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Class 8 Maths Book Exercise 2.6 Solution in Hindi and English

Get the Hindi and English Medium solutions with videos explanation of complete NCERT textbook ex. 2.6 of class 8 Maths. All the questions are solved in easier method using proper formulae. We have updated all the contents according to latest CBSE NCERT books issued for academic session 2024-25.

Class: 8Mathematics
Chapter: 2Exercise: 2.6
Topic Name:Linear Equations in One Variable
Content Type:Text and Videos Format
Medium:Hindi and English Medium

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Equations Reducible to the Linear Form

In class 8 Maths exercise 2.6, we will do the questions of linear equations which are first reduced to linear format later on to solve it. Exercise 2.6 contains questions of both type – equation format and word problem format. If you have done previous exercises properly, exercise 2.6 will take least time to be solved.

About Class 8 Maths Exercise 2.6

In Exercise 2.6 of 8th Maths, there are only 7 questions in all. Out of which 2 are word problem and rest simple equation based questions. in questions 1 to 5, first of all we have to apply cross-multiplication then simplify. All five questions are based on same concept. Question number 6 and 7 are word problems. Question number 6 is an age problem question. We can take the ages of Hari and Harry by multiplying ratio with any variable to solve this question. Question number 7 is based on concept of fractions. Doing carefully all the questions, students will be confident in complete exercise 2.6 of class 8 Mathematics.

Important Questions from Exercise 2.6 of 8th Maths
    1. Present ages of Anu and Raj are in the ratio 4:5. Eight years from now the ratio of their ages will be 5:6. Find their present ages.
    2. The denominator of a rational number is greater than its numerator by 8. If the numerator is increased by 17 and the denominator is decreased by 1, the number obtained is 3/2. Find the rational number.
About the Solutions of Linear Equations

A linear equation may have linear expressions on both sides of the equality sign. To find the solution of an equation we perform the same mathematical operations on both sides of the equation, so that the balance between the LHS and RHS is not disturbed. A linear equation may have any rational number as its solution. In an equation, variables can be transposed from one side of the equation to the other.

Which is the most important question of class 8 Maths exercise 2.6?

Question number 5 and 6 are asked in school exams more frequently. So, we can say that these questions are important as compared to others.

Does the English Medium and Hindi Medium class 8 Maths book contain the same questions?

English Medium and Hindi Medium of all subjects have same study material as well as same questions including all examples.

How important chapter 2 of class 8 Maths as compared to other chapters?

The concepts of chapter 2 of class 8 Maths will continue in class 9 and 10 also. So, it may be considered as one of the important chapters of class 8 Math book.

Which type of questions are given in exercise 2.6 of 8th Maths?

It contains the questions based on solving the equations and word problem. Overall the exercise is easy to understand but difficult for rote learner.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Exercise 2.6
NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Exercise 2.6 in english medium free
8 Maths Exercise 2.6 Solutions
8 Maths Exercise 2.6 Solutions in hindi pdf
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