If you are looking for NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 1 Knowing Our Numbers, it is given here in Hindi and English Medium prepared for CBSE session 2023-2024. According to rationalised syllabus and new books for class 6 Mathematics for CBSE 2023-24, there are only two exercises in chapter 1 Knowing our numbers.

Class 6 Maths Chapter 1 Knowing Our Numbers
Class: 6Mathematics
Chapter 1:Knowing Our Numbers
Number of Exercises:2
Content:NCERT Exercise Solution
Mode:Videos and Text Format
Session:CBSE 2023-24
Medium:English and Hindi Medium

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 1

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In 6 Maths Chapter 1 Knowing Our Numbers, we will study about comparing the number (smaller or greater), selecting the smallest or greatest numbers, order of numbers (ascending or descending).

Ascending order: Ascending order means arrangement from the smallest to the greatest.
Descending order: Descending order means arrangement from the greatest to the smallest.

Concepts of Place values, face values and questions based on the numbers as follow:
Starting from the greatest 6-digit number, write the previous five numbers in descending order.
Starting from the smallest 8-digit number, write the next five numbers in ascending order.
The Indian System of Numeration: In our Indian System of Numeration, Commas are used to mark thousands, lakhs and crores. We use ones, tens, hundreds, thousands and then lakhs and crores. The first comma comes after hundreds place and marks thousands. The second comma comes two digits later. It comes after ten thousands place and marks lakh. The third comma comes after another two digits. It comes after ten lakh place and marks crore.

Important Questions on 6 Maths Chapter 1

Fill in the blank: 1 lakh = _______________ ten thousand

Fill in the blank: 1 lakh = 10 ten thousand

Place commas correctly and write the numerals: Seventy-three lakh seventy-five thousand three hundred seven.


Insert commas suitable and write the names according to Indian system of numeration: 87595762

8,75,95,762 Eight crore seventy-five lakh ninety-five thousand seven hundred sixty-two.

Estimate each of the following using general rule: 730 + 998

730 round off to 700 998 round off to 1000 Estimated sum 1700

Estimate the following product using general rule: 578 x 161

578 x 161 578 round off to 600 161 round off to 200 The estimated product = 600 x 200 = 1,20,000

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How many exercises, questions, and examples are there in chapter 1 of class 6th Maths?

There are 2 exercises in chapter 1 (Knowing our Numbers) of class 6th Maths.
In the first exercise (Ex 1.1), there are 4 questions. Questions 1 and 2, each having five parts, and questions 3 and 4, each having four parts.
In the second exercise (Ex 1.2), there are 12 word problem questions.
So, there are in all 16 questions in chapter 1 (Knowing our Numbers) of class 6th Maths.
There are 6 examples in chapter 1 (Knowing our Numbers), which are good for exams point of view.

What are the main topics to study in chapter 1 of class 6th Maths?

In chapter 1 of class 6th Maths, students will study:

    • 1. Comparing Numbers.
    • 2. How many numbers can you make?
    • 3. Shifting digits.
    • 4. Introducing 10,000.
    • 5. Revisiting place value.
    • 6. Introducing 1, 00,000.
    • 7. Larger numbers.
    • 8. An aid in reading and writing large numbers.
    • 9. Use of commas.
    • 10. Large Numbers in Practice.

Is chapter 1 of class 6th Maths difficult?

Chapter 1 of class 6th Maths is neither too easy nor too difficult. It lies in the middle of easy and difficult because some parts of this chapter are easy, and some are difficult. However, the difficulty level of any chapter varies from student to student. So, Chapter 1 of class 6th Maths is easy or not depends on students also. Some students find it complicated, some find it simple, and some find it in the middle of simple and difficult.

How much time, students need to do chapter 1 of class 6th Maths?

Students need a maximum of 5-6 days to do chapter 1 of class 6th Maths if they give at least 1-2 hours per day to this chapter. This time is an approximate time. This time can vary because no students have the same working speed, efficiency, capability, etc.

Last Edited: April 27, 2023