NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas in English and Hindi Medium updated for CBSE session 2023-2024. As per the new rationalised syllabus of class 6 mathematics for CBSE 2023-24, there are only three exercises in chapter 4 of 6th Maths.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 4

Class VI Mathematics textbook Exercise 4.1, Exercise 4.2 and Exercise 4.3 in English and Hindi Medium updated for session 2023-24. Solutions of Prashnavali 4.1, Prashnavali 4.2 and Prashnavali 4.3 in Hindi Medium free to download in PDF file format or View in Video Format Free. NCERT Solutions of other subjects and NCERT Solutions Offline Apps are also available following the latest books from NCERT ( website. All solutions are free to use offline or online free, no charge or login is required.

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Class: 6 Mathematics
Chapter 4:Basic Geometrical Ideas
Number of Exercises:3 (Three)
Mode of content:Text and Videos Solutions
Session:CBSE 2023-24
Medium:Hindi and English Medium

Download Class 6 Maths Chapter 4 Solutions in PDF Format

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 4 is available in Hindi Medium as well as English Medium given below to free download or online use. All the solutions are updated for new CBSE session based on latest NCERT Books 2023-24.

About Class 6 Maths Chapter 4

In 6 Maths Chapter 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas, we will study about the geometrical figures like Point, Line segment, Line, Intersecting lines, Parallel lines, Simple Curves, etc.
Circle: A closed curve which remains at constant distance from a point (its centre).
Sector: A region in the interior of a circle enclosed by an arc on one side and a pair of radii on the other two sides is called a sector.
Segment: A region in the interior of a circle enclosed by a chord and an arc is called a segment of the circle.
Circumference: The distance around a circle is its circumference.
Chord: A chord of a circle is a line segment joining any two points on the circle.
Diameter: A diameter is a chord passing through the centre of the circle.
The diameter of a circle divides it into two semi-circles.
A ray is a portion of line starting at a point and going in one direction endlessly whereas a line segment corresponds to the shortest distance between two points.

Important Questions on Class 6 Maths Chapter 4

How many lines can pass though: (a) one given point? (b) two given points?

(a) Infinite number of lines can pass through one given point.
(b) Only one line can pass through two given points.

Use strip and fasteners to make a triangle and a quadrilateral. Try to push inward at any one vertex of the triangle. Do the same to the quadrilateral. Is the triangle distorted? Is the quadrilateral distorted? Is the triangle rigid? Why is it that structures like electric towers make use of triangular shapes and not quadrilateral?

No, the triangle is not distorted but the quadrilateral is distorted and also the triangle is rigid. Structures like electric towers make use of triangular shape so that they could not be distorted and they could be rigid.

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What terms of geometry learn here in Class 6 Maths Chapter 4?

Geometry has a long and rich history. The term ‘Geometry’ is the English equivalent of the Greek word ‘Geometron’. ‘Geo’ means Earth and ‘metron’ means Measurement. According to historians, the geometrical ideas shaped up in ancient times, probably due to the need for art, architecture, and measurement. Even today geometrical ideas are reflected in all forms of art, measurements, architecture, engineering, cloth designing, etc. You observe and use different objects like boxes, tables, books, the ball with which you play, and so on. All such objects have different shapes. In this chapter, students will learn some interesting facts that will help them know more about the shapes around them.

How many exercises are there in chapter 4 of class 6th Maths?

Earlier there were six exercises in chapter 4 of class 6th Maths, but in the current session three exercises has been deleted from course. So, there are only e exercises given here. The first exercise has 6 questions. The second exercise contains 5 questions and the third exercise contains only three questions.

How do students get full marks in chapter 4 of class 6th Maths?

In chapter 4 of class 6th Maths, there are only 18 questions. If students honestly and seriously practice all questions of this chapter, they can easily score full marks in chapter 4 of class 6th Maths. The questions given in this chapter are understanding based. So, take help of your teacher and try to understand the basic concepts behind the exercises.

Is chapter 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas of 6th Maths challenging?

Chapter 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas of grade 6th Maths is not at all challenging. This chapter is overall an easy chapter. But, the difficulty level of any topic depends on students also. Some students find chapter 4 easy, and some students find chapter 4 difficult.

Last Edited: April 13, 2023