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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 9

Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Question Answers Set 1

Who were the members of Nimmi’s family before the arrival of her baby sister?

The members of Nimmi’s family before the arrival of her baby sister were Father, mother, grandmother and uncle.

How many members are there in Nimmi’s family now?

Now there are six members in Nimmi’s family.

How do you think the lives of Nimmi’s family members have changed after the arrival of the new baby? For example:

After the arrival of the new baby, daily work routine of all the members of Nimmi’s family has been changed.

How will Nimmi spend her day now?

Nimmi will spend her day now playing with her baby sister.

What new work will her mother do now?

Her mother will now take care of her new baby along with Nimmi. She will feed the baby and change her clothes.

There will be a change in the daily work of Nimmi’s father, grandmother and uncle with the arrival of the new baby. Can you tell how?

Nimmi’s father, grandmother and uncle will now give extra time to the newly born baby.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Question Answers Set 2

Has a small brother or sister been born in your home or in any house in your neighbourhood?

Yes, a baby boy is born in my neighborhood.

How does it feel to have a new baby at home?

All the family members are very happy.

How have things changed at home with the new baby?

Everyone has become very happy in the family. Everyone has started planning about the new member. Some of the work which the mother did before, has to be done by other members.

Find out all about the youngest child in your home or in the home of a relative. Then write: (a) When was the baby born?

The baby born six months back.

Is the baby a boy or a girl?

This is a girl child

How are you related to him or her?

New born baby is my cousin.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Question Answers Set 3

Who does the baby look like?

She looks like her mother

What is the colour of his or her hair?

Her hair color is black.

What is the colour of his or her eyes?

She has brown eyes.

Does the baby have any teeth?

The baby doesn’t have any teeth

What do we feed the baby with?

Besides milk, the baby is given light foods like khichdi, daliya, mashed boiled potato and soft fruits like banana, and grapes.

What is the baby’s length?

Around 150 cm.

How many hours a day does the baby sleep?

The baby sleeps approximate 15-16 hours.

What different sounds does the baby make?

She cries and makes various other sounds.

Who does the baby stay with most of the time?

The baby stays with her mother most if the time.

Where was the baby born?

The baby was born in the hospital.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Question Answers Set 4

What will change in Tsering’s family after his father’s transfer? For example:

Tsering’s family members will have to live separate in two different cities.

Who from Tsering’s family will live with his father at the new place? Which school will Tsering go to now? Will he have new friends?

Tsering’s mother. Tsering’s sister and Tsering. Tsering will go to a school there. He will have new friends there.

Has anybody in your family moved to a new place because of work?

Yes, my uncle.

What do you feel about this change?

It is natural. A person has to change his place because of work. We should feel very happy as we get opportunity to visit a new place.

Question 7: Is there anyone in your class or school who has come to your school from another place? If so, talk to him or her.

Last week one of the boys in my class came from another town.

Where has she or he come from?

He came from Himachal Pradesh.

What was his or her old school like?

His old school was like this school.

What does he or she find different here?

finds Different people, different teacher, different classmate, different uniform, different timing.

Does he or she like the change?

At first, he had some problems to adjust to new conditions. But now, he enjoys it.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Question Answers Set 5

Do you think that there will be any change in Nazli’s family after this wedding? What will change?

Yes, there will be change in Nazli’s family after this wedding. A new member will start living with Nazli’s family. Nazli will get a new sister-in-law.

Do you think there will be changes in the home from where the new bride has come? What kind of changes?

Nazli’s sister in law stays with the family member and works for them.

Talk to your mother and aunts in the family. Ask them about where they lived before they got married.

They lived with their parents.

Who were the members in their families then?

Their parents, brothers, sisters.

Has anybody in your family been married recently? Who?

Yes, my uncle got married recently in my family.

Talk to your classmates and write all about what happens during weddings in their families?

Marriage is a big celebration specially in India a new member came in their family. All of them enjoyed a lot on the eve of marriage.

What kind of special food is cooked?

There are so many special foods prepared like puri, different types of vegetables, shahi paneer, Basmati rice, dal, and sweets etc.

What special clothes do the bride and bridegroom wear?

The bridegroom wore Shervani and pagri. The bride wore lahnga and choli with red dupatta.

What kinds of songs and dances are performed at weddings?

On the eve of weddings traditional folk, and modern songs and dances are performed.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Question Answers Set 6

Ask your grandmother or grandfather how many members were there in their family when they were your age?

There are 7 members in my grandfather’s family when he was as the age of mine.

Who were the family member at that time?

At that time my grandfather, his mother, father, two younger brother and two sisters

Can you see yourself anywhere in this family tree? Who are the members of your family today? Where are your grandparents?

Yes. My parents, sibling’s grandparents. My grandparents are at the top of the family tree.

Upto which class do you want to study?

I want to study Master degree.

Upto which class have your parents studied?

My father is post graduate and my mother is graduate.

There can be many reasons for changes in families. Can you think of some more reasons?

There are so many reasons for changes happen in families. Some of the reasons of changes are:
Birth of a new child, Marriage of a family member, Transfer of a family member to other place because of work, Getting a good job by a family member and Getting admission in a good school or college by a family member.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Question Answers Set 7

Till which class did your grandmother get a chance to study?

My grandmother gets a chance to study up to class-10.

At what age did your grandmother get married?

My grandmother gets married at the age of 18 years.

Have you heard of a Law that talks about the ages before which girls and boys must not get married?

Yes. There is law in our constitution that boys must not get married before 21 years and girls should not get married before 18 years.

Are there any such children in your neighbourhood who had to drop out of school? Do they want to go back to school?

No, there is no such children in neighbourhood.

What are they doing these days?

In my neighbourhood all children are studying.

Has anybody in your family got married recently? Who?

My uncle got married recently.

What was the age of bride and the groom?

The age of the bride was 23 and the age of the groom was 27.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Extra Question Answers Set 1

Why was there a great excitement amongst Nimmi’s family members?

There was a great excitement amongst Nimmi’s family members because a new baby had come to their house. It was Nimmi’s sister who was born.

What does changing families mean?

Changing families means a change in the number of family members which can be due to the arrival of a new member in the family either due to birth of a child or by marriage or due to the death of a family member.

Where can the plus or the red cross sign be seen?

The plus or the red cross sign is generally found in the hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, dispensary, ambulances, etc. It is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. The red cross sign or plus sign as it is often called shows that these people are not a part of conflict and are simply there to help.

What changes would Nimmi’s family do after the new child comes home?

The following changes have to be taken after the new child comes home-
• the mother has to be looked after and more care is needed
• the child has to be taken care of.
• More time has to be spent with the baby by all the members of the family
• Both the parents have to take care of the child
• Bring necessary things required by a newly born child
• Take care of the hygiene and cleanliness.

Why was Tsering’s father transferred?

Tsering’s father got a promotion in his job and was transferred to a new town.

What are the challenges faced by the people who have to face transfers in their jobs?

The challenges faced by the people due to transferrable jobs are-
• Difficulties of adjusting to the new environment
• language barrier,
• cultural differences
• differences in beliefs, traditions
• hardships adjusting to the city weather.
• Finding new jobs, houses
• School for children
• Adjustment of children to a new area.

What will be your feelings when your father get transferred to a new place?

I will have mixed feelings if my father gets transferred to a new place because it will give me joy of going to a new place but at the same time I will feel bad leaving a place where I have so many years of my life. I will go to a new city, new school, meet new people, have new friends and teachers but at the same moment I will have to leave all my old friends, school, teachers etc.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 9 Extra Question Answers Set 2

What all has to be done if you get transferred to some other place or city?

If a person gets transferred to some other city then he has to –
• Pack all your belongings and send them to that city or place
• Buy a new house or take some place there on rent
• Unpack your things and arrange them as per the new house and space
• Find a new servant or maid
• Look for the nearby facilities that are required on a daily basis
• Make new friends

What are the adjustments which a newly married girl has to make?

A newly married girl has to adjust herself in a new environment. She has to leave her parental home and come and stay in a totally new family where she does not know anyone properly.
She feels shy in the beginning to open up or say anything. She cannot express her feelings very clearly as it is a new environment for her. She misses her parents and her siblings in the new family.

What should be done to make the bride comfortable in the new environment?

She should be looked after and cared for as she is totally new to that place and does not know much about the family she is going to stay with. Things should not be forced on her rather she should be given proper time to adjust there. She should be given lot of love and support by all the family members.

What are the causes of child marriage?

The causes of child marriage are-
• poverty,
• bride price,
• dowry,
• cultural traditions,
• religious and social pressures,
• regional customs,
• fear of the child remaining unmarried into adulthood,
• illiteracy,
• The thinking that the women are unable to work and earn money.

Why is child marriage declared illegal in India?

Child marriage has been banned in India and declared illegal as it disobeys the children’s rights and places them at a high risk of violence, exploitation, and abuse. Child marriage affects both girls and boys, but it affects girls excessively. A child marriage is punishable crime with rigorous imprisonment which may extend to two years or with fine which may extend to one lakh rupees or with both.

Why do married girls want to go back to finish school? Who helps them in this task?

Married girls want to go back to finish their school as they are forced to leave their education in between and do household jobs or get married. Even though they are keen to study and complete their education still they are not sent to the school and are forcefully married at a very young age.
Their teachers help them to come back to their school.

Some children are forced to drop out from the schools. Why?

Some children are forced to drop from school due to the following reasons-
• Poverty –as their parents are unable to afford the expenses of the school education , families cannot afford fees for tuition, books, or uniforms.
• Uneducated parents who don’t realize the importance of getting educated
• The environment to which they belong is like that where education is not considered important
• Family problems and issues like no earning member, lack of facilities etc.
• Long illness can be one of the reason due to which the child is unable to go to the school
• Death of the parents and no one to look after the child
• In some cases, girls are not sent to the school as they are supposed to stay at home and do house hold work or get married at an early age.

What is child marriage?
Child marriage is a marriage or similar union, formal or informal, which happens between a child and an adult or another child under a certain age, typically age eighteen.

What is unit 9 of EVS class 4 story us about the characters?

Chapter 9 of EVS class 4 story tells the story of two kids and the major incidents that took place in her family during the time. First, when the newborn baby came into the family. Second, the Marriage of her brother was one of the important occasions in almost everyone’s life. This shows how the character is happy on such occasions.

Do you think story 9 of class 4th EVS is something that is relevant for the EVS subject?

The starting of the story might make you think that this chapter has no relevance with the EVS as this subject is part of environmental science, not literature but when you will further go into the story you will find this story is actually dealing with the social taboo of child marriage which is being practiced for a long time now and even being under practice for some of the under developing areas and in villages.

Do you think chapter 9 of class 4 EVS is easy to understand?

The chapter is fairly easy to understand if someone reads it as the writing is straight and language is easy to understand a story. However, this chapter is not just the story the children need to understand the criticality of the matter and people might come with many questions and those question needs to be answered.

How do we prepare for chapter 9 of 4 standard EVS effectively?

The best way to prepare the chapter is to read it once and then discuss all the questions that come to your mind and then repeat it once the double are cleared, Simple revision can make be enough to memorize the chapter.

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