The NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 10 Exponents and Powers with Class 8 Maths Chapter 10 Try these solution in Hindi and English Medium for academic year 2024-25 CBSE exams. According to new syllabus and latest NCERT books for session 2024-25, there are two exercises in chapter 10 of class 8 mathematics NCERT Solutions.

Class: 8Mathematics
Chapter 10:Exponents and Powers
Number of Exercises:2 (Two)
Content:Textbook Exercises Solution
Mode of content:Onlinle Text and Videos
Session:Year 2024-25
Medium:English and Hindi Medium

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 10

Get answers of 8th Maths NCERT Exercise 10.1 and Exercise 10.2 in PDF and Video. Free English and Hindi Medium solutions well updated for session 2024-25. It follows the CBSE Syllabus for new session. Download Prashnavali 10.1 and 10.2 in Hindi Medium. Tiwari Academy 8th Mathematics Solutions follow the new CBSE pattern. It is free for all the users. We work on the latest NCERT Books. Use Video solutions to get better for school exams.

Class 8 Maths Chapter 10 Topics

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Class 8 Maths Chapter 10 Solutions

Class 8 Maths Chapter 10 Exponents and Powers all exercises in English Medium as well as Hindi Medium are given to download in PDF format. For any inconvenience regarding website, please call us, we will immediately solve the problem.

Class 8 Maths Chapter 10 Solutions

Important Terms about Class 8 Maths Chapter 10

In a stack there are 5 books each of thickness 20 mm and 5 paper sheets each of thickness 0.016 mm. What is the total thickness of the stack?

Thickness of one book = 20 mm
Thickness of 5 books = 20 x 5 = 100 mm
Thickness of one paper = 0.016 mm
Thickness of 5 papers = 0.016 x 5 = 0.08 mm
Total thickness of a stack = 100 + 0.08
= 100.08 mm
= 1.0008 x 10^2 mm

The charge of an electron is 0.000,000,000,000,000,000,16 coulomb. Express this number in standard form.

Charge of an electron is 0.00000000000000000016 coulombs.
= 0.00000000000000000016 x [10^19/10^19] coulombs
= 1.6 x 10^(-19) coulombs

In Chapter 10 Exponents and Powers, we will go through the questions based rules of addition, subtraction of exponents, converting power notation in to expanded form or expanded form to exponents notations. Exercise 10.2 consists of questions related to expression in scientific form to decimal and decimal to scientific form. This chapter is easier as compared to other one but it is important as per Algebraic Expressions point of view.

More about Powers

We will learn here about exponents and powers of numbers. Questions to revise exponents are easy to solve. Chapter 10 of grade 8 gives a perfect practice of exponents. First we have to learn about exponents. After doing, exponents, focus on powers. In many sums, exponents and powers both are present. The exercises are simple to do. Focus on NCERT Books only. It has all types of sums to do. Take help from video and PDF. Solve all the terms by own. First complete NCERT Textbook Exercise 10.1 then move to next.

Class 8 Maths Chapter 10 Try these solutions
Class 8 Maths Chapter 10 Try these solution
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