NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Anita and the Honeybees in Hindi and English Medium for new academic session updated according to CBSE Syllabus 2023-24. Students can get the answers of all the questions given in chapter end exercises and in-between the chapter. Extra questions with are important for the exams are also given with proper answers and explanation. All the contents are free to use without any login or registration.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 5

Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Question Answers Set 1

How much money did you spend on your books this year?

I spent about Rs. 2500 on my books this year.

What kind of a school uniform would you like to wear? Draw a picture of it in your notebook and colour it.

I wear white shirt, blue pant, white socks, black shoes, blue tie and blue sweater.

should uniforms be compulsory in school?

Yes, uniforms should be compulsory in every school, because it show a discipline, identity of student and school.

Do you know someone who wanted to study, but could not do so? Talk about them in the class.

Yes, there are so many children who want to study, but could not do so. I know a boy in our neighbourhood who wanted to study but he had to discontinue his studies after class 8 due to poor financial condition of his family. He had to start working to earn for his family. But he is very passionate about studies and now he is planning to continue his study with the help of a NGO. He is an inspiration for all.

Every child has a right to free education up to Class VIII. Do you think that all children are able to study up to Class VIII? Discuss.

we know that every child has a right to free education up to class VIII but all children are not able to study up to class VIII because of various problems. In india child dropout rate is a big problem sohan is an example of such a child.

Have you seen any insects near flowers? Find out their names and write.

Yes, I have seen. They are butterfly, honeybee and so many other insects.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Question Answers Set 2

Why do you think they come to the flowers? Find out.

Insects come to the flowers to collect the nectar produced by the flowers.

When honeybees fly, there is a kind of sound. Can you try to copy this sound?

They produce a buzzing sound. Yes

What do people in your area put on the part of the body where the bee has stung?

People apply onion, vinegar or ice on the part of the body where a bee has stung. Also, they are seen applying some toothpaste or rubbing iron article on the part where bee has stung.

What will be the total cost of Anita’s 20 boxes?

One box cost Anita Rs. 2000 so the cost of 20 boxes will be Rs. 40000.

Anita and others in her village get Rs.35 for one kilogram of honey. How much does one kilogram of honey cost in your town?

In my town cost of 1 kg honey is Rs. 250.

Is honey used in your house? What is it used for?

Yes, honey is used in my house. It is used as a sweetening agent, and for medicinal purpose.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Question Answers Set 3

Have you seen where ants live?

Ants live usually under the ground or inside walls with small opening for entrance.

What kind of eatables attract ants? List them.

Grains, sugar, dead insects, etc., attract ants.

Look at a line of ants. What is its colour?

They are of black, brown or red colour.

Have you been bitten by an ant? What was the ant like – black or red, big or small?

Yes, I have been bitten by an ant several time. They different color like red, black and brown.

Do ants ever come near you? When?

Yes, ants come near us when there’s something sweet thing sticking to our clothes.

Look carefully at some big and small ants. How many legs does an ant have? Big ant………….. Small ant….

Mostly ants have three pair of legs.
A big ant has 6 legs.
A small ant also has 6 legs.

Which are some other insects that live together in a group, like honeybees?

There are so many other insects like Ants, termites and wasps that live together in a group like honeybees.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Extra Question Answers Set 1

What was Anita doing in the village?

Anita was studying in college but besides studying, she used to teach the other children of the village and keep honey bees too.

Why did Anita not go to school in the early part of her life?

When she was young, she used to spend all her time with her goats as they grazed for food. she always wanted to go to school but her parents did not like the idea of girls going to school.

What was Anita’s dream?

Anita’s dream was to go to school like other children and study like them.

What did she do to go to school?

One day she peeped into the school in our village and could not stay away. She silently went and sat down behind the children and felt very happy. She went home and talked to her parents about going to school. But they told her clearly that she is a girl and will not be send to school.

Who helped Anita when she wanted to get more time to study?

One of her teachers in the village explained to her parents why it is important to study. The teacher told them that they would not have to pay anything for her education upto Class VIII. The teacher said that it was the right of every child to go to school. Somehow her parents agreed and she started going to school.

What did Anita do to make other girls also come to school?

To make other girls also come to school to study, she slowly started talking to other parents in the village about sending their daughters to school. She tried to make them understand the need of sending their daughters to the school and her parents also started helping her in this work.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Extra Question Answers Set 2

What problems did she face when she started teaching the village children?

As some older boys in her village also used to teach young children. So, they did not like it when she started teaching. They started to scold and scare the children who were going to her so that they would not go to her. For some time, all the children except two, stopped coming to her . But soon they all came back as she used to teach them with love and care.

What did Anita start doing along with teaching the children to earn money?

She started bee keeping along with teaching the children so that she could earn money to continue her education.

What is RTE-Act 2009?

It is an act that provides the right of free and compulsory education to each child aged 6 to 14 years. This an act of the government of India which describes right to education as a Fundamental Right of every child between 6 to 14 years of age in our country. It was implemented on 1st April 2010.

What does Girl Star Project mean?

The UNICEF tells the extraordinary tales of the ordinary girls who have changed their lives by going to school, in spite of all difficulties. The Girls Start Project includes a series of films telling the stories of underprivileged girls who have overcome all difficulties ,have got educated and have managed to make a successful and self sufficient life for themselves.

Why was Anita awarded the Girl Star title

Anita was awarded the Girl Star Title because she also changed her life by going to the school. She is the first young women of her community to try bee keeping to earn money for her education. Bee Keeping is traditionally considered a man’s job but Anita proved this wrong and thus managed to do bee keeping and continue her education side by side.

Why did Anita start bee- keeping?

Anita started bee keeping as she needed money for her studies. After completing her schooling, she joined a course run by the government to learn about bee-keeping and got trained for it.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Extra Question Answers Set 3

What did Anita know about bee- keeping?

Anita knew that there were many litchi trees in her area. Honeybees are attracted to the litchi flowers. Many people do bee-keeping and collect honey. She thought that she could also do this. She joined a course run by the government to learn about this. She was the only girl in this course. During her training she found that honeybees lay their eggs from October to December. This was the best time to start bee-keeping.

How did Anita manage to find money to start her bee-keeping activity?

Anita joined the bee- keeping course and started her work of selling honey. She completed her bee-keeping course. But she did not have money to keep her own bees and start work. She continued to teach and with time could collect Rs.5000

When Anita’s attending her college, how is the bee keeping walk continued?

When Anita went to college her mother prepared the syrup for the bees and her father looked after the bees and took the honey out of the boxes.

What did Anita do after collecting 5000 rupees?

She bought two boxes for keeping bees, sugar to make the syrup and medicines to clean the beehives. This was in September. By December, She had so many bees that she had to buy two more boxes.

What problems did she face while doing bee- keeping?

As she was still learning about bee-keeping, many times the bees would sting her and her hands and face would get swollen.

Why does Anita want to become a wholesaler of honey?

Anita want to become a wholesaler of honey so that she could help the villagers to get the right price of the honey.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Extra Question Answers Set 4

What work do the worker bees do?

The worker bees do the following work-
 They feed queen bee and the baby bees
 They suck the nectar and process it to build the honey comb (bee- hive) with the wax produced in their body.
 They protect all other bees in the hive

Why is the Queen bee called the star of the hive?

The Queen bee is called the star of the hive because she is the only bee capable of laying eggs and thus increase the number of bees in a colony.

Name the body parts of a bees.

The body parts of a bee are-
a. Antennae
b. Head
c. Wings
d. Abdomen
e. Thorax
f. Legs

If a honeybee stings a person, what should be the first-aid given?

If a honeybee stings a person, the following first-aid should be given-
 Clean the affected area with soap and warm water.
 Use an icepack to reduce swelling and pain.
 Use pain-relieving medication and creams.

What problems did Anita face while doing bee keeping?

The problems faced by Anita were:
• She had to manage her college, tuitions and bee-keeping together
• She had to buy the boxes for bee keeping which were very expensive
• Many times the bees would sting her and it would pain a lot

Name any four insects that live in groups like honey bees.

Four insects that live in groups like honey bees are-ants, termite, wasps, beetles.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Extra Question Answers Set 5

Who looked after her bee keeping work when she went to the college?

When she used to go to her college, her parents looked after her bee-keeping work.

Why did Anita take village meetings?

Anita used to take village meetings to tell other villagers talks about the importance of studying for everyone. Sometimes people used to make fun of her, but Anita did not stop and did exactly what she wanted to.

How does a bee inform the place of nectar to other bees?

Bees inform about the flower location using special dances inside the hive. One bee dances, while other bees watch and learn the directions to a specific flower patch. The dancing bee smells like the flower patch, and also gives the watching bees a taste of the nectar she has gathered.

Describe how do the worker bees collect nectar from flowers.

The bees climb onto or into the flower and suck up the nectar with their straw-like mouth and collect it in a little sac called a crop. They also collect pollen on their legs. But the nectar is what they turn into honey. They fan it with their wings to evaporate some of the moisture present in the liquid.

What are the various uses of honey which we get from honeybees?

Fresh bee’s honey is used in very useful and is used for treatment of eye diseases, throat infections, asthma, tuberculosis, hiccups, thirst, dizziness, tiredness, constipation, piles, eczema, healing of wounds, ulcers and used as a nutritious, easily digestible food for weak people.

Write a short note on ants and how do they live?

Ants live and work together like honeybees.
• The Queen ant lays eggs.
• The soldier ants look after and guard the queen ants and the baby ants
• Worker ants are always busy looking for food and bring it to feed the others living in the colony.

How did Anita go to her college?
As her college was in the town and was five kilometres away, every day she had to cycle to her college.

Why the chapter 5 of class 4th EVS gives importance to insects?

The chapter tries to show us that not only big animals small animals as small as a honey bee and other insects perform an important duty to preserve nature for us. And this makes the bees so important for us.

Is chapter 5th of class 4th EVS is easy to cover in one day?

The chapter is easy to cover in one day as the chapter has the story of a girl who learned how to keep bees and in return, the bees gave her the honey. She tried to show the unusual attachments towards the bees. The easy language used in the chapter makes it easier for one to read and understand.

How do you think bees are important to our nature? Class 4th chapter 5 of EVS?

Honey bees are an important source of honey and most importantly honeybees play important role in the pollination of flowers and the growth of fruits.

As per chapter 5th of class 4 EVS, Do you think all the small insects are important in the atmosphere?

Not all small insects are important but most of the small insects are important as long as they are limited to their habitats once they come into close contact with humans some of them can be proven extremely harmful but they are playing a crucial role in the nature of eyes. Like Bees sting really hard but it is important for nature.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Anita and the Honeybees
Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Anita and the Honeybees
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 5
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