Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 10 Use of Is, Am, Are in simple sentences. This chapter helps the students forming simple sentences. Is, am and are helping verbs are useful making sentences easily. Students will learn here an overview of its uses with the help of assignments and exercises given at the end of the chapter. Solved illustrations are given to describe the complete topic, so that students can understand easily.

Class 3 English Grammar Chapter 10 Is, Am, Are

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Uses of ‘Is’, ‘are’ and ‘am’

‘Is’, ‘are’ and ‘am’ are helping or linking verbs. These are used as a link between noun/ pronoun and other part of a sentence.
‘Am’ used only with pronoun ‘I’, ‘is’ used with singular nouns and pronouns for example: he, she, it, this, that, Ravi etc.
‘Are’ helping verb used with plural nouns and pronouns. For example: we, they, those, these, you etc.

    • 1. I am a student.
    • 2. Gopal is a student.
    • 3. We are students.
    • 4. this is a hat.
    • 5. Preety and Priya are friends.
    • 6. I am a football player.
Fill in the blanks with is, are and am.

1. My pet dog _____ fond of me.
2. India _______ our country.
3. Those girls ____ not from our school.
4. These boys ____ in our class.
5. We ____ Indians.
6. I _____ a teacher.

1. is
2. is
3. are
4. are
5. are
6. am

7. These mangoes ____ very sweet.
8. Those bananas ____ raw.
9. There ____ a mango tree in the park.
10. Students ___ very naughty.
11. This ____ a nice book.
12. It ____ very hot today.

7. are
8. are
9. is
10. are
11. is
12. is

13. That house ____ mine.
14. My mother ____ a good cook.
15. Our school _____ known for its students’ performance.
16. Rosy ____ a student.
17. Rohit and Amit ___ good friends.
18. Children ___ fond of chocolates.

13. is
14. is
15. is
16. is
17. are
18. are

Class 3 English Grammar Use of Is, Am, Are