NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 11 Algebra with Practice Tests in updated format for session 2024-25 in Hindi and English Medium. As per the new rationalised syllabus and latest NCERT books for academic year 2024-25, there are only one exercise in chapter 11 of 6th mathematics.

Class: 6Mathematics
Chapter 11:Algebra
Number of Exercises:1 (One)
Content:Explanation of Exercises and Try These
Mode:Text with Videos explanation
Session:CBSE 2024-25
Medium:Hindi and English Medium
Class 6 Maths Chapter 11 Algebra

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 11

Class VI Mathematics Exercise 11.1 in English Medium as well as Hindi Medium updated for new CBSE session. Solutions of Prashnavali 11.1 in Hindi Medium PDF file format to free download. Video solutions of each exercises are also given in Hindi Medium and English Medium. Download Books from NCERT ( website for the new academic session and NCERT Solutions updated for 2024-25 based on these books. Class 6 solutions Offline Apps for all subjects are given to use it without internet.

Download Class 6 Maths Chapter 11 Solutions in PDF

Download NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 11 Algebra in PDF format or use online without downloading. The exercise are updated for CBSE session 2024-25 using the latest NCERT Books. Contact us for any further help in education or educational contents.

Class 6 Maths Chapter 11
About Class 6 Maths Chapter 11

In 6 Maths Chapter 11 Algebra, we will study about the terms related to algebra and algebraic expressions. As we know that the branch of mathematics in which we studied numbers is arithmetic and the branch of mathematics in which we studied shapes is geometry. Similarly, in the algebra section, we will study the following thinks.
We will study how to use letters in maths. Use of letters will allow us to write rules and formulas in a general way. By using letters, we can talk about any number and not just a particular number.

Since letters stand for numbers, operations can be performed on them as on numbers. This leads to the study of algebraic expressions and their properties.
Letters may stand for unknown quantities. By learning methods of determining unknowns, we develop powerful tools for solving puzzles and many problems from daily life.
Note: Variables can take different values; they have no fixed value. But they are numbers. That is why as in the case of numbers, operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be done on them.

Important Questions on Class 6 Maths Chapter 11

Cadets are marching in a parade. There are 5 cadets in a row. What is the rule, which gives the number of cadets, given the number of rows?

Number of rows = n
Cadets in each row = 5
Therefore, total number of cadets = 5n

If there are 50 mangoes in a box, how will you write the total number of mangoes in terms of the number of boxes?

Number of boxes = b
Number of mangoes in each box = 50
Therefore, total number of mangoes = 50b

The teacher distributes 5 pencils per student. Can you tell how many pencils are needed, given the number of students?

Number of students = x
Number of pencils to each student = 5
Therefore, total number of pencils needed are = 5x

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Which exercise of chapter 11 of Class 6 Maths has the highest number of questions?

According to new syllabus, in chapter 11 of 6th Grade Maths has only one exercise. This exercise (Ex 11.1) has 11 questions. So, exercise 11.1 has the highest number of questions (11 questions).

Is chapter 11 of class 6th Maths easy?

Chapter 11 of class 6th Maths is not easy and not difficult. It lies in the mid of simple and difficult because some examples and questions of this chapter are easy, and some are difficult. However, the difficulty level of any topic/chapter varies from student to student. So, Chapter 11 of class 6th Maths is easy or not depends on students also. Some students find it complex, some find it easy, and some find it in the middle of easy and complex.

Can students complete chapter 11 of 6th Maths in 6-8 days?

Yes, students can complete chapter 11 of grade 6th Maths in 6-7 days if they give 1-2 hours per day to this chapter. This time is an approximate time. This time depends on students also because no students can have the same working speed, efficiency, ability, etc.

Which topics are students going to learn in chapter 11 of grade 6th Maths?

The topics that students going to learn in chapter 11 of grade 6th Maths are:
1. Matchstick Patterns
2. The Idea of a Variable
3. More Matchstick Patterns

When algebra began accourding to chapter 11 of class 6th Maths?

It is said that algebra as a branch of Mathematics began about 1550 BC, i.e. more than 3500 years ago, when people in Egypt started using symbols to denote unknown numbers. The word ‘algebra’ is derived from the title of the book, ‘Aljebar w’al almugabalah’, written about 825AD by an Arab mathematician, Mohammed Ibn Al Khowarizmi of Baghdad.

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