NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 The Story of Amrita in Hindi and English Medium free to use online or download in PDF file format updated for new session as per CBSE Syllabus 2023-24. Students can get the answers of not only for the exercises but the intext questions also. The way of answering is quite simple according to standard 4 students, easy to learn.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 4

Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 Question Answers Set 1

Is there a place near your house, school or along the road side, where trees have been planted?

Yes, there are so many trees near my house, school and road side. Every year people planted new trees where they got space.

Why were they planted there?

They are planted there to provide shade, fruits and purify the air in the surroundings.

Have you seen anyone taking care of the trees? Who does this?

Yes, I have seen so many people who taking care of the trees. These are called gardeners, people working continuously to take care of trees. Some of them have personal gardens and some working for other.

Have you seen fruits on any of the tree? Who eats these fruits?

Yes, I have seen fruits on tree for example Apple, mango, plum, orange, khubani and so many other fruits. People, birds eat these fruits.

Do you know of any place where grass, small plants or trees are growing on their own without being planted by anyone?

Yes, along the roadsides and in the fields grass and small plants are growing on their own without being planted.

Why do you feel they are growing on their own?

Nobody has planted the grass. Still they are growing there.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 Question Answers Set 2

Do you remember what the elders of this village used to say?

They used to say “Agar perh hain to hum hain, plants and animals can survive without us, but we cannot survive without them”.

Do you think we could survive if there were no trees and no animals? Discuss this in your class.

No, we can’t survive, because trees give us oxygen to breathe and food to eat. Trees are major and necessary part of our ecosystem.

Do you remember that in Class III, you had made a tree your friend? How is your friend now?

When I was in class III, I had make friendship with one orange tree which is near my house. We meet every day and today that tree in very well condition.

Why don’t you make a new friend this year? Have you seen how your friends– the trees, change in some ways, in different months of a year.

Making friends is a continuous process, many new friends meet every year. There are so Many trees which are my friends, there are so many changes I have seen with them throughout the year some time there are so many colourful flowers on them, after some time whole tree is green and in winter season there is no leaf, no flower.

Write about any one tree. Does the tree flower?

Yes, trees have flower. This is orange tree and at the spring season it have white and sweet smell flowers.

Do the flowers remain on the tree throughout the year?

No, the flowers do not remain on the tree throughout the year.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 Question Answers Set 3

Do fruits grow on the tree?

Yes, they grow.

In which months do they grow?

They grow in the month of May

Have you eaten these fruits?

Yes, I have eaten apple.

Why do people hunt?

People hunt animals to eat, for their skin and bones, and for fun also.

There are rules against hunting of some animals. People can be punished for hunting. Why do you think there is this punishment?

To save animals government make some rule and regulation, to stop hunting some provision for this punishment has been made.

In which month do their leaves fall?

Leaves of the tree usually fall in the month of December.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 Question Answers Set 4

Talk to your grandparents and find out Which birds did they see around them when they were of your age?

When they are young, Crow, sparrow, parrot, eagle, vulture, cuckoo, etc. they have seen

Shanti’s grandfather told her that when he was a small child he saw more birds like sparrows and mynah than he sees today. Can you make two guesses why their numbers have become less?

Yes, the number of vultures, sparrows and eagles have become less. This situation arises due to climate change and human interference with their natural habitates.

Have the number of some of these birds become less?

Yes, the number of vultures, sparrows and eagles have become less.

Are there some birds or animals which they cannot see any more?

The little bustard and the cheetah cannot be seen anymore.

Which kind of trees can you see a lot of, in your area? Name two such trees.

I see a lot of teak and mango trees in my area.

Find out more about these trees from your elders.

Tree of teak is also very big. It gives us shade and fresh air. Teak wood is costly. Teak does not give us fruit. Teak wood is used in making furniture.
Mango—Mango tree is a big tree. It usually starts flowering in the month of March. Its fruits start ripening from the month of May. Mango is a very tasty fruit. Its branches are used as firewood. Mango’s timber is used to make furniture also.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 Extra Question Answers Set 1

Who are the Bishnois?

The Bishnois are a community of people in Rajasthan who take great care of plants and animals. So, the people of Khejadli village are called Bishnois.

How did the village get the name ‘Khejadli’?

The village got its name because of the many Khejadi trees that grew there.

What was the thinking of the people staying in this village?

The people of this village took great care of the plants, trees and animals. Goats, deers, hares and peacocks roamed fearlessly there. As per the people of the villlage their elders used to tell them that trees are very important for humans. They said “Agar perh hain to hum hain. Plants and animals can survive without us, but we cannot survive without them.”

Who was Amrita and where did live?

Amrita was a girl who belonged to the Bishnoi Tribe .She lived in the Khejadli village

How did Amrita treat the trees?

Amrita considered the trees to be her friends . She would get up early every morning and greet her friends. She would choose a special tree for the day. She would put her arms around the tree trunk and whisper to the tree, “Friend, you are strong and beautiful. You care for us. Thank you tree. I love you very much. Give your strength to me also.”

What did Amrita do for her village?

Amrita and her daughters fought against the people who were trying to cut the trees in her village. She was against the cutting of trees and wanted to save the trees from being cut.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 Extra Question Answers Set 2

When Amrita hugged a tree, what did the woodcutters do before killing her?

Before killing Amrita, Woodcutters threatened her as she was hugging the trees so that they could not cut the trees.

What did the king not believe?

The king did not believe that people of the village were ready to give their life for saving the trees.

In which areas is the khejadi tree usually found?

Khejadi tree are found in Khejadli village which is near Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

How can we say that the King was not cruel?

We say that the King was not cruel because when he came to know about the villagers and what they were doing to save the trees . he was completely surprised and shocked

What orders did he give upon knowing of the villagers’ deaths?

He immediately ordered his men not to cut the trees of that area and come back.

What type of place is Khejadli now?

Khejadli is now a green area in the middle of a desert where animals roam freely without any fear and many trees are grown here.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 Extra Question Answers Set 3

What did the king’s men do and why?

The King’s men had to follow his orders so they killed the villagers of Khejadli who tried to stop them from cutting the trees

What did the villagers do when they saw the woodcutters?

All the villagers started hugging the tree to protect them from the king and his men.

How was the village finally protected against cutting of trees?

The village was finally protected against the cutting of trees by the efforts and sacrifice made by Amrita, her daughters and the other villagers who hugged the trees and did not allow the tree cutters to cut the trees. They gave up their lives to protect the trees.

What is the name of the movement similar to what Amrita did to save the trees called ?

The movement similar to that of Amrita is the Forest Conservation movement which started in April 1973 in Uttarakhand is called the Chipko Movement.

What was the aim of this movement?

The aim of this movement was to protect the trees in the forests from being cut by some contractors.

Who started the Chipko movement?

Sunderlal Bahuguna , an environmentalist started this movement for conserving the forests.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 Extra Question Answers Set 4

What movement did Amrita start to protect the trees in her village?

Amrita started a similar movement as Chipko movement in 1730 in which she gave her life along with nher daughters while protesting against the king’s men who had the orders of cutting the trees in Khejadli Village.

‘Agar pedh hain to hum hain’. What did the elder in the village mean by saying this?

The elders in the village wanted to say that trees are very useful for the human beings. They provide us oxygen, food and shelter etc. Along with the raw material for many products of our use, life without trees is unimaginable.

List two reasons due to which the Khejadi tree can survive in very poor condition.

Two reason due to which the Khejadi tree can survive in very poor condition is that-
(1) It can grow without much water.
(2) It grows well in desert areas

Why trees should not be cut?

We should not cut the trees as
• When these forests are cut down, the plants and animals that live in the forests are destroyed, and some species are at risk of being made extinct.
• We need the rain forests to produce oxygen and clean the atmosphere to help us breathe.
• the earth’s climate can be affected, as well as the water cycle.
• People will have less oxygen to breathe.
• There will be less rain and more water problems.
• There will be no food to eat .

Write a short note on the features of ‘khejadi tree’.

The features of Khejadi trees –
• They are found in desert area.
• It can grow without much water.
• Its bark is used for making medicines.
• People cook and eat its fruits (beans).
• Its wood is such that it will not be affected by insects.
• Animals in this area eat the leaves of the Khejadi

Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 Extra Question Answers Set 5

Why should we plant more and more trees near the school, hospitals and along the roads.?

We should plant more and more trees as they give us oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. It helps us to purify the air. They give us shade and add beauty to the environment.

Define: Deforestation, Reforestation.

i.Deforestation is the cutting of trees or destroying the trees in the forests in order to make the land available for different purposes.
ii. Reforestation means planting trees on a barren land or area which were once under forests.

The number of some birds and animals is decreasing day by day.

The number of some birds and animals is decreasing day by day is –
• Lack of nesting sites or habitats due to cutting of trees and clearing of forests
• Use of insecticides on crops for killing insects which are the food of few birds.

What can we do to protect the trees?

We can protect the trees by-
• Creating awareness through posters, campaigns
• Protect existing forests from insects and parasites
• Monitor agricultural activities
• Start planting more and more trees
• Stop printing and avoid wastage of paper

What would happen if people do not stop hunting animals.

Hunting is a punishable offence. People have to pay huge amount as fine and can be imprisoned also. Hunting is resulting in reducing the number of animals and birds on the earth and is thus causing disturbance in the balance in the nature.

What are the consequences of deforestation?

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The consequences of deforestation are-
• Decrease in the natural beauty of an area
• Increase in the chances of floods during heavy rainfall
• Pollutes the air
• Causes loss of habitat for birds and animals
• Reduces supply of food, medicines and raw material
• Bring climatic changes
• Increases soil erosion.

What does chapter 4th of EVS class 4 tells us about?

The chapter shed the light on the importance of trees for us. How the people in one of the warm areas from the old times understood the importance of trees and learned to take care of them. This is the story of a girl from a village who takes care of her special tree.

Why we are reading the story of a girl from a village in EVS of class 4 chapter 4 NCERT?

The chapter is not only dealing with the story of a villager girl from Rajasthan it is dealing with the thought of preserving nature and as we know it during development how many trees were being cut. The story tells us about preserving nature and EVS we study the science of theories closely related to the environment.

What makes this chapter 4th of 4th standard important from the EVS book?

This is the sacrifice of Amrita and her children in order to save the trees and one of the important cast from Rajasthan who is being protected by the king as this tragedy changed everything for them till now they respect the tree there which taught us how important the trees are for us. Which makes the chapter important to get a lesson from.

Like how showed in chapter 4th of class 4th EVS, are there other states who practice respecting trees in their daily life?

The tree is being respected in many states and they practice it in their daily life but this chapter only shows about the only one part of India. There are many states and their people who consider the trees as a living entity and some of them consider trees as holy and worship them holy trees and they made rules that not only protect them but preserve them too.

Are there any morals in the story given in chapter 4 of EVS class 4?

The story of Amrita who laid her and her children’s lives to save the tree inspired the many states of India and later you will be able to read many such stories which are related to this sacrifice. Apart from that what surprised me more was that even in those times the people who were not educated much knew about the importance of saving the trees. Which we can say is the inspiration for us too.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 The Story of Amrita
Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 The Story of Amrita
NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 in English Medium
Class 4 EVS Chapter 4
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