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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8

Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Question Answers Set 1

Omana travelled by different kinds of transport after she got down from the train. Can you remember what these were?

After getting down from the train, Omana travelled first by an auto-rickshaw, then by a bus and finally on a boat.

On which vehicles have you travelled?

I have travelled by train, bus, autorikshaw, tonga, bullock-cart, boat, bicycle, scooter, car, taxi, ship, metro, aeroplane etc.

Which ride did you enjoy the most? Why?

I enjoyed the aeroplane ride the most.

Omana left Ahmedabad on 16 May. How many hours did it take for her to reach Ammumma’s place?

Omana left Ahmadabad at 11:45 am on 16th May and reached Ammumma’s place at 11:30 pm on 17th may. It took 36 hours.

Have you ever been on a long journey? Where did you go?

I have been on a long journey which lasted more than 36 hours. I went from Delhi to Trivendram

Name the different kinds of transport that you used during the journey.

Different kinds of transport that I used during the journey I used Metro train, train and taxi.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Question Answers Set 2

Omana’s Appa bought tickets for the train and the bus. Can you think of other means of transport for which we need to buy tickets?

We need to buy ticket for air journey

Sometimes we need to buy tickets to enter a place. Can you think of such places?

We need to buy a ticket to enter cinema hall, circus, zoo, etc.

Write what other information you can find out from the ticket.

(a) Train number-9037
(b) The date of the start of the journey-24-12-2006
(c) The berth number-21, 22 and 23
(d) The fare (the cost of the ticket)-Rs 2578/- (Two thousand five hundred seventy eight only)

From which station did the train start?

Train start from Gandhidham.

How many minutes did the train stop at Ahmedabad station?

train stop at Ahmedabad station for twenty minutes.

How long did your journey take?

My journey was more than 72 hours long.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Question Answers Set 3

On which day of the journey did the train reach Madgaon?

The train reached Madgaon on the second day.

Sunil and Ann got off at Kozhikode station. Omana got off at Kottayam station. How many hours does the train take to reach Kottayam from Kozhikode?

The train took six hours to reach Kottayam from Kozhikode.

What is the distance that the train travelled over the whole route?

The distance travelled by the train over whole route from Gandhidham to Nagarcoil is 2649 kilometres.

How many kilometres did Omana travel by train?

Omana travelled 2418 km by train.

From the information that you have, cam you calculate the average speed of the train.

Total journey of train is 2649 km and total time taken by train is 60 hrs so the average speed is 44.78 kilometers per hour.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Extra Question Answers Set 1

Why was Omana feeling sleepy when they reached Valiyamma’s house?

Omana was feeling sleepy when they reached Valiyamma’s house because he was tired and exhausted due to his long train journey.

What did Omana do after reaching Valiyamma’s house?

She took a bath and slept after reaching Valiyamma’s house. After some time she got ready, took the luggage and went to the bus stand with Valiyamma’s family.

Where did they go from Valiyamma’s hose and how?

They went to ammumma’s house by bus. Her Appa bought the tickets for all of them. The bus was very crowded but they managed to get seats. People were sharing the seats so they also had to share their seats.

Why were Omana’s legs stiff?

Her legs got stiff because the bus was overcrowded and she could not find a full seat for herself. She had to share her seat with others and could not sit properly.

What three forms of transport did Omana use to reach Ammumma’s place?

The three forms of transport used by Omana to reach Ammumma’s place where –bus, ferry and train

Name the various stations which came in Onama’s trip?

The various stations which came in Omana’s trip were-Gandhidham,Ahmedabad, Valsad, Madgaon, Khozikhode, Kottayam.

What do you understand by means of transportation?

Means of transportation is some vehicles or means used for moving of people, animals, and other goods from one place to another. Means of transport thus refers to the transport facilities used to carry people or cargo, according to the chosen mode (animal, vehicle, car, airplane, ship, truck, train and so on and so forth).

How did Omana and her family go to Valiyamma’s house?

After our long train jour Omana and her family reached Kottayam in the night. As Valiyamma’s house was not far from the station they took two auto-rickshaws to get there.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Extra Question Answers Set 2

Why did Omana take a boat?

Omana took a boat to reach Ammumma’s place who lived across the river.

What is a ferry?

A ferry is a boat that transports people or vehicles across a body of water and operates on a regular schedule. The ferry is used by people to cross the water and reach the other side.

What did Omana see when the ferry came and stopped?

Omana saw that a big crowd of people started getting off from the ferry. The school children, men, women, all with their own packets and luggage.

What happened when the Ferry become empty?

As soon as the ferry got empty, the big rush started from our side. Everyone had to pay the fare before getting on. Very soon the ferry was full. It started off again.

What did Omana see on the banks of the river when she stood at the ralling?

Omana saw some people fishing, washing, bathing and working along the banks. There were rows of coconut trees on the banks of the river.

What happens to water when a ferry moves on it?

When the ferry moves on water it starts rippling of the still water as the ferry moved. The ferry moves smoothly on the water.

What is a ticket?

A ticket is a piece of paper or card that gives the holder a certain right, especially to enter a place, travel by public transport, or participate in an event.

What information does the train ticket given in the textbook tell about the passengers?

Our ticket is not only your pass for the travel, but it also contains information about the journey, passengers, and the train, berth number, timings of the train, fare etc. Indian Railways generates every train ticket with a PNR number which is a 10-digit unique number.

What is the difference between a ship and a ferry?
Difference between a ship and a ferry is given below:

A water-borne vessel generally larger than a boat.A ship used to transport people, smaller vehicles and goods from one port to another, usually on a regular schedule.
A vessel which travels through any medium other than across land, such as an airship or spaceship.A place where passengers are transported across water in such a ship.

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Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Extra Question Answers Set 3

What details are required for train reservation?

List of ID cards and documents required for online train ticket booking
• Aadhar card.
• Voter photo identity card.
• Passport.
• Driving License.
• Pan Card.
• The central/state government issued Photo Identity card.
• Student Identity Card with photograph.
• Nationalized Bank Pass Book with photographs.

What information does a railway time-table give?

A railway time-table gives us the details such as the route of all the trains – the stations which will be covered along the route, what time the train will reach and leave each station, the distance covered, etc. We can buy a railway time-table from a railway station.

What is the cost of the train ticket?

The cost of the ticket train depends upon the distance to be covered, the types of train and class you want in the train, the facilities or the class of accommodation you want in the train and the type of booking done by you like premium, tatkal etc.

What is the importance of Railways? Discuss briefly.

The importance of railways is that it is the major mode of transportation for shipments , goods and passengers in India. It is important as it :
(i) makes it possible to conduct different activities like business, sight seeing, pilgrimage along with transportation of goods.
(ii) is suitable for long distance travel.
(iii) plays an important role in national integration.
(iv) bind the economic life of the country.
(v) help in the development of the industry and agriculture as it helps in transporting raw material and finished goods.
So, the railways have become the most important means of transport now

What is a reservation Chart?

Reservation Chart is the process of allocating the vacant seats of other quota to general/tatkal quota.There are many quotas under which the seats are assigned in Indian Railways. The first chart is usually prepared 4 hours before departure of train from originating station or remote location station. For early morning trains chart is prepared the night before. If the seats remain vacant in first chart, the remaining seats are made available for booking. The final chart is made 30min before departure of train. Thus this helps the passengers to get information about any vacant berths that are available on the train after the chart is prepared.

What does PNR of train ticket mean?
The ticket for an Indian Railways train has a 10-digit number. This number is called PNR, a short form for Passenger Name Record, and it is generated when you book a train ticket through Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website or at the ticket counter.

Is Unit 8 of EVS subject of 4th standard also about the Journey to someplace?

Indeed the chapter is about the journey to someplace as the name suggested after reading, I found this could be the continuation of the previous chapter. This chapter also describes the train journey and other important travel information but the destination is released as the grandmother’s house.

What are the major experiences that author of the story 8 from class 4th EVS had during the journey to grandmother’s home?

The entire chapter is all about the experiences the author had but there are a few of them I can highlight under: –
• Firstly the destination Kottayam was revealed and the author was tired but board the bus.
• He found the journey on the bus was tiring and not so comfortable.
• Then he spoke about the journey in the fairy along with other people.
• Watching the sun disappear was my favorite moment the author had in the story.

Do you think that reading the story of some else’s journey in chapter 8 of EVS of 4th standard could teach us anything?

The best way to learn about places is to travel but it is not possible for all the people to travel all the time. So reading the travel experiences can give you the idea of the places that you have never thought about and were not aware of. Travel stories can also help you to plan the journey accordingly so that you can get the information that what you suppose to do once you reach the place and how to do reach the places and plan accordingly.
Moreover, Travel writings can give you the idea to record your journey as you now know there are people in the world who will read the story and experiences you had during the journey and take help from.

How do you find the experiences that the author had in chapter 8 from class 4 EVS subject were encouraging?

The experiences that the author had were neutral as he wants to record the experience of how he had it there as you will find in the chapter how he was bothered in that bus journey but amazing in the fairy journey watching the Sun disappearing into the water. So, One can imagine if they will go they might feel the near to same experiences.

Do you think chapter 8 of the 4th standard EVS was easy to cover in one day?

Yes, the chapter is easy to cover as the chapter doesn’t contain much of the difficulty and is made as a story which is why it is easy to cover it in one day. Besides, the revision is still suggested.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Reaching Grandmother’s House
Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Reaching Grandmother’s House
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 in English Medium
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