancing natural ecosystems.
• They crush forests and dense grasslands and help the smaller species to co-exist.
• Elephants also create water holes used by other wildlife as they dig dry riverbeds when rainfall is low. They also use their tusks to help dig for water.

Why is important to live in groups for animals?

Living in groups helps the animals to hunt down large prey for food. It plays an important role in their evolution over a period of time. All animals live in groups as they are raised in them and later breed with their partners. Living in herds also leads to the animals to learn sharing their kill rather than competing with their companions. Animals in herds usually move around together, searching for food. Thus animals form groups for survival, they can help each other raise the young, hunt, keep watch, gather food, find shelter, and survive. Animals in groups have more eyes looking for predators or prey. They also have less work to do individually because they can share the workload.

Do you like to stay with your friends in groups. Why?

Friends bring happiness into our lives than almost anything else. Friendships have a huge impact on your mental health and happiness. Good friends reduce stress, provide comfort and joy, and prevent loneliness and isolation. Developing close friendships can also have a powerful impact on your physical health. That is why we like to stay with your friends in groups.

What is a National Park?

National parks are areas that are made to protect the natural environment. They are also involved in public recreation and enjoyment activities. In a national park, the landscapes and its flora and fauna are present in their natural state.

Name any two national parks of India conserving animals. Also write the name of state where they are located.

Two National parks are:
(i) Bandhavgarh National Park located in Madhya Pradesh.
(ii) Kaziranga National Park located in Assam

What games do the baby elephants play?

Elephants in custody love playing with toys that are provided to them, such as soccer balls and large beach balls. They enjoy batting enjoy running the ball around with their trunks. This have hours of fun like that. From a young age, elephant calves around with their friends. When not in custody they love playing with mud and water and can spend hours doing the same.

What does a bear do in a circus?

Bears are also forced to jump over objects like ring of fire etc, walk on their hands, and carry out other puzzling tricks. They constantly refuse to accept, but the trainers pull on their neck ropes, drag them, grab them by the fur on their backs, shout at them, and force them to continue doing tricks in a circus.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 3 Extra Question Answers Set 3

How do the elephants help each other in trouble?

Elephants help each other when in trouble. They come together to care for and rescue their young ones. Elephants are considered concerned animals. They help baby elephants who are stuck in mud holes by using their trunks to lift other elephants that are injured or dying, and even comfort upset individual elephants with a gentle touch of their trunk. Thus showing their love, care and concern for each other.

How is the herd of elephants made?

An elephant herd has mainly females and baby elephants. The oldest female is the leader of the herd. A herd may have 10 to 12 female elephants and young ones. Male elephants live in the herd till they are 14 to 15 years old. Then they leave their herd and move around alone Nandu will also leave his herd when he is that old.

What was the role of Nandu’s nani –ma in the herd?

Nandu’s nani-ma was the oldest in the herd of elephants and the leader of the herd. When she started moving towards the jungle. The other female elephants would see her and start following her. Nandu also went with them.

Which are the animals used by us for riding?

People use various animals like camels, donkeys, horses, dogs, etc.—for transport, either for riding or to pull wagons and sledges etc.

Name a few animals who like to stay in groups?

The animals who like to stay in groups are elephant, lion, wolf, dolphin, bee, ant, bat, horse, parrot, giraffe etc.

How much food does an adult elephant eat?

An adult elephant can eat more than 100 kilograms of leaves and twigs in one day.

How do the monkeys suffer due to human beings?
Monkeys suffer as –
• They are forced to do dance and other tricks even if they don’t want to or are in pain.
• They are forced to do everything with an empty stomach
• They are also beaten if they refuse to do something
• They are not given food at proper intervals and made to walk long distances.

What do you think are the important topics in chapter 3 of EVS class 4 NCERT?

Chapter 3 is made entirely as a story so that children can read the story and character. Unlike the literature, this story doesn’t carry a life story or some fictional story but the story of the life circle and natural habitat of an elephant. Where they live thrive and grow up. So it is important to read the entire chapter.

Why do you think the 3rd chapter of 4th standard EVS NCERT is mainly focusing on the Elephant story?

The elephant is considered sacred in many states of India and it is also one of the largest mammals living on earth. In many stories children heard and grew up there is an animal and most of the time the elephant is one of them as the innocent and play full they are extremely powerful and free also. This all showed in the chapter as they are also endangered species.

Do you think chapter 3rd of EVS class 4 can be completed in one day?

Class 4th EVS Chapter 3 is explained in easy-to-understand language and can be read as a story this makes it easy to complete in one day but every child has a different pace of studying the chapter and understanding. This is why revision is also suggested.

What is the major thing one learns about elephants in chapter 3 of class 4 EVS NCERT?

There are many things in the chapter that can be studied but my focus was on the amount of food they consume as they are the largest mammals on earth moreover, what is the routine they have like playing in the water and showering themselves and living in the jungle are the important things to learn from chapter 3 of class 4th EVS about the elephant.

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